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12 Best Wedding Fonts For Invitations: Loved By Brides

By Lacey Morris


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The secret to planning a dream wedding is all in the details, right down to the fonts you use. Wedding invitation fonts help set the tone for the entire event and give guests a glimpse of the unique style and atmosphere they can expect.

With so many beautiful fonts available, it can be hard to narrow down your options and decide on the perfect choice for you.

We made your search easy by compiling the best wedding fonts on the web in one place.

collage of the best wedding fonts
Best Wedding Fonts Photo by The Design Hippo

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Font

Finding the right wedding font can feel overwhelming. Here are the key factors to keep in mind while choosing a font:

1. Consider your Wedding Theme: Matching your font choices to your wedding style is the first step to picking the perfect font for your wedding. Elegant fonts like calligraphy or script fonts are traditionally used for formal weddings, while organic brush calligraphy fonts are more suitable for casual weddings.

2. Think about Legibility: When choosing fonts, keep in mind how easy they will be to read. An elegant serif or sans-serif font is ideal for designs with a lot of text (like invitations or dinner menus), while script and calligraphy fonts are best used as title fonts on invitations and signage.

Tip: If you find a script that you love but is a little too difficult to read, try widening the letter spacing (or kerning) of the font to make the text easier to read.

3. Ensure Compatibility with Design Software: Remember to make sure that the font you choose is compatible with the design software you plan on using to design your wedding materials. Some fonts have glyphs or special characters that need software, such as Adobe Illustrator. Alternatively, use a free online tool like Fontcloud. You can check the compatibility of your fonts by reading the font description and checking the font file type before downloading.

Tips for Pairing Wedding Fonts

Different font combinations convey different styles, from traditional to modern. They also help highlight and draw attention to important details such as the couple’s name, date, and venue.

Check out these tips to create the perfect wedding font pairing for your special day.

Tip #1: Create contrast

When pairing wedding fonts, it's important to choose fonts that contrast each other. This will ensure your design is easy to read and stands out, balancing style with clarity.

To help with this, try to think of opposites: A very fancy script font should be paired with a plain sans-serif or serif font to balance out the script.

Tip #2: Limit your selection

It's also important to limit your selection when choosing fonts to pair. Limit yourself to using 2-3 fonts and decide what the fonts will be used for.

For example, if you pair a calligraphy font with a serif font, it's best to use only the calligraphy font for titles, like your name, and the serif font for the rest of the text.

Tip #3: Pick complementary styles

Choosing font styles that complement each other will ensure you end up with a beautiful wedding font pairing. The easiest way to do this is to consider font families. You can use different weights and styles within the same font family or across different families.

For example, you may choose to pair a regular style of the font with an italic or bold style of the same font.

Best Wedding Fonts

As designers ourselves, we love a good DIY wedding project. Over the years, we’ve gained a true understanding of what makes a good wedding font and (just as importantly) what fonts brides love.

These favorite fonts have been used to create countless gorgeous wedding designs, and we know you’ll fall in love with them, too.

Continue reading for our top wedding font picks and a few helpful tips for saying ‘I do’ to the font that’s right for you.

Hello Honey

Best Wedding Font Overall

display of a wedding invitation designed using Hello Honey font
Hello Honey. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica

Hello Honey is a romantic handwritten font that has a truly timeless style. It has beautiful alternate characters, letter swashes, and heart swashes that are perfect for writing names and initials.

Use it to add a personal touch to everything from invitations to decorative signs.


Most Popular Wedding Font

display of a wedding invitation design made using Maddison
Maddison. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica

Maddison is a most popular modern calligraphy font with a dancing baseline and stunning end swashes that perfectly tie the look of the text together.

Experiment with these unique features to create stunning layouts for wedding stationery, ceremony signs, and more. It’s a great choice for all of your wedding design needs!

Little Love

Best Font for Wedding Invitations

display of a wedding invitation made using Little Love
Little Love. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica

Little Love is a favorite script wedding invitation font for brides because of its graceful, thin, and elegant letters.

The hearts and decorative tails help add a touch of fanciness to the design. It includes swashes for letters and numbers, making it an ideal font for invitations.

Using this font for your wedding invites beautifully displays all the important details of your big day, like the names.

Santa Catalina

Best for Signs

display of a wedding sign design made using Santa Catalina
Santa Catalina. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica

Santa Catalina is an elegant handwritten font that will look stunning on any signs you plan to display during your wedding. It’s especially popular for making stylish welcome wedding signs.

The font's bold weight makes it easy to read up close and far away (which is important for wedding signage) and comes with decorative swashes that add extra style to the text.

Whether you’re making tiny table signs or large ceremony signs, this is the font that will look great on everything.

Randy Sofia

Best for Cricut

display of Save the Date card designed using Randy Sofia
Randy Sofia. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica

Randy Sofia is a fantastic font choice for DIY brides. Because it has smooth lines and is thick enough to be handled throughout the cutting and weeding process.

Whether you're creating wedding signage, making personalized favors for your wedding party, or designing other items for your big day with Cricut, this font will be easy to use and give you a perfect final product.


Best Script Font

display of an invitation design made using Enchanting Script
Enchanting. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica

Enchanting is a gorgeous handwritten script that has an organic and natural feel to it. This font is especially fitting for outdoor weddings, farmhouse weddings, and other wedding themes that are casual but romantic.

Each uppercase and lowercase letter comes with a stylistic alternative you can use to add extra charm to your design.

Jupiter and Mars

Best for Envelopes

display of an envelope with names printed using Jupiter and Mars font
Jupiter and Mars. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica

Jupiter and Mars is a wonderful choice for modern wedding invitation envelopes (and a great font for wedding stationery in general) because it has a stylish handwritten style.

Use it for your entire wedding stationery suite, from invites to thank-you notes. The warm, genuine style of this font will help your guests feel the love.


Best for Labels

address printed on an envelope flap
Aerotis. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica

Aerotis is the perfect calligraphy font for any labels you may be making for your wedding. The slender shape of the letters looks graceful and fits perfectly onto small stickers and signs.

Use this font to design labels for party favors, address labels for your envelopes, labels for the snack and cocktail bar, and more.


Best Cursive

display of wedding stationary designed using Amalisa font
Amalisa. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica

Amalisa is a cursive calligraphy font that features elegant and simple lines. It’s an excellent choice for brides needing a modern font or their designs.

The lowercase letters come with swashes, and the handwritten style of each character will give your wedding designs a personal touch.


Best for Save the Dates

display of Save the Date card design made using Lovers
Lovers. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica

Lovers will look stunning on any romantic design, but it looks especially stunning on save-the-dates. The swirly font with tails comes in four unique styles and includes swashes that can be used in different ways to create unique text designs.

This is the best option if you plan on designing your save-the-dates and want a font that gives you the freedom to experiment and come up with your own creative design.

Abiding Love

Best Font Combination

display of wedding invitation suite made using Abiding Love font duo
Abiding Love. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica

Abiding Love is a font duo that comes with both a handwritten font and a serif font. These two fonts perfectly complement each other, making them an easy choice if you’re having trouble finding individual fonts that pair well together.

The script font comes with alternates that can be activated by typing lowercase letters, and it also includes script swashes that you can use to add an elegant touch to your design.

Le Jour Script

Best Canva

wedding card design made using a free font on Canva
Wedding Invitation made using Le Jour Scipt on Canva | The Design Hippo

Le Jour Script, available in Canva, is a beautiful typeface that will add a classy touch to invitations, signs, wedding programs, and more.

If you're looking for a wedding script font that's delicate and has a more traditional style, this is a great option for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best font for a wedding invitation?

The best wedding invitation fonts are fonts that are easy to read and fit the style of your wedding. Most invitations use an elegant script or calligraphy font, which are excellent choices for wedding invitations when paired with a sans-serif or serif font.

If your wedding is more modern and minimalistic, a simple serif, sans-serif, or script font may be a more suitable choice.

Finally, if your wedding follows a theme (like Art Deco or Roaring Twenties), consider using an appropriate decorative title font that fits that theme.

How many fonts should a wedding invitation have?

It's a general rule of thumb to use no more than three fonts in your wedding invitation design. If you use too many fonts, you run the risk of creating an invitation that looks cluttered and is difficult to read.

Staying within 2-3 fonts (and making sure those fonts pair well with each other) will ensure you end up with a beautiful invitation that’s cohesive.

What is the best font for wedding signs?

The best fonts for wedding signage are fonts that are decorative but also easy to read. Thin, delicate typefaces may be difficult to see from a far distance, so choose bold fonts for any signs you may be using during your ceremony and reception.

Tip: If you find a thin font you love, check to see if the font is available in a semi-bold or bold style. By increasing the font's weight, the text will be much easier to read.

What is the best font for a wedding seating chart?

While an elegant script is suitable for the title of your seating chart, it's best to choose either a serif or sans-serif font to list out individual table numbers and names.

Scripts are difficult to read if they're too small, so sticking to serif and sans-serif fonts will ensure your guests will be able to easily find their seats.

What is the best font for a modern wedding theme?

If you're planning a modern wedding, your font choices will have a much more minimalist design compared to traditional wedding-style fonts. Traditional wedding fonts consist of calligraphy, script, and cursive fonts that are elegant and have a lot of flourishes.

Contemporary-style fonts are usually modern serif or sans-serif fonts that fit into the design elements of the overall theme. If your wedding is going to be a modern affair, consider sticking to minimalistic fonts that have a modern aesthetic.

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