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Best Christmas Fonts: Perfect for Your Holiday Designs


If you want to add a touch of festive charm to your designs, the right Christmas font can make all the difference.

With countless fonts to choose from, you might find yourself lost in a sea of options, unsure of which one will truly capture the holiday spirit.

In this guide, you’ll unwrap the best Christmas fonts and learn how to use them to make your designs sparkle brighter than a Christmas tree.

display of the best christmas fonts
Best Christmas Fonts Photo by The Design Hippo

Best Christmas Fonts

As experienced designers, we’ve used several Christmas fonts in diverse projects ranging from stationery to clothing. Our tried and tested recommendations will ensure you have access to all the right fonts to make your holiday designs stand out.

Wonderful Christmas

Best Overall Christmas Font

display of the Wonderful Christmas font
Wonderful Christmas. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica
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The Wonderful Christmas font is a fantastic choice for various holiday designs. Whether you are creating cards, labels, or signs, the beautiful font adds a charming, festive flair. Its unique blend of elegant script with whimsical swashes, ligatures, and alternates will make your designs stand out.

Welcome Christmas

Most Popular Christmas Font

display of Merry Christmas design made using Welcome Christmas font
Welcome Christmas. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica
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Welcome Christmas is a fancy display font that brings joy and playfulness to your holiday designs. The serif typeface features bold lettering and makes a strong statement that is perfect for Christmas cards, banners, or event invitations.

Welcome Holiday

Best Font for Christmas Cards

display of two Christmas greeting card designs made using Welcome Holiday font
Christmas greeting cards made using Welcome Holiday font | The Design Hippo
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The ideal font for your Christmas card should align with the tone you wish to set and mirror your personal aesthetic or your company's brand if it's a business holiday card. The Welcome Holiday handwritten font pairing features cursive and display styles, offering a balanced blend of elegance and fun.


Best Font for Christmas Card Envelopes

display of Christmas card envelopes made using Charcuterie font
Christmas card envelopes made using Charcuterie font | The Design Hippo
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Choosing the right font for your Christmas card envelope is essential, as it sets the tone for the message inside.

The Charcuterie collection of font families, borders, and ornaments gives you endless possibilities for personalization. The cursive style is perfect for writing the recipient’s name, while the serif and sans serif styles are best suited for the address and other details.

Madison Split Monogram

Best Cricut Christmas Font

display of a split monogram design on a t-shirt
Madison Split Monogram. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica
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Madison is a creative font pairing that comprises a decorative split monogram font embellished with hand-drawn winter elements and a matching script font. It's suitable for various Cricut vinyl projects, such as customizing t-shirts, ornaments, and home decor signs.

Melly Script

Best Font for Christmas Ornaments

display of an ornament made using Melly Script font
Christmas ornament made using Melly Script font | The Design Hippo
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If it's a classic, timeless aesthetic you're after this festive season, look no further than the Melly script font. The hand-drawn font features unique lettering and stylistic alternates that can transform your decorations with vintage charm and elegance. It’s perfect for customizing ornaments with family names, important dates, and quotes.

Andalusia Script

Best Font for Stockings

display of three Christmas stockings made using Andalusia Script font
Stockings made using Andalusia Script font | The Design Hippo
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When choosing a font for customizing stockings, it’s ideal to pick one that is legible from a distance, compliments the preferences of the person the stocking is for, and aligns with the overall theme of your Christmas decor.

The Andalusia script is an excellent choice due to its mix of classic curves with a contemporary feel, making it ideal for both children's and adult stockings.


Best Font for Card Labels

display of Advent font, perfect Chrismtas font for card labels
Advent. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica
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The Advent is a versatile font duo perfect for adding a festive and glamorous touch to your label designs. The distinct pair of elegant and simple geometric sans serif fonts form a balanced combination that can adapt to various design styles, from minimalist to elaborate.

Hello Christmas

Best Font for Invitations

display of Hello Christmas font, perfect for creating invitations
Hello Christmas. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica
The Design Hippo Special Offer!

Hello Christmas is a modern script calligraphy font perfect for all your Christmas invitation design needs. The gorgeous glyphs and stunning swashes will inspire you to create unique and beautiful invitations that echo the joy and warmth of the holiday season.

Segoe Script

Best Christmas Font on Microsoft Word

display of Segoe Script
Segoe Script | The Design Hippo

The Segoe script font is an excellent option for your Christmas designs on Microsoft Word. Regardless of whether you're creating a design from the ground up or utilizing Word's ready-made templates, the font's handwritten aesthetic is ideal for holiday cards, invitations, and other festive communications.

Great Vibes

Best Christmas Font on Canva

display of Merry Christmas design made using Great Vibes
Great Vibes | The Design Hippo

The Great Vibes script font in Canva is an outstanding choice for your Christmas designs due to its flowing connecting letters and elegant uppercase forms.

Whether you're creating a Christmas greeting card, a holiday party invitation, or a festive social media post, Great Vibes brings a delightful blend of sophistication and cheeriness that truly embodies the spirit of Christmas.

Amatic SC

Best Christmas Font on Google Docs

display of a holiday greeting card design made using Amatic SC
Holiday card design with Amatic SC | The Design Hippo

Perfect for headlines, titles, or short bursts of text, Amatic SC lends a casual yet festive vibe that captures the joy and warmth of the holiday season.

Sending out a cozy family newsletter, designing an inviting Christmas party invitation, or creating eye-catching posters for a holiday event, you'll find that Amatic SC adds a whimsical charm. The font makes your designs feel merry and bright.


Best Christmas Font on Adobe

display of greeting card design made using Tangelo
Santa greeting card with Tangelo | The Design Hippo

The Tangelo font on Adobe Fonts is best for creating Christmas designs due to its unique and charming style, perfect for adding a touch of whimsy to any holiday-themed project. With weight variations, swashes, and alternates, it offers ample flexibility, allowing your designs to shine and capture attention.

Best Free Christmas Fonts

Merry Christmas

Best Free Script Font

display of Merry Christmas font
Merry Christmas. Image Credit: Dafont

Merry Christmas is one of the most popular script fonts on dafont for creating festive designs. The stars, snowflakes, and other holiday symbols provide users with an extra level of customization. Whether you are making cards, signage, or gift tags, the Merry Christmas font is a fantastic choice.

Mountains of Christmas

Best Free Whimsical Font

display of Mountains of Christmas font
Mountains of Christmas. Image Credit: 1001fonts

Mountains of Christmas is a curly and bouncy serif font with a playful touch. The free font for personal and commercial use is perfect for adding warmth and cheer to your creations. Whether you're designing holiday cards, event invitations, or festive marketing materials, Mountains of Christmas is an excellent choice bound to delight anyone who sees it.

One Starry Night

Best Free Handwriting Font

display of One Starry Night
One Starry Night. Image Credit: Fontspace

The One Starry Night font is an excellent choice for Christmas designs due to its whimsical hand-drawn style. It can instantly add a touch of warmth, nostalgia, and personal flair to your designs, making it perfect for ornaments, stockings, or any other Christmas-themed projects.

Christmas Fonts FAQs

What is the best Christmas font for me?

Choosing the right fonts for your Christmas design can set the tone and mood of your entire project. Here are some factors you should consider when selecting the best Christmas font.

  • Theme: Your font should align with the overall theme of your design. A classic script or serif font might work well if your design is traditional. For a casual, more playful look, consider a fun handwriting font.
  • Versatility: The fonts you select should be flexible to adapt to projects of varying sizes, ranging from small elements like labels and tags to larger pieces like signs and decorations, to ensure your designs maintain a consistent and harmonious aesthetic across all projects.
  • Font Pairing: When incorporating multiple fonts into your design, ensure they complement each other effectively and contribute to the overall aesthetic of your design.

What are the best fonts for Christmas cards?

The best font for your Christmas cards depends on several factors, such as the theme, colors, layout, images, and text you’re using. Depending on the mood and tone you are going for, several font options are available, ranging from traditional script calligraphy to modern and minimalist.

If your cards have a lot of text, choose a font that's easy to read at a small size. However, if your card features minimal text, you can use a more decorative and elaborate font.

What are the best Cricut Christmas fonts?

The best font for your Cricut project depends on the materials and tools you’re using. A single-line font is best suited for writing on cards, envelopes, and labels with a pen. If you’re making vinyl crafts, such as personalized t-shirts, ornaments, and stockings, you’ll want to choose a bold font that is legible from a distance and easy to weed.

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