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27 Best Handwriting Fonts for a Real Handwritten Look


A handwritten font will make your design projects feel meaningful and unique. But, finding the best handwritten fonts can seem like a whole separate project.

You want fonts that are legible and match the specific style and purpose of your project. While many fantastic handwritten fonts exist, many of them are outdated or difficult to read.

Save yourself the time and trouble of doing a web-wide search. Use this guide to pick the best handwriting fonts for your future design projects. They’re sure to give all your creations a genuine and personal touch.

display of the best handwriting fonts
Best Handwriting Fonts | The Design Hippo

Best Handwriting Fonts

As experienced designers ourselves, we understand what makes a good hand-drawn font. We also know which types of fonts are ideal for certain kinds of projects.

Most importantly, we understand that you’re looking for quality fonts. You want a font that is easy to use and looks polished on your finished product.

The fonts below fit a variety of design needs. They will add an authentic handwritten touch to your creations.

Salted Caramel

Best Handwriting Font Overall

display of the Salted Caramel, a clean handwritten script font
Salted Caramel. Credit: Creative Fabrica

Salted Caramel is a delicate script font with thin letters that give the text a modern and feminine look. All the lowercase letters connect as cursive text. The capital letters stand alone as print. The result is a realistic handwritten look.

This font is the best-handwritten font because it’s versatile. You can use it on a variety of creative projects.

Randy Sofia

Most Popular Handwriting Font

display of the Randy Sofia font
Randy Sofia. Credit: Creative Fabrica

Randy Sofia, a romantic calligraphy font, is the most popular choice for creators. Designers and DIYers love it because it's easy to give the text its own unique handwritten look.

The lowercase characters come with beginning and end swashes and decorative glyphs. Use them to add hearts, underlines, and other embellishments to your text. Perfect for everything from wedding invitations to Cricut crafts.

Make a Note

Best Handwriting Font for Notes

display of the Make a Note font
Make a Note. Credit: Creative Fabrica

Make a Note is a clean, simple, and easy-to-read handwritten font. It’s perfect for digital notebooks and planners or any project that requires a lot of text.

This neat handwriting font works well with digital note-taking apps such as Goodnotes and Notability. Therefore, it’s a popular choice for students. The minimal style of the letters also means this font will look great on creative projects, including greeting cards and home décor.

ABCD Learning Cursive

Best Font for Teaching Handwriting

display of the ABCD Learning Cursive font
ABCD Learning Cursive. Credit: Creative Fabrica

ABCD Learning Cursive is a font bundle designed to help students learn how to write in cursive. The bundle includes uppercase and lowercase letters with arrow guides and lined paper. It also includes a font with the letters drawn as dotted lines, which is perfect for tracing.

The fonts are based on the D’Nealian method of writing. Use it to create worksheets for class or at-home practice.

Karlie School

Easy Handwriting Font to Write

display of the Karlie School, an easy to write handwriting font for kids
Karlie School. Credit: Creative Fabrica

Karlie School is another perfect choice for kids learning to write. It’s a font bundle that includes fonts with lined paper and dotted lines for tracing.

Additionally, it also comes with a solid version of the font. You can use the solid version for any school or kid-themed project, such as name tags or classroom signs.

Samantha Calligraphy

Best Handwritten Font for Cricut

display of the Samantha Calligraphy font
Samantha Calligraphy. Credit: Creative Fabrica

If you need a handwritten font that works well with Cricut, Samantha is the best choice. It’s a beautiful modern calligraphy font made up of smooth, clean letters. The text will be easy to cut, ensuring your DIY project turns out flawlessly.

Add extra elegance to your design by using alternate characters with tails and hearts at the beginning and end. Perfect for vinyl crafts such as signs, tumblers, and t-shirts.


Best Handwritten Calligraphy Font

display of the Switzerland font
Switzerland. Credit: Creative Fabrica

Switzerland is our top recommendation if you’re looking for a stylish calligraphy font. The traditional style of the handwritten letters gives the font a formal look. Use the stylistic alternates and swashes to elevate your text even more.

This font is a great choice for any project that needs a fancy calligraphy script. It works well for wedding invitations, packaging designs, and more.


Best Font for Logo

display of the Modernline font
Modernline. Credit: Creative Fabrica

Modernline is the best choice for logos because it’s easy to read and has a distinguishable modern style. This realistic, elegant handwriting font has a dancing baseline.

It also features smooth lines and gorgeous glyphs and alternatives. By using the glyphs and stylistic alternates, you can make the name on your logo truly stand out.

Sign Rathi

Best Font for Signature

display of the Sign Rathi font
Sign Rathi. Credit: Creative Fabrica

Sign Rathi is a handwritten script that looks like a real signature. The font is popular for creating logos, business branding, and email signatures. Additionally, it’s an excellent choice if you need to type your signature on a certificate or an official document.

If you’re an artist or a performer, you can also use this font to place your autograph on your work or fan merch. The font includes several different styles of swashes and glyphs. Use them to embellish the text and make your signature feel personal.

Amora Brush

Best Cute Handwriting Font

display of the Amora Brush, a cute handwriting font
Amora Brush. Credit: Creative Fabrica

Amora Brush is a pretty brush font that has a friendly and feminine look. The letters have rounded edges and a thick shape, which gives them a soft appearance. Use this font for projects that need a warm and friendly look, like wall art or kids' apparel designs.


Best Vintage Handwritten Font

display of the Saverny font
Saverny. Credit: Creative Fabrica

Saverny, an elegant script, takes its inspiration from vintage calligraphy handwriting. It has stunning swashes that loop around the text, giving your designs a sophisticated look.

This is another font that is ideal for a wide range of formal projects. Create romantic wedding invitations, vintage logos or product packaging, and much more.


Best Fancy Handwriting Font

display of the Antura font
Antura. Credit: Creative Fabrica

Another excellent choice for formal-themed projects is Antura. The stylistic alternates and elaborate end swashes on the letters give the text a luxurious feel. The smooth shape of the letters keeps the font looking modern.

If you want a fancy script font that’s easy to read and doesn’t look dated, this is the font you should choose.


Best Gothic Handwriting Font

display of the Bugenvil, a gothic handwriting font
Bugenvil. Credit: Creative Fabrica

Bugenvil is a beautiful modern blackletter font. The decorative uppercase letters balance out the simpler lowercase letters. The alternates have elaborate underline swashes attached to the characters.

We like this Old English font in particular because it’s versatile. Use it to create formal projects, such as certificates, awards, and official documents. You can also use it on more creative projects like tattoos, gothic tees, skateboard decals, or posters.


Best Handwriting Tattoo Font

display of the Chicano font
Chicano. Credit: Creative Fabrica

Chicano is a classic script font that gets its appearance from Chicano-style tattoos. It’s easy to read and has unique alternates that let you create a one-of-a-kind design. That's why it's well-suited for tattoo designs.

Of course, you can use this font on other projects, too. It will also look stunning on logos, product labels, and apparel designs.

Little Love

Best Elegant Handwriting Font

display of the Little Love, an elegant handwriting font
Little Love. Credit: Creative Fabrica

Little Love is a modern calligraphy font perfect for a wide range of elegant designs. The thin letters make the font look delicate and light. The heart accents and swirling swashes give the text a romantic vibe.

This font is great for wedding invitations and wedding designs. We also love it for Valentine’s Day cards and other sentimental projects.

Hello Honey

Best Wedding Handwriting Font

display of the Hello Honey font, a beautiful script handwriting font for Weddings
Hello Honey. Credit: Creative Fabrica

Another popular option for a wedding font is Hello Honey. This script font features heart accents and beginning and end swashes that are easy to use.

The uneven baseline gives the font a flirty and playful vibe. It's not too formal, which is perfect for casual weddings or outdoor weddings. Make everything from invitations to signs to add a chic look to your projects.


Best Modern Handwritten Font

display of the Affection
Affection. Credit: Creative Fabrica

Affection is an eye-catching calligraphy font that is modern and laid-back. All the lowercase characters connect as cursive letters. The uppercase characters are in print. This mix of print and cursive gives the font a contemporary look.

This is another good option to consider if you’re looking for a wedding font that’s informal but still classy. (It will look stunning on whatever project you use it for, though.)


Most Realistic Handwriting Font

display of the Autography
Autography. Credit: Creative Fabrica

If you’re looking for the most realistic handwritten font, Autography is the font for you. The letters are a combination of print and cursive, which resembles actual handwriting. The alternates, swashes, and ligatures also make the text look like it’s handwritten.

Use this font for scrapbooking, journaling, personalized logos, and more. It adds an authentic handwritten touch to any project.

Bestie Gurls

Best Bubble Handwriting Font

display of the Bestie Gurls
Bestie Gurls. Credit: Creative Fabrica

Bestie Gurls is a fun and playful display font made up of bubble letters. The letters are bold and easy to read. This makes them ideal for posters, signs, and other large-scale projects.

The youthful vibe of this font is perfect for kid-themed designs such as birthday party invitations and classroom decorations.

Life Planner

Best Font for Aesthetic Handwriting

display of the Life Planner Duo
Life Planner. Credit: Creative Fabrica

Life Planner is a font duo that comes with a thin and bold font. The minimal style of the letters makes the font easy to read. This is perfect for designs that need a lot of text.

Download this font to use in your digital planners, journals, or notes. You can also keep it handy for any projects that need a cute handwritten look.


Best Font for Chalk Handwriting

display of the Chalkboard
Chalkboard. Credit: Creative Fabrica

Chalkboard is a handwritten font that looks like it's written on a chalkboard. The textured letters give the font its realistic appearance.

Chalkboard text is a popular trend because it looks unique. It's great for school-themed projects, restaurant-related projects, farmhouse-style décor, and more.

Sticky Marker

Best Marker Font

display of the Sticky Marker
Sticky Marker. Credit: Creative Fabrica

If you want a font that looks like it’s written in marker, choose Sticky Marker. The ligatures and alternates allow you to customize your writing. The swashes allow you to emphasize important parts of the text.

This is another great font to keep on hand for digital planners, worksheets, and notes.


Best Bold Handwritten Font

display of the Notebook, a bold handwritten font
Notebook. Credit: Creative Fabrica

For a bold font, we recommend Notebook. This is a sans-serif font that’s handwritten and has a heavyweight. The thick, clean letters make the text easy to read.

Since the letters are uniform in shape and legible, Notebook is suitable for a wide range of projects. Use it on both print and digital designs.

Lucida Handwriting

Best Handwriting Font in Word

display of a sample text of the Lucida Handwriting
Lucida Handwriting. Credit: Microsoft

Use Lucida Handwriting for a handwritten font in Microsoft Word. The italic letters give the text a slanted shape that looks natural.

Additionally, the letters in this font are a mix of print and cursive. This gives the text an authentic feel.

Cedarville Cursive

Best Handwritten Google Font

display of the Cedarville Cursive
Cedarville Cursive. Credit: Google

Cedarville Cursive is our top pick from Google Fonts. It’s a cursive font with an even baseline. The even baseline makes the text look organized. It balances out the curved strokes of the letters.

The texture of the letters makes the text look like it’s drawn in ink. This also gives the font a realistic appearance.

Moontime Script

Best Handwritten Font on Canva

display of the Moontime
Moontime. Credit: Sup Fonts on Behance

On Canva, the best handwritten font is Moontime. Moontime is a modern cursive font that’s perfect for simple and elegant designs.

It includes heart-shaped swashes and beginning and ending swashes. These are fitting for wedding designs or any design that uses names or initials.

Adobe Handwriting

Best Handwritten Font on Adobe

display of the Adobe Handwriting
Adobe Handwriting. Credit: Adobe Fonts

Adobe Handwriting is a font family that consists of three fonts – Frank, Tiffany, and Ernie. The fonts were originally created for signing documents digitally but have since been used in a wide range of projects.

This is the best option on Adobe because it comes with a variety of styles to choose from. Each option will give your project a personalized touch.

Types of Handwriting Fonts

There are six main types of handwriting fonts to choose from. Let’s get into the unique characteristics and how to use each type so you can pick the perfect one.


Cursive-style fonts have letters that connect and flow together. They add an elegant touch to designs. Depending on the project, they can range from formal to casual. They’re especially great for wedding invitations, wall art, and logos.


Like cursive fonts, calligraphy fonts have an artistic look. But they tend to be more decorative. They often come with flourishes and embellishments to add to the text. They’re a great choice for projects that need a touch of ornate elegance, such as tattoos and wedding invitations.


Simple handwritten fonts don’t have a lot of decoration on them. They’re made up of letters with neat, smooth lines. Since simple fonts are easy to read, they’re perfect for minimal designs and digital notetaking or journaling.


Fancy fonts are the opposite of simple fonts. Any font that has an elaborate style is considered a fancy font. Ornate cursive and calligraphy fonts are perfect examples of what fancy fonts look like. If you need a font that looks like beautiful handwriting, search for a fancy font.


Signature fonts look like they’re written to be an autograph or signature. They usually come with alternate characters, ligatures, and swashes. These are used to customize the text so you end up with a personalized design. Signature fonts look best when used to write names or titles for logos and email signatures.


Gothic fonts are bold and dramatic in appearance. The letters have an elaborate and striking design that conveys strength and authority. Gothic fonts are also called blackletter or medieval fonts. They’re often used for tattoos and vintage branding.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a font handwriting style?

Handwritten typefaces have a human touch to them. They look like they’re written using tools such as a pen, marker, brush, or a calligraphy nib. Typically, print or block fonts are structured and even. In comparison, handwritten fonts can be more natural or stylized, depending on the project. Many handwritten fonts also have texture or stroke variations to help them look more realistic.

What is the best font that looks like handwriting?

The best handwriting font for your design depends on factors such as project style, readability, and writing tool inspiration. Fonts that emulate writing with a pen, marker, or brush are top choices for most projects.

Make A Note, Modernline, and Adobe Handwriting are the best fonts to use on this list if you’re looking for a realistic handwriting font.

What font looks like cursive writing?

Cursive fonts have letters that connect. They can be elegant and formal or casual and simple. It’s important to match the style of the cursive font you choose to the style of your project.

Some great cursive fonts from our list include Cedarville Cursive, Affection, and Salted Caramel.

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