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Best Calligraphy Fonts for Cricut


Are you on the lookout for beautiful calligraphy fonts for Cricut? Here are the best calligraphy fonts that you are going to need in your font library.

calligraphy fonts for cricut

I will be honest with you – I don't have the most beautiful handwriting. But what I do have an eye for is gorgeous fonts! And calligraphy fonts for Cricut are a lifesaver when it comes to creating elegant crafts easily.

The decorative strokes and beautiful tails on some of these fonts are downright mind-blowing. Keep scrolling to see the most amazing fonts to help you effortlessly craft like a pro designer. From modern and cursive to vintage, I curated the best calligraphy fonts for Cricut to help you design in any style.

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Collage of fonts and graphics

You are going to love these calligraphy fonts for Cricut!

Best Calligraphy Fonts for Cricut – Our Top Picks

Best Calligraphy Fonts for Cricut

1. Hey Lovely Hearts

Best Overall Calligraphy Font for Cricut

script calligraphy font for cricut
Hey Lovely Hearts. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica

Your search for a versatile calligraphy font ends here! This playful font is fantastic for just about any DIY project. Make t-shirts, mugs, wood signs, tumblers, and many more.

The breathtaking swashes, tails, and doodles included in the font make it super easy to create unique designs quickly.

The Hey Lovely Hearts font is a Cricut font pairing that includes a fun sans version. The sans version of the font works seamlessly with the calligraphy version to create beautiful designs.

2. Villie

Most Popular Calligraphy Font for Cricut

best calligraphy font for cricut
Villie. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica

Villie is a calligraphy font for Cricut with beautiful flourishes. This flowy font with decorative letters will help you turn any craft into a piece of art.

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The Villie font is perfect for your home decor, wedding, and holiday Cricut projects. Also, you can easily personalize crafts with names using this font. By the way, this super-smooth font can easily cut vinyl.

3. Beautiful

Best Modern Calligraphy Font for Cricut

modern calligraphy font for cricut
Beautiful. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica

Beautiful is a modern calligraphy font for Cricut that will add an elegant touch to your crafts. This delicate handwritten font with gorgeous swashes will be your go-to for creating unique crafts.

Additionally, the font comes with beautiful tails that are guaranteed to make your Cricut crafts even more special. The beautiful font is perfect for making wood signs, holiday crafts, and wedding gifts.

4. Little Love

Best Wedding Calligraphy Font for Cricut

wedding calligraphy font for cricut
Little Love. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica

Your hunt for the perfect wedding calligraphy font ends here! Little Love is an ethereal font with the most beautiful connecting hearts and tails.

Little Love is perfect for making welcome wedding signs, invitations, bridesmaids' t-shirts, tote bags, and many more. This font will transform text, be it names or quotes, into something extraordinary. You can also join names with a connecting heart to create wedding decor and gifts.

5. The Romantic Absolute

Best Handwritten Calligraphy Font for Cricut

handwriting calligraphy font for cricut
The Romantic Absolute. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica

The Romantic Absolute is a gorgeous calligraphy font for Cricut with thick letters. Make beautiful typographic creations with this stunning handwriting font.

Each letter in the font has multiple alternates that will help you make truly unique designs. This handwriting calligraphy font is perfect for adding a touch of playfulness to your Cricut crafts.

6. Switzerland

Best Fancy Calligraphy Font for Cricut

fancy calligraphy font for Cricut
Switzerland. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica

Get ready to fall in love with one of the most stunning calligraphy fonts I have ever seen – Switzerland. This classic typography font with elegant swashes and tails will add a fancy touch to your crafts.

The letters have varying stroke thicknesses reminiscent of writing with an ink pen. This delicate font is a perfect choice for making memorable gifts and decor for special occasions.

7. Lettering Delight

Best Cute Calligraphy Font for Cricut

cute calligraphy font for cricut
Lettering Delight. Image Credit: Creative Market

Lettering Delight is a calligraphy font for Cricut that will add a feminine touch to your designs. This hand-lettering font comes with many fun swashes, flourishes, and doodles to create one-of-a-kind designs.

No matter the occasion – Mother's Day, birthday, Christmas, or just because, Lettering Delight will take your typographic creations to the next level.

8. Forever Love

Best Decorative Calligraphy Font for Cricut

display of the Forever Love font
Forever Love. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica

Love to add a touch of whimsical flair to your crafts? Then, what you need precisely is the Forever Love font!

If you are obsessed with making farmhouse-style designs like me, then this font will be your go-to option. This calligraphy font with a storybook feel is perfect for creating home decor, wedding, and baby-themed designs.

9. Steelheart

Best Stylish Calligraphy Font

display of the Steelheart font
Steelheart. Image Credit: Creative Market

Steelheart is a trendy calligraphy font for Cricut I use for creating seasonal crafts. Fall doormats, baby bodysuits, and Christmas wood signs turn out amazing with this font. It comes with tons of stylistic alternates that are fun to play with and perfect for creating unique crafts.

10. Dayle's

Best Gothic Calligraphy Font

display of the Dayle's font
Dayle's. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica

Dayle's is an Old English gothic-inspired font for Cricut. The thick swashes and decorative letters will transport you to a world of vintage charm.

This bold font will imbibe your Cricut crafts with a vintage look effortlessly. Perfect for making elegant wood signs, t-shirts, can coolers, and many more.

I hope you enjoyed this list of fonts! You should try Cricut writing projects next using single-line fonts if you love beautiful typography.

Want to add an extra special touch to a craft by adding a name? Fonts with glyphs like tails and hearts are an excellent option.

Our popular free Cricut fonts will also give you a lot of inspiration for your next project.

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