Etsy Fee Calculator

Looking for a simple Etsy fee calculator? Understanding the costs of selling on Etsy will help you determine your product selling price. Use this profit calculator to plan and build a successful Etsy business.

Product Type *

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Selling Price *

Sale price of your product

Product Cost *

Cost of making your product

Payment Method *

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Monthly Income Target

Optional input to calculate monthly sales numbers

Product Cost
Listing Fee ($0.20)
Transaction Fee (6.5%)
Payment Processor Fee
Total Cost
Total Cost
Profit Margin

Guide to using the ETSY FEE Calculator

  1. Choose the Product Type you are selling (Physical or Digital)
  2. Enter the Selling Price of the product
  3. Enter the costs involved in making your product (raw material, labor cost, etc.)
  4. Input the Shipping Price. This is the amount a buyer pays towards shipping
  5. Input the Shipping Cost. This is the amount you pay for shipping the product
  6. Choose the payment processor through which you will be accepting payments (Etsy or PayPal)
  7. The Monthly Income Target is an optional input. Enter an amount in this field to calculate the number of sales required to meet your target
  8. Click on the Calculate button

A breakdown of the costs and fees will appear. This includes product and shipping costs, listing, transaction, and payment fees.

A summary of the revenue, total cost, and profit is also shown.

Important Notes:

  • You can estimate the Shipping Cost using Etsy's Price Your Postage.
  • If you are selling a digital product, the Shipping Price and Shipping Cost fields will not appear.
  • An additional expense to keep in mind – Etsy Advertisements.

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