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21 Best Bold Fonts to Download in 2024


Every graphic designer needs a solid selection of bold fonts in their creative toolkit. Whether you’re making a website, putting together visual assets for an ad campaign, or creating promotional items like posters and apparel, you want your work to be sharp, clear, and easy to read. Bold fonts will accomplish this.

To help you save time scrolling through endless pages looking for the perfect font, we created a comprehensive list of the best bold fonts that are available today. Each font in this guide was hand-picked based on its features, the type of projects they’re useful for, and their popularity among the design community.

By using these bold fonts in your work, you can create a wide range of impactful designs that leave a lasting impression on your audience.

the best bold fonts reviewed by The Design Hippo team
Best Bold Fonts | The Design Hippo

Best Bold Fonts

We chose all the fonts below based on our firsthand knowledge and experience as professional designers. We know what makes a great font, and we love sharing our favorites with you.

Read through the bold typefaces below to find the perfect match for your next creative project.

Kurdis Font Family

Best Bold Font Overall

Kurdis sans serif bold font
Kurdis Font Family. Credit: You Work For Them

Kurdis Font Family is our top recommendation for designers needing a bold font. It comes with all the font styles you need for every type of design you might create.

The modern sans serif font family comes in 30 total style sets. This includes six different widths and five different weights.

Use thin and regular-sized fonts for long bodies of text on websites, word documents, or posters. And the large and wide-style fonts for eye-catching headings and titles.

Made Tommy

Best Bold Font for Logos

Made Tommy bold sans serif font
Made Tommy. Credit: You Work For Them

For a bold font that will make your logos look sharp, choose Made Tommy. The clean lines and bold design of the letters will make your logo clear and easy to read.

The stylish sans serif font family also comes with an outline version of the font. You want your logo to be easily recognizable so people will remember your brand. Mix and match the solid and outline styles to create a modern logo that catches the eye.

Mighty Sunday

Best Bold Script Font

Mighty Sunday bold script font
Mighty Sunday. Credit: Creative Fabrica

If you’re looking for a thick script font, consider using Mighty Sunday. The smooth letters have a clean and modern style. The alternate characters also give the text a beautiful look.

We also love this font because you can use it on a variety of print and digital designs. Whether you’re creating a unique greeting card, printing a t-shirt design, or DIYing a piece of wall art, you’ll end up with a beautiful final product.

Greycliff CF

Best Bold Sans Serif Font

Greycliff CF bold sans serif font
Greycliff CF. Credit: You Work For Them

Greycliff CF is a sans-serif typeface with a powerful, classic look. The letters have an even geometric composition that makes the text easy to read.

You can use this font for many different types of projects, as it comes in a variety of weights. Add it to your library to use on any print or digital design that needs a strong and modern typeface.

Billion Dreams

Best Bold Handwritten Font

Billion Dreams bold handwritten font
Billion Dreams. Credit: Creative Fabrica

For a bold font that’s handwritten, we love Billion Dreams. The thick, sweeping letters give the font an authentic handmade touch.

The characters also include a wide selection of stylistic alternates, ligatures, and swashes. You can use these to embellish the text.

The personal feel of the handwriting makes this font perfect for sentimental projects. Greeting cards, thank-you notes, personalized gifts: The options are endless.


Best Bold Serif Font

Recoleta bold serif font
Recoleta. Credit: You Work For Them

Our top pick for a bold serif font is Recoleta. Popular 70s-style fonts inspire its design, giving it a bit of a nostalgic feel. The font was created by combining different features of 70s fonts to create a timeless font with a fresh new look.

This rounded font is available in various weights ranging from thin to black. Use the light weights for designs with a lot of text and the heavy weights for headings and titles. Perfect for everything from posters and logos to packaging design.


Best Bold Condensed Font

Bison bold condensed font
Bison. Credit: You Work For Them

Bison is a strong sans-serif font family with an authoritative feel. The letters have a perfect balance of smooth curves and hard, straight lines. Like many other fonts on this list, Bison comes in several different styles. Each variation looks sleek and modern.

We especially love this font because it looks great in all design media. Use it on websites, social media graphics, printed posters, apparel design, product packaging, and more.


Best Bold Font for Posters

Beni bold font for posters
Beni. Credit: You Work For Them

If you’re designing posters, Beni is the font to use. This bold and stylish display typeface is ideal for headlines and titles. The strong shape of the letters makes the text easy to read while looking sharp. This ensures your message gets across to your audience.

The bold weights of this tall font are ideal for headlines. The light weights are great to use as a supplemental text. Use a combination of the different weights to create a visual hierarchy throughout the poster.

Integral CF

Best Extra Bold Font

Integral CF extra bold font
Integral CF. Credit: You Work For Them

This extra bold font packs a punch when it comes to creating an impactful design. Integral CF has a corporate feel to it overall, but the stylistic variations of the font help keep things fresh and fun.

From social media ads to magazine spreads, use this typeface to give your print and digital designs a strong and stylish voice.


Best Modern Bold Font

Monigue bold modern font
Monigue. Credit: You Work For Them

Monigue is a contemporary font that will add a bold and modern touch to all of your designs. The inspiration for this font is from the sleek and modern font styles of the 2000s.

Monique has a heavy, condensed feel. However, the soft edges of the letters balance everything out by giving the text a bit of negative space. We love to use this font on designs with a corporate, playful visual style.

Britti Sans

Best Bold Font for Websites

Britti Sans bold font
Britti Sans. Credit: You Work For Them

Web designers, this font is for you. Britti Sans is a grotesque typeface that comes in a variety of weights and styles.

This top font is great for websites because it has styles for all parts of your site. From long paragraphs to headers, this font will ensure all of the info on your site is easy to read and attention-grabbing.

Vanguard CF

Best Bold Font for Headings

Vanguard CF bold display font
Vanguard CF. Credit: You Work For Them

If you’re looking for a super bold display font that will stand out on titles and headings, use Vanguard CF. Its proportions were designed to fill a lot of space without being crowded. This makes it perfect for headings.

You can also use the varying weights of the font to match the overall style of your design. For a sleek and elegant look, use the thin weights. For a bulkier and stronger appearance, use the heavy weights.

Vintage King

Best Bold Retro Font

Vintage King bold retro font
Vintage King. Credit: Creative Fabrica

For designers needing a retro font for their design projects, use Vintage King. The thick and wavy letters are drawn up in a classic style. Of course, you can add more vintage vibes by using the extra cute alternative letters in the font.

From apparel designs to art prints, Vintage King will give your work a warm and nostalgic touch.

Loyalty Chicano

Best Bold Font for Tattoo

Loyalty Chicano bold font for tattoos
Loyalty Chicano. Credit: Creative Fabrica

Loyalty Chicano is an excellent choice for tattoos. This font is inspired by traditional Chicano tattoo typography. The beautiful ligatures and ornaments that come with it can be used to draw up a range of creative designs.

The letters flow together nicely, which means they’ll be easy to read on the skin. This also minimizes the risk of ink blowouts, ensuring you end up with a clean and precise design.


Best Cute Bold Font

Nectarine cute bold font
Nectarine. Credit: Creative Fabrica

Nectarine will bring plenty of fun character and charisma to your designs. The soft and chunky lettering gives the text a retro style.

This is an all-caps font, so it’s ideal for designing things like greeting cards, wall art, and t-shirts. Use the alternates and swashes to pull your entire project together.

Aero Wolves

Best Gothic Bold Font

Aero Wolves gothic bold font
Aero Wolves. Credit: Creative Fabrica

When it comes to Gothic-style fonts, we love Aero Wolves. It has a traditional black letter style that gives it an authentic look. It also includes stamp, oblique, and outline variations.

Aero Wolves will look stunning in any design it’s used for, but we think it’s especially suitable for tattoos, apparel designs, and product packaging. Try pairing it with a modern sans-serif font if your project has supplemental text.

Proxima Nova

Best Popular Bold Font

Proxima Nova bold sans serif font
Proxima Nova. Credit: You Work For Them

You’re probably already familiar with Proxima Nova. This font is a designer favorite. Famous typographer Mark Simonson created it. It’s a redesign of his 1994 font, Proxima Sans.

The font family has over 45 styles. It includes every variation you may need for your designs. Keep this font on hand for everything from standard Word documents to large-scale prints.

Sugar Peachy

Free Bold Font for Commercial Use

Sugar Peachy free bold font for commercial use
Sugar Peachy. Credit: Creative Fabrica

Most free fonts are only for personal projects. However, Sugar Peachy is a free font that’s permitted for commercial use too.

This cute retro font comes in five different weights ranging from light to black. It also includes ligatures and special characters. Use them to give your design an extra groovy vibe.


Best Bold Font on Canva

Genty bold rounded script font
Genty. Credit: Flavor Type; Behance

Genty is the best bold font to use on Canva. The smooth bubble letters and extra alternates have a retro look. This makes it super simple to create fun social media graphics, sticker sheets, and more.

Open Sans

Best Bold Google Font

Open Sans bold font
Open Sans. Credit: Steve Matteson; 1001fonts

For designers using Google fonts, we recommend using Open Sans for a bold font. You’re probably already familiar with this font. It’s a simple typeface perfect for everyday use.

Keep it on hand to use for a resume, school essays, professional slideshows, or anything else that needs a modern and professional font.

Josefin Sans

Best Bold Adobe Font

Josefin Sans bold font
Josefin Sans. Credit: Adobe

In Adobe, Josefin Sans is the top bold font for you. It’s a solid sans-serif font that looks modern and is versatile. You can use it on a variety of projects.

Pair it with a decorative font for a more elaborate design, or use it as a standalone font for a minimalist design. Either way, you’ll end up with a stunning and professional final product.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to making a powerful design statement, the right bold font is key. Among our top picks, Kurdis Font Family stands out as the best overall choice for its versatility and modern appeal.

However, your perfect bold font depends on specific needs and project types. For logos, Made Tommy’s crisp lines make it a standout. For web-focused designs, Britti Sans' readability makes it a prime choice.

Remember, the right bold font can transform your design from ordinary to unforgettable. So, whether you lean towards the popular Proxima Nova or the playful Nectarine, each font brings its unique flavor to the table.

Explore, experiment, and let these bold fonts speak loudly in your designs!

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