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12 Trending Digital Products to Sell on Etsy Right Now


This post is about the best digital products to sell on Etsy.

Are you looking to start a business that makes a full-time income or generates passive income online?

Selling digital downloads on Etsy is a great option.

I made designs for crafters and small-business owners. I started selling them as digital products on Etsy in mid-2018.

As I did not have any graphic design background and started learning everything along the way, I was nervous about how my designs would turn out.

Initially, I wasn't even sure if anyone would buy them. Slowly but surely, I started learning – about design and business. By the end of 2020, my Etsy shop had more than 32,000 sales.

Today, selling on Etsy is one of my five sources of making money online.

If you are facing any hesitation on your part, my humble suggestion is to start.

I know that we all have many questions when we are pursuing a new idea. Trust the process and know that you will learn a lot along the way to help grow your business.

My list of best digital products to sell on Etsy is based on my experience and research, both as a seller and buyer.

I hope this helps you start your own creative business online!

This post is about the best digital products to sell on Etsy.

Digital Products To Sell On Etsy

1. SVG Files

digital products to sell on etsy

Cut files are digital files that crafters can use with their cutting machines like Cricut and Silhouette. These files are used to make t-shirts, mugs, wood signs, tote bags, paper crafts, and many more.

DIY enthusiasts purchase cut files for their home, work, or school projects. Business owners that sell handcrafted items in their boutiques or on Etsy, or in art and craft fairs also use these cut files.

There is a massive demand for SVG and DXF files on Etsy. Bundles of designs belonging to a particular theme do especially well.

To get started, go through my step-by-step guide for making and selling SVG cut files.

2. Logo and Branding Kits

best digital products to sell on etsy

Every business needs a logo and brand identity, so Etsy has a huge demand for logos and branding kits. These kits make it easy for buyers to maintain a cohesive brand identity.

As a seller, you can provide different styles to buyers on Etsy like minimal, feminine, modern, watercolor, rose gold, boho, etc. 

The buyer purchases the listing and gives you their business details. You can then edit your template to reflect the information and send the files to the buyer.

Another option is to provide custom logo and branding services. Instead of having many styles, you can customize the design assets based on buyer needs. This will take more time to make for the seller but can be charged higher than pre-made kits.

Pricing also depends on what services are included in the purchase. It could be for a single logo design or a branding package that includes logos, business cards, Etsy shop branding, etc.

3. Printables

digital goods to sell on etsy

Printables are digital products that buyers can print and use for personal or commercial purposes.

If you are an artist, sell digital prints of your art on Etsy. Buyers can then print them and use them as wall art or desk decor.

Printables can also be digitally designed using design software like Adobe Illustrator or an online tool like Canva.

There are many types of printables. Here's a list of popular printables you can sell on Etsy – 

  • Wall Art
  • Calenders
  • Trackers
  • Gift Tags
  • Planners
  • Binders
  • Stickers
  • Greeting Cards
  • Chore Charts
  • Coloring Pages
  • Handwriting Worksheets

What I listed above are broad categories to give you an idea. But the key here is not to go after an entire category of printables but to pick your niche well.

Pick a topic you already know or are deeply interested in learning. For example, if you are interested in productivity and planning, you can make printable planners that help buyers manage their work and home.

Most printables are delivered as image files(PNG, JPEG) or PDFs to customers. The file size depends on the purpose for which the printable is made. For instance, you can provide printable wall art in sizes that match standard art frame sizes.

4. Digital Planners & Stickers

list of digital products to sell on etsy

Digital planners and stickers are for buyers who like using a tablet like the iPad for planning. These are organizational tools that help buyers plan and structure their days.

Buyers use apps like Goodnotes or Notability on the iPad and plan digitally. Digital stickers are used to decorate the planners.

Functional and creative planners are popular on Etsy. So if you are an organized planner who loves to add some cheer to the process of planning, this can be an excellent option for you.

5. Patterns for Sewing, Quilting & Embroidery

types of digital products to sell on etsy

DIY enthusiasts love patterns they can use to make their items. Machine embroidery patterns are used to customize clothing. Crochet, quilting, sewing, and cross-stitch patterns are also popular among the DIY community. Buyers are always looking for new and creative patterns, so if any of these is already a hobby for you, you can put up your digital patterns on Etsy.

6. Website Templates

digital products to sell online

Making a website that is functional and well-designed is hard work! My husband and I designed this website from scratch, and it's time-consuming and requires coding skills.

But most website owners prefer buying website templates. Website templates are pre-designed web pages. They provide a structure and layout for how the blog will look.

Website themes and templates for WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace are popular on Etsy.

Website templates take time to create and may require you to assist the buyers on Etsy in using them. That's why they command a higher price when compared to other digital products. 

7. Custom Artwork

Make Money Selling Custom Digital Art on Etsy

If you are interested in character drawing, you can make and sell custom portraits on Etsy. These could be illustrations of couples, family, pets, or friends. They are very popular because every illustration is unique to the buyer.

The buyer would purchase the listing on Etsy and share the photo with you. You can then digitally or on paper make a custom portrait as per your design style.

Custom artwork usually sells for more when compared to other illustrations due to the personalized nature of the work.

8. Sublimation

make money selling Sublimation Printables

Crafters use sublimation designs to make t-shirts, mugs, tote bags, tumblers, and more. Since sublimation designs are printed and applied on items, colorful graphics are popular among buyers.

You can make sublimation designs in software like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. While using your hand-drawn graphics, you can scan your physical artwork. You can also make the designs in Procreate app or by using a digital drawing tablet.

Sublimation files are delivered as high-resolution PNG files to customers, who then print them using a sublimation printer.

9. Stock Photos & Mock-ups

Sell Stock Photos

If you are interested in photography, stock photos and mock-ups are great options to consider.

Mock-ups can be photos of blank items on which buyers can show their designs. These include blank t-shirts, mugs, tote bags, stationery items, wood signs, art frames, or doormats.

You can create a theme of mockups for different seasons of the year and holidays— for example, doormat mock-ups for fall, wood sign mock-ups for Christmas.

Stock photos are used for branding, website design, and social media.

Stock photos that are creative and stand out from the rest are always in demand.

For example, make stock photos by design style – minimal, feminine, boho, color combinations like blush pink and gold, etc.

10. Editable Templates

Sell Digital Editable Templates

Editable templates have so many uses for both individuals and businesses. For example, customers can use editable templates they purchase on Etsy for making invitations or gift tags for parties. Business owners buy editable order forms and price lists to help run their business.

The editable templates can be delivered to the customers using Corjl, Templett, or Canva. The customer gets the link to the template after their purchase on Etsy, which they can then edit.

11. Social Media Templates

Sell Social Media Templates

Although social media templates fall under the editable templates category, I wanted to dedicate a separate section due to its' importance.

Social media is a fantastic tool that helps businesses grow. Editable social media templates for Pinterest and Instagram help businesses make beautiful posts quickly and easily.

You can make and sell pin templates that are beautifully designed and functional for reaching an audience on Pinterest. While icons, quotes, stories, and editable post templates come in handy for running a businesses' Instagram.

The best way to deliver these editable social media templates to customers is Canva.

The key is to make a bundle of templates tied together by a design style or purpose. For example, you can create templates that cater to different design styles like minimal, bright and colorful, warm earthy notes, boho, etc. Or make templates specially made for particular businesses like – aestheticians, real estate agents, influencers, crafters, etc.

12. Graphic Design Resources

Sell Graphic Design Elements

If you like making your own design elements, selling graphic design resources is a great option. Because, to make any of the digital products on this list, we need graphic design resources.

Graphic design resources form the building blocks for making and promoting digital products. They also help represent a brand online.

These resources fall under three broad categories listed below –

1. Fonts

If you love hand lettering, making fonts is a great option. Customers love fonts that add a unique touch to designs. Fonts are used everywhere, from physical product packaging to website branding.

2. Illustrations & Clip Art

If you love to draw or paint digitally or on paper, selling illustrations and clip art is another fantastic option to consider. You can scan your physical painting or use a digital drawing tablet. Or make them directly in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. These could be watercolor flowers, splashes, nature, greenery, and many more such beautiful creations.

3. Textures & Patterns

If you have an eye for beautiful textures and patterns, selling them is sure to be a lot of fun for you! Take high-resolution photographs or make them from scratch digitally using software like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. A few popular styles are textures like marble, rustic wood, and patterns like floral, geometric, tie-dye, abstract, and ikat.

How to decide what kind of digital productS to sell on Etsy?

Deciding which digital products to sell on Etsy is a crucial decision to make. Running a successful Etsy shop entails learning how to make digital products, promoting them, and providing fantastic customer service.

Start with what interests you most. Do your research on Etsy to understand what already sells well and an unmet need in the market that you can address through your products. Explore different design styles and develop your own.

Important resources for making digital products

When starting a business selling digital products, I understand the need to access budget-friendly design resources.

Buy a bundle of resources or take a subscription. This will help you explore different resources and honing your design style. CreativeFabrica has a subscription that gives you access to thousands of fonts and design elements.

Presentation is as important as designing. Showcasing your digital products on the right mock-ups will drastically improve your sales. For showing designs on physical products, Placeit is a fantastic option.

How to promote digital products on Etsy?

Within Etsy, you have the option of using Etsy Ads. I used them during the first year of running my shop, and they had a great return. But how Ads work on Etsy has gone through some significant changes over time. I currently don't use sponsored ads.

You can start with a small budget and see how it goes. Keep a close eye on cost-per-click.

A great option to consider is Pinterest. I have made thousands of sales by making pins for my digital products and leading them to Etsy.

Beautiful high-converting pins are the key to getting traffic through Pinterest. If you are looking for something that's plug-and-play, I highly recommend Bluchic's amazing social media templates. You can use the templates across all social media platforms and showcase your digital products.

Another excellent way to promote your digital products is through your blog. Give away freebies that give a glimpse of your product to your audience and collect their email IDs. Your email list is crucial while launching a new product or running a discount on your existing products.

Collecting email IDs on your blog is also essential because Etsy's terms of service do not allow sellers to use customer email IDs for marketing purposes. You should only use email IDs on Etsy for communication related to their purchases.

How much money can you make selling digital downloads on Etsy?

Selling on Etsy was my active source of income before I started working on my blogs. At its peak, I was making a five-figure income every month from Etsy. It is now a passive income source for me and still makes a decent amount without much work from my end.

If you analyze the market well and keep adapting your business to consumer needs, there is a huge opportunity to make money. Start with an idea and be ready to go with the flow.

If selling on Etsy is a full-time opportunity for you, you can work towards making several thousands of dollars per month. If it is a side hustle or a passive income idea for you, you can still expect to make a sizeable side income from it.

Final thoughts about selling digital products on Etsy

It takes time to get your Etsy shop up and running, so I urge you to remain patient, especially during the first couple of months. Remember that every shop started with zero sales.

Learn about how the Etsy marketplace works. Understand how best to title your products by doing keyword research. Look at the best-selling digital downloads on Etsy in your category to know what works for customers.

Selling digital products online is one of the best ways to make money. So I hope that this blog post helped you get started!

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