Free Printable Daily Planner for Productivity and Self-Care

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Plan the day to seize the day with this free printable daily planner.

Whether you are a mom, grandmom, student, teacher, business owner, blogger, or anyone looking to stay on top of your chores, study, homeschooling, teaching, office work, crafting, and n number of other things, this planner is for you. Get organized and take care of yourself with this cute printable planner.

Keeping track of to-dos and schedules by going over notes in a hundred different places? Missed doing something important? Are you feeling stressed?

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If the answer is yes to all of the above, then my dear friend, I have been there and it ain’t pretty. My brain was scrambled by the end of the day, I had no idea if I did everything I was supposed to do and I was feeling anxious.

Planning is important but I made a mistake – I was trying to keep track of my to-dos and schedules from so many different places. I had them on sticky notes, excel sheets on my laptop, google notes, and evernote on my phone, post its on the fridge 😑

I just couldn’t keep it all up anymore – home chores, designing, working on the blog, responding to emails. I felt so bad when I missed doing something important. That’s when I started using a daily planner, my first step towards getting organized. The difference it made is HUGE.

Getting my thoughts on paper about what I wish to accomplish in a day has been a game-changer! A one-pager can help me make the most of my day while taking care of myself. It really is that simple. If you have been feeling overwhelmed with all the different things you need to take care of and want to make a change, I encourage you to try using a planner. Having your plans on paper, something you can refer to during the day can help a lot.

Free Printable Daily Planner for Work Home Student Business Mom Teacher
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Start with this free and easy to use daily planner. Make it a habit and you will soon see results. Here’s how this printable can help you plan :

  • Know your priorities for the day
  • Plan meals for the entire day at once instead of planning just before every meal
  • Write down your to-dos and schedules along with the time of the day you wish to accomplish them
  • Track your water intake – drink enough water, this is so important!
  • Make time for YOU – plan activities that help you take care of yourself
  • Go to bed feeling gratitude – write down your day’s grateful moments

There is space in this planner to write about how you are going to take care of yourself. Work, home chores this stuff is essential, but we shouldn’t sacrifice self-care in the process. But more often than not, that’s what happens. We don’t prioritize it, and that’s when it leads to burnout. Please take care of your mind, body and soul. A long walk, yoga, gardening, crafting whatever makes you happy – make time for it!

Here are a few ways to get the best out of this daily planner :

  • Compare your plan vs how the day went and improve on your planning
  • Find out what your big time wasters are and work on them
  • If the self-care space is blank for too many days in a row, you need to work on prioritizing yourself
  • If you are not drinking enough water in the day, find ways to make it exciting. Try infused water

The download comes as a PDF and prints on a letter-sized page. But you can easily resize, print, and trim it. Print the design on this white cardstock for best results using your home printer.

If you are planning to save this for later, make sure to pin the image below to your planner printables board! But in our united fight against procrastination, I encourage you to download this printable and start using it right away 🥰

Free Printable Daily Planner For Productivity And Self-Care
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Download the Daily Planner printable here.

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Please note that this printable is for PERSONAL USE only. Read our full license terms here.

Free Printable Daily Planner For Productivity And Self-Care
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