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15 Best Modern Calligraphy Fonts


Are you looking for modern calligraphy fonts? You’ll love these best free and premium modern calligraphy fonts to elevate your designs.

collage of the best modern calligraphy fonts
Best Modern Calligraphy Fonts photo by The Design Hippo

Modern calligraphy fonts are a popular style of fonts that are perfect for adding a unique handwritten touch.

The fonts combine the traditional with contemporary, making it perfect for everything from wedding invitations to business cards.

In this blog post, we’ll cover the best modern calligraphy fonts and discuss ways to use them in your designs.

Best Modern Calligraphy Fonts

As a graphic designer, I’ve had the opportunity to test scores of modern calligraphy fonts. I’ve picked the best fonts based on hours of exploring the different font features so that you’ll easily find one that fits your needs.

1. Amalfi Coast

Top pick for the best modern calligraphy font

display of the best modern calligraphy font, Amalfi Coast
Amalfi Coast. Image Credit: Envato Elements

Do you want to add a chic hand-lettered feel to your designs? Then the Amalfi Coast font is a fantastic option.

The handwritten font features stylish swashes that will instantly transform your designs. Best for creating signature-style logos, wedding invitations, and website designs.

2. Isabella

The best modern font with stylistic alternates

display of the best modern calligraphy font with stylistic alternates, Isabella Script
Isabella Script. Image Credit: Design Cuts

Combining the historic copperplate style with a contemporary touch is the Isabella font.

The font includes plenty of glyphs and alternate characters, such as initial and terminal letters, perfect for making unique designs.

The font tails and swashes will add a handwritten touch to your wedding, branding, and stationery projects.

3. Ms. Claudy

The best modern calligraphy font for weddings

display of the best modern calligraphy font for weddings, Ms. Claudy
Ms. Claudy. Image Credit: Design Cuts

Finding the perfect font for creating wedding-themed designs can be a daunting task. But with the Ms. Claudy font, you can leave all your worries behind.

The beautiful script font will add a romantic and classy touch to your projects.

You can DIY your entire wedding, from save-the-date cards to bridal thank-you cards and wedding invitations, using Ms. Claudy.

Or, if you are running a wedding business, such as event planning, catering, or photography, the font is perfect for creating feminine logos and branding.

4. Octavia Script

The best calligraphy font with tails

display of a modern calligraphy font with tails, Octavia
Octavia Script. Image Credit: Envato Elements

Fonts with tails are perfect for adding a touch of fancy to your designs. The Octavia Script font features a dancing baseline, whimsical hand-drawn swashes, and tails.

The font will give your calligraphic designs a modern twist. You can use it for making greeting cards, invitations, and signs.

5. Adore Calligraphy

The best elegant calligraphy font

display of an elegant calligraphy font, adore calligraphy
Adore Calligraphy. Image Credit: Font Bundles

The Adore Calligraphy font is a piece of art. The font features elegant strokes and swashes that’ll add a touch of magic to your designs.

It works great for creating anything wedding and branding related. So make sure to try Adore Calligraphy for your next project.

6. Blackstone

The best modern font for logos and branding

best modern font for logos and branding, Blackstone
Blackstone. Image Credit: Font Bundles

Are you looking for a stylish font to level up your brand? Look no further than the Blackstone font.

The casual chic font features flowing letters and elegant swashes. It is perfect for making trendy logos, website headings, social media posts, business cards, and packaging labels.

7. Adora Bouton

The best modern luxury font

display of the best modern luxury font, Adora Bouton
Adora Bouton. Image Credit: Font Bundles

The Adora Bouton script font features gorgeous uppercase and lowercase letters, fancy swashes, and elegant tails.

You’ll love adding a sophisticated touch to your designs with the font. It works great for everything from business branding to wedding invitation design.

8. Silenter

The best calligraphy font for fancy designs

display of a fancy modern calligraphy font, Silenter
Silenter. Image Credit: Font Bundles

If you want to add a fancy handwritten touch to your projects, consider the Silenter font.

One of the best features of the font is the elegant ascenders and descenders.

The thin and thicker strokes are perfectly balanced to create a font that’ll help you make unique designs.

9. Hermitage

The best flowy modern calligraphy font

display of the best flowy font, Hermitage
Hermitage. Image Credit: Font Bundles

The Hermitage font features trendy lettering and gorgeous swashes.

The slant letters are joined by flowy strokes, evoking a feeling of casual chic. You can use it for creating typographic quotes, monograms, and branding assets.

10. Endestry Modern

The best bouncy calligraphy font

display of the best bouncy font, Endestry
Endestry Modern. Image Credit: Envato Elements

If you are looking for a brush script font that’s more modern than traditional, then the Endestry font is a great option.

The font is perfect for adding a quirky touch to your designs, whether for weddings, social media, or book cover designs.

11. Astoria Modern

The best modern script font

display of Astoria font, an elegant script font
Astoria Script. Image Credit: Creative Market

Inspired by inky hand-lettering, the Astoria font features delicate letters, beautiful swashes, alternates, and ligatures.

Download the Astoria Modern font to create minimal yet stylish wedding and branding designs.

Best Free Modern Calligraphy Fonts

Adding a modern handwritten touch to your designs is easy with the free fonts below.

12. Arnitta Callina

The best free font for commercial use

best free font for commercial use, Arnitta Callina
Arnitta Callina. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica

The Arnitta Callina font is an elegant script typeface perfect for creating commercial designs.

The handmade calligraphy style of the font will work great for logo design, website assets, branding, and social media posts.

13. Joseph Sophia

The best free font with hearts

best free modern calligraphy font with hearts, Joseph Sophia
Joseph Sophia. Image Credit: Dafont

The Joseph Sophia font features cute tails and letters connected by hearts. The font evokes a sense of romance, so it’s perfect for wedding and valentine-themed projects.

Download it from dafont and use it for digital and print design. Also, the smooth font works with the Cricut cutting machine.

14. Aerotis

The best free modern wedding font

best free modern wedding font, Aerotis
Aerotis. Image Credit: Dafont

The stunning Aerotis font is perfect for all wedding-related projects.

The thin handwriting font features extra large capitals and long ascenders and descenders. From invitations to addressing envelopes, the font will add a classy touch.

15. Rouge Script

The best free Google font

If you are looking for a Google font that’s a perfect combination of formal and casual, then consider the Rouge Script font.

The font is excellent for designing short phrases and headings for branding, books, and websites.

Modern Calligraphy Fonts FAQs

What is a modern calligraphy font?

A modern calligraphy font combines the look of traditional calligraphy with a more up-to-date feel.

The fonts follow some rules of classic typography but allow for more creative expression. This feature makes them a popular choice for creating contemporary designs.

From wedding invitations to social media posts, modern calligraphy fonts are versatile typefaces for making trendy designs.

How to use modern calligraphy fonts?

Modern calligraphy fonts are the perfect way to add a unique handwritten touch to your projects. Here are some of the best ways to use them:

  • Create unique logos
  • Design wedding invitations
  • Make typography for posters and signs
  • Social Media post designs
  • Cricut projects
  • Design Book Covers
  • Greeting and Thank You card designs

How to choose the best modern calligraphy font for you?

To pick the best calligraphy font, you must first understand the aesthetic you want to convey through your designs.

Explore the different types of modern fonts depending on the look you want to achieve. Here are a few tips:

  • Fonts with swashes are perfect for wedding projects
  • Flowy fonts work great for feminine branding designs
  • Choose a thin font if you want to achieve a fancy and luxurious look
  • To make fun modern designs, pick a font with a bouncy baseline
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