20 Best Farmhouse Fonts That You’ll Fall in Love With

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Are you looking for the best fonts to use in your farmhouse-themed projects?

I got you covered with my list of the best and popular farmhouse fonts that will bring your creative ideas to life.

Finding the right farmhouse font for a project is the first step towards deciding the look and feel you want to achieve, whether to make farmhouse-style signs or logo design and branding.

It’s tough to pick a favorite! Especially for an ardent font lover like me, every style has its unique charm – rustic, french country, and vintage.

Different design projects have different creative demands. Choosing the right font or font pairing from the script, thick or chunky, tall and skinny, sets the tone for your project.

Over the years, while creating hundreds of designs for my home and my digital product business, I have explored different types of farmhouse-style fonts, from traditional to modern.

Being a fixer-upper lover and a huge Joanna Gaines fan, and add to that admiration for all things Rae Dunn, yours truly has a bit of a farmhouse-style obsession.

This list draws from my own experience of creating farmhouse-style designs. I hope that this blog post helps you find the best farmhouse-style font for your project!

  1. Best Farmhouse Fonts
  2. Farmhouse Script Fonts
  3. Rustic Farmhouse Fonts
  4. Modern Farmhouse Fonts
  5. Farmhouse Font Combinations
  6. Farmhouse Fonts with Tails

Best Farmhouse Fonts

Message in a Bottle Duo

The Message in a bottle font duo is one of my favorite fonts on this list! The duo includes a script and sans version and tons of cute floral, rainbow, and heart doodles.

The font has a charming and modern look that makes it the perfect choice for creating farmhouse-style designs.

It also includes swashes, alternates, and tails that add a feminine touch to your designs. Make invitations, mugs, signs, greeting cards that pay homage to the modern farmhouse mood.

Olive Family

The Olive family of fonts is a farmhouse lover’s dream come true. If you could only make one purchase, this font has it all.

The family includes six font styles in one pack – script, sans, hand, brush, slab, and signature. Mixing and matching the variety of fonts to create rustic designs is so much fun!

The font is perfect for making country farmhouse-style signs for home decor projects.

What’s more, the font also comes with a set of cute nature doodles – leaves, wreaths, banners, and farm animals. With more than 100 handmade illustrations to choose from, you can use the Olive family fonts for making wedding and bridal shower invitations, mugs, pillows, shirts. 

The pack also comes with premade logos, making it essential for all your farmhouse-style branding needs.


Sassafras is a tall and skinny farmhouse font. Its wobbly characters add a touch of playfulness to the rustic font.

Perfect to create farmhouse-themed designs for wood signs, pillows, shirts, tote bags, and mugs. Also great for personalizing your designs with a name or family name.

Farmhouse Script Fonts


Steinfeld is an elegant calligraphy font whose timeless quality adds charm to your design project. Its classy signature style look makes it the best farmhouse-style font to use for weddings and holidays.

Combine the font with watercolor eucalyptus greenery to create elegant wedding invitations. Or use it to design the logo and branding assets for promoting your business online.

The font comes with tails that make it a popular choice for highlighting a single word in a farmhouse-style design like – gather, home, or a family name sign.

Marigold Blossom

Marigold Blossom is a beautiful hand-lettered cursive font that is both classy and modern. This calligraphy font is perfect for designing quotes and creating farmhouse-style designs.

The font’s playful and bouncy feel, coupled with tons of stylistic alternates, makes it a fantastic choice to make porch signs, pillows, mugs, and tote bags.

Combine the font with leaves, wreaths, or watercolor graphics, to create beautiful wall art and signs.


Sallythone is an elegant handwriting font with a thin and smooth look. The script font is ideal for creating logo and branding assets as it comes with a set of beautiful stylistic alternates and ligatures.

You can also use the font to design quotes that you can share on social media. Add your own unique touch to the font by adding botanical line art elements and watercolor greenery. Perfect for writing quotes and names for save-the-date cards, bridal shower, and birthday party invitations.

Ink Tonic

Ink Tonic is a beautiful brush script font. The font comes in a regular version and a version with fluid and translucent texture. These unique features give the font an elegant and modern look.

Use the font for creating branded content for DIY crafting, fashion, travel, and lifestyle bloggers and businesses. The font looks equally cute on greeting cards and for posting quotes on Instagram.

Rustic Farmhouse Fonts

Farmhouse Country

Farmhouse Country is a combination of rustic script and sans fonts. Its shabby chic look is perfect for giving your design projects a hand-lettered feel. The font’s textured look and ligatures create a nostalgic vintage-inspired look.

The sans font in its all caps version and numbers are perfect to create farmhouse-style signs for home decor to decorate your porch, living room, or bedroom.

Use the font to add a touch of charming country cottage vibes to your online shop, Instagram account, or blog. Great for writing quotes juxtaposed with photography.

Spring Market

Spring Market is a rustic handwriting serif font with textured edges evoking a vintage farmhouse-style look. The shabby yet chic style of the font makes it a perfect choice for making farmhouse-style home decor signs, porch signs, pillows, tote bags, and doormats.

I love using this font and have made funny and inspirational quotes for home and work (some of them are available as free printables on the blog).

The earthy look of the font adds charm to design projects. Combine the font with simple elements like wreaths and leaves to make logos and branding assets.

Magnolia Tree

Magnolia Tree is a beautiful hand-lettered serif style font duo. It includes a regular version and an inline version.

I have used this font in creating designs for many of my signs and wall art projects. Thousands of our blog readers have downloaded home decor designs made from this font and decorated their homes.

The font’s textured edges make it ideal for creating rustic and charming cottage farmhouse-style designs. It is also a fantastic font to work with to create chalkboard-style signs and banners.

Modern Farmhouse Fonts

Easy Breezy

Easy Breezy is a modern skinny farmhouse font. It comes in a sans and serif version with cute summer and nature doodles. The font’s tall and skinny look lends to creating a playful feel to your designs.

Combining the font with the doodles and creating farmhouse-style designs for clothing, mugs, tote bags, and tumblers is so much fun.


Wildstripe is a modern handwritten farmhouse font. The font’s lettering is reminiscent of writing with a sketch pen. Its playful feel makes it a fantastic choice to write inspirational quotes.

It comes with a set of cute nature doodles, when combined with the font, creates elegant yet fun designs.


Coquillette is a playful handwritten font that comes with cute alternates, swashes, and arrows. Its playful and bouncy look is perfect for making boho-themed branding and apparel designs.

The font looks fabulous on greeting cards and wedding invitations.

Farmhouse Font Combinations

Winter Flowers

Winter Flowers is a versatile font duo that comes in a script and sans version. The cursive version is elegant and playful. The font is sure to add a feminine touch to your designs.

I have used this font to design quotes and love the way they turned out. Looks fantastic on invitations, greeting cards, shirts, and drinkware.

Hello Blushberry Duo

The Hello Blushberry font pair is a popular choice for making playful farmhouse-style designs.

The script and sans versions complement each other beautifully to create one-of-a-kind designs. It comes with a set of elegant swashes that add to the uniqueness of the font.

Winter Violet

Winter Violet is a modern and elegant handwriting font that adds a warm and charming tone to your designs. It’s a font combination with a sans and script version that combine beautifully to create farmhouse-style designs.

Its bouncy and playful look makes it the best choice to design quotes for farmhouse-style signs for the home and boho-inspired clothing. The font pairing also works well for creating brand identity online.

Farmhouse Fonts with Tails

Hello Honey

Hello honey is a cute hand-lettered cursive font that is perfect for making farmhouse-style designs. Its heart-shaped swashes make for an adorable addition to the already pretty font.

Use the font to create an elegant and modern logo and branding assets. It also looks amazing on farmhouse-style wood signs.

Bohema Spirit

The Bohema spirit script font is a beautiful boho-inspired farmhouse-style font. It’s bold and unique, with arrows and feathers as tails. It also includes celestial and floral elements. What’s more, it also comes with a set of beautiful boho illustrations.

The font is a popular choice among designers and is sure to add a special touch to your designs.


Wishyou is an elegant script font with beautiful swashes and tails. The fonts varying thickness lends to creating a warm and earthy look. The font includes tons of botanical elements like leaves, wreaths, and frames.

It evokes a vintage farmhouse-style charm, making it perfect for creating logos, invitations, and wedding signs.


Lulu-Lala is a stylish handwritten font that comes with an amazing set of cute tails. It’s perfect to create the popular design style that uses knock-out lettering on shirts.

It’s a cute font for making fun farmhouse-style signs and home decor items.

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