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12 Best Number Fonts: Display Your Numbers In Style


Whether you’re drawing up a new tattoo, making a jersey for your favorite sports team, or creating another project that uses numbers, it’s important to make sure you choose a number font that suits your design’s overall style.

With such a wide range of fonts available, it can be difficult to determine which fonts are the best ones to use. We did the research and created a list of current favorite fonts loved by tattoo artists, apparel designers, and DIY enthusiasts alike.

From old-school sports designs to modern and minimal feminine designs, the list below offers the best number fonts with a wide range of styles to choose from.

No matter what project you’re working on, you’ll find a font here that meets your needs.

display of the best number fonts
Best Number Fonts | The Design Hippo

Best Number Fonts

As avid DIYers and professional designers, we’ve learned what people look for in number fonts and understand which fonts look best on certain types of designs.

Whether you’re creating artwork for a client or you’re working on personal projects for yourself, you can trust our years of experience working in the design industry to bring you the best fonts currently available on the web.

Romans Story

Best Number Font for Tattoos

display of Roman Story font glyphs
Roman Story. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica

Romans Story is a stylish font, perfect for Roman Numeral tattoos. The serif-style typeface features elegant numbers, making it an ideal choice for displaying important dates.

We chose this font as our top pick for tattoos because the smooth lines make the letters and numbers easy to draw and read.

The ligatures also add a beautiful twist to the text's overall look, allowing you to make your tattoo uniquely your own.


Best Old English Font for Numbers

display of the Bugenvil font characters
Bugenvil. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica

Bugenvil is a great font choice for tattoo artists drawing up a design in blackletter style. The uppercase characters in this font feature elaborate serifs, while the lowercase characters and gothic numbers have a more elegant and refined appearance.

For tattoos that include both text and numbers, add the included swashes underneath the lettering to embellish your design further.

Varsity Gameday

Best Font for Jersey Numbers

display of a jersey number design made using Varsity Gameday font
Varsity Gameday. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica

Varsity Gameday is a classic collegiate-style font perfect for sports jerseys and school t-shirt designs.

The font consists of all uppercase letters capped with bold slab serifs, which makes all of the characters easy to read from the bleachers.

Its outlined style is particularly suited for football and baseball team apparel, adding a spirited and athletic touch to the designs.


Best for Cricut

collage of the College font bundle
College Font Bundle. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica

College is the perfect choice for DIYers because it comes in a variety of six font styles to choose from.

For t-shirt and jersey designs with a sassy and playful look, choose the modern options included, like Sports Leopard (decorated with a leopard-print pattern), Sporty Leopard Craft, or Rainbow (stacked style).

If you need a font with a more traditional old-school vibe, opt for Univercity, Brown College, or Famous College.


Best Bold Number Font

display of the Beardsons font glyphs
Beardsons. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica

Beardsons is an excellent choice for tattoo artists needing a bold font with a vintage design. The blackletter style of the letters and numbers in this font, along with the included ornaments, will help you create a unique and timeless tattoo.

If you're creating t-shirts or signs, use the frames, badges, and panels to give your design a decorative touch.

Black Ink

Best Fancy Number Font

display of the Black Ink font characters
Black Ink. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica

Black Ink is a blackletter script font perfect for tattoo or t-shirt designs that have an ornate and feminine look.

The uppercase and lowercase letters in this font feature extravagant glyphs. Additionally, the number characters have a sophisticated decorative style. This makes it an ideal choice for stylish tattoos.


Best for House Numbers

display of the Aura glyphs
Aura. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica

Aura is a modern sans-serif font featuring sleek characters. It’s a popular choice for house numbers because of its clean lines, rounded corners, and legibility from a distance.

Choose Aura if you are looking to add a touch of whimsy and elegance to a house.

Le Mores Signature

Best for Wedding Table Numbers

display of the Le Mores Signature
Le Mores Signature. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica

Le Mores Signature is a romantic font duo with a modern style. It comes with an elegant serif font and a beautiful script font that pairs perfectly together.

We chose this font as our top recommendation for wedding table numbers because it's easy to read and is suitable for weddings or other formal events.


Best for Car Number Plate

display of the Dealerplate
Dealerplate. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica

Dealerplate is a font that's styled after the traditional license plate fonts we see on the road. The free sans serif font features neat and clean lines, so you can use it to design a license plate that’s stylish but easy to read.


Best Number Font for Racing

display of the Speed
Speed. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica

Speed Font is a bold sans-serif font with all uppercase letters. The slanted form of each character gives the text an illusion of being in motion, which is fitting for designs with a racing theme. Use this dynamic font to make sports or race car-themed designs that stand out.


Best Number Font in Microsoft Word

display of the Georgia font glyphs
Georgia. Image Credit: Microsoft

Georgia is a classic serif font that you can access for free if you have access to Microsoft Word and most other common design programs. It's one of our favorite fonts for modern designs because the letters are clean, simple, and easy to read.

If you want to design a minimalistic tattoo that features an important date or milestone number, or you're designing a simple statement t-shirt design that uses short phrases or single words, this is the perfect font to use.


Best Number Font in Canva

display of a wedding table number card design
Wedding table number card design. Made using Lora on Canva.

Lora is another excellent choice for designers creating simple and modern designs. This serif font is the best font option in Canva because of its contemporary style and readability. Lora is perfect to use on tattoos, t-shirts, and wedding designs.

Types of Number Fonts for Tattoos

Roman Numerals, Old English, Chicano, and Cursive fonts are the most popular choices for number tattoos.

Read on to learn about each font style so you can pick the perfect one for your tattoo.

Roman Numeral

Roman numerals are a popular choice for tattoos that have a personal meaning to the wearer, such as important dates in their life. The visual shape of numbers written in Roman numerals also has an artful design, which makes them an appealing choice for tattoos.

Old English

Old English fonts (also called blackletter fonts) are another popular choice for tattoos with numbers. The heavy design elements and sharp edges that we see in old English characters give tattoos a dark gothic aesthetic. Old English fonts are also a good choice for tattoos that have a masculine look.


Chicano fonts, inspired by the Mexican-American art movement, consist of graffiti-style scripts and are characterized by their bold appearance and intricate letterforms. They are ideal for tattoos that mark significant life events.


Cursive fonts are most often used for feminine and minimalistic tattoos. These fonts are best suited for number tattoos that require a touch of elegance and subtlety.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best number font for tattoos?

Roman Numeral, Old English, and Chicano fonts are best suited for designing number tattoos. Tattoo artists and enthusiasts prefer fonts that will look sharp on a finished tattoo design. So, it’s important to choose a font that has a perfect blend of readability and style.

What is the best font for jersey numbers?

The best fonts to use on jerseys are varsity fonts or block fonts with thick, bold, and even shapes.

Not only does the overall style of these fonts fit the traditional sporty look of a team jersey, but the fonts are also easy to read from a far distance, which is important if you’re a fan watching your favorite team.

What is the most readable font for numbers?

If legibility is the single most important factor in your design, stick to using simple serif or sans-serif fonts. Avoid decorative font styles such as cursive or blackletter.

Letters that are thick, solid, and bold are naturally easier to read, so try to avoid using thin fonts and opt for serif or sans-serif fonts with a heavy weight.

Additionally, you also want to keep your design readable by avoiding extra glyphs, swashes, or stylistic alternates. The more plain your design is, the more legible it will be.

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