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25+ Best Cricut Fonts of 2024: Tested in our Projects


Looking for the best Cricut font for your next project? You’re in the right place.

An ideal Cricut font can transform your craft project from ordinary to extraordinary. On the other hand, a poor font choice can lead to unimpressive results and material wastage.

This guide lists out the most popular and highly recommended Cricut fonts of 2024. Let’s dive in.

collage of the best cricut fonts for making DIY craft projects
Best Fonts for Cricut | The Design Hippo

Best Fonts for Cricut

This list comes from our over six years of experience designing SVG files for crafters. We’ve tested hundreds of fonts with different Cricut machines. Tested the fonts' performance in different craft projects. Our recommendations are not only pleasing but also practical for your crafting needs.

Country Kitchen

Best Overall Cricut Font

display of the Country Kitchen font, a handwritten font duo for Cricut
Country Kitchen. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica
The Design Hippo Special Offer!

The Country Kitchen is a handwritten font pairing featuring a playful sans and a script font with tails. The smooth letters work well for vinyl projects of all sizes, big or small.

You can effortlessly create personalized quotes and names for your projects with the font duo. It's perfect for adding a unique touch to crafts like t-shirts, signs, and tumblers.

Hello Honey

Most Popular Cricut Font

display of Hello Honey font, the most popular font for Cricut
Hello Honey. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica
The Design Hippo Special Offer!

The Hello Honey font is a gorgeous typeface with unique features that make it stand out. It beautifully combines script-style writing with heart-shaped swashes and elegant tails. The font is popular for customizing crafts, especially for adding names to signs, cards, and invitations.


Best Cursive Cricut Font

collage of designs made with the Beachwood font, a beautiful cursive font for Cricut
Beachwood. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica
The Design Hippo Special Offer!

The Beachwood features a thick cursive font to add a stylish touch to your projects. The bold and bouncy letters are ideal for creating cheerful designs for children's projects, back-to-school themes, teacher-related designs, and summer DIY crafts.

Heart Monogram

Best Cricut Font for Monograms

display of Heart Monogram font, a cute monogram font
Heart Monogram. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica
The Design Hippo Special Offer!

The Heart Monogram font is popular among crafters for creating Valentine's Day and Wedding designs. The calligraphic strokes form unique swirly letters with a romantic and elegant appeal. You can use this font to effortlessly add a touch of love and charm to any crafting project.

Dear Agatha

Best Writing Font for Cricut

display of a post card design made using Dear Agatha
Dear Agatha. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica
The Design Hippo Special Offer!

The Dear Agatha is a single-line Cricut font combination perfect for your pen, foil quill, and engraving projects for creating intricate and detailed designs.

The alternates and ligatures add a layer of customization, making it easy to tailor each project to your specific needs and style preferences.

Whether personalizing wedding invitations and envelopes or crafting beautiful greeting cards, the font lends itself perfectly to a wide range of creative projects.

Randy Sofia

Best Cricut Font for Wedding

display of a wedding invitation card design made using Randy Sofia
Randy Sofia. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica
The Design Hippo Special Offer!

The Randy Sofia font is a stunning calligraphy typeface for creating Cricut wedding designs. The font includes hearts and swashes to add a romantic touch to your creations.

Whether you're crafting intricate invitations, personalized place cards, or beautiful signage for the ceremony and reception, the font is perfect for creating memorable wedding crafts.

Love Mama

Best Cricut Font for Vinyl

display of a round family sign design made with Cricut vinyl using Love Mama font
Love Mama. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica
The Design Hippo Special Offer!

The Love Mama font pairing features a modern cursive and playful sans font. The font is well-suited for vinyl-cutting projects, such as t-shirts, labels, and water bottles. The smooth letters of the cursive font and its distinctive tails ensure flawless results in vinyl projects of all sizes.

Varsity Gameday

Best Cricut Font for Numbers

display of a name and number design made using Varsity Gameday font, the best font for numbers
Varsity Gameday. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica
The Design Hippo Special Offer!

The Varsity Gameday font is a classic sports-inspired typeface characterized by its bold, blocky letters and numbers. Its all-caps style with outline adds a level of authority and impact, ideal for emphasizing team names and player numbers for school and university events.


Best Cricut Font for Names

display of Maddison font, a lovely script and the best cricut font for names
Maddison. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica
The Design Hippo Special Offer!

With its lovely script letters and fun hearts, the Maddison font is popular for personalizing crafts with names. The unique glyphs and swashes allow you to create truly one-of-a-kind projects.

Whether you're creating invitations, home decor, or custom gifts, the beautiful flourishes add a special touch that takes your designs to the next level.

Hey Magnolia

Best Script Cricut Font

display of Hey Magnolia font, a beautiful script typeface
Hey Magnolia. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica
The Design Hippo Special Offer!

The Hey Magnolia font is a handwritten script font featuring elegant and playful letters. Whether you're designing quotes, monograms, or names, Hey Magnolia is perfect for adding a personalized, handcrafted touch.

Features such as stylistic alternates and swashes with hearts make it an ideal choice for adding a unique appeal to any Cricut project.

Rustic Pantry

Best Cricut Font Pairing

display of a flower shop sign made using Rustic Pantry
Rustic Pantry. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica
The Design Hippo Special Offer!

The Rustic Pantry is a versatile font pairing that balances casual elegance and playful charm. Featuring a beautiful script font complemented by a whimsical sans serif, the combination is perfect for creating a wide range of Cricut designs, such as quotes and names for signs, gifts, tumblers, and t-shirts.

Bottoms Up Love

Best Cricut Font for Tumblers

display of Bottoms Up Love font duo, the best font for making tumblers
Bottoms Up Love. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica
The Design Hippo Special Offer!

Create unique designs for tumblers with the Bottoms Up Love font duo. It features a bouncy script and sans-serif font with doodle extras that’ll add a fun and whimsical touch to your creations. Whether designing quotes or personalizing with names, it’s perfect for drinkware such as wine tumblers, coffee mugs, and cups.

Stencil Army

Best Stencil Cricut Font

display of the Stencil Army font, a smooth stencil font
Stencil Army. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica
The Design Hippo Special Offer!

The Stencil Army font is perfect for creating stencils for your Cricut crafts. The bold sans-serif font lends itself well to projects such as painted wood signs, glass etching, and baked goods decorating.

Awesome Everyday Duo

Best Font for Small Letters

display of Awesome Everyday font duo, a perfect font for small letters
Awesome Everyday Font Duo. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica
The Design Hippo Special Offer!

When choosing a font for cutting small letters, the bold and easy-to-weed Awesome Everyday font duo is my go-to. It’s best for small vinyl letters due to its smooth and clean lines and high legibility, even at smaller sizes. You can easily make intricate designs featuring tiny letters for projects such as stickers, cards, labels, ribbons, and ornaments.


Best Font for Jersey Numbers

display of the University font
University. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica
The Design Hippo Special Offer!

University is a sports font perfect for jersey numbers. Its bold, blocky design is ideal for showcasing team spirit, whether personalizing varsity shirts, creating event banners, or designing sports gear decals.

Boisterous Sketch

Best Font for Addressing Envelopes

display of the Boisterous Sketch font
Boisterous Sketch. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica
The Design Hippo Special Offer!

Crafters prefer single-line fonts for addressing envelopes due to their ease of use in Cricut pen projects. With its playful yet elegant design, the Boisterous Sketch handwriting font is a favorite. The versatile font is ideal for various occasions, from weddings and birthdays to Christmas celebrations and special announcements.


Best Font for Water Bottles

display of the Carley font, a perfect handwritten script letters for water bottle designs
Carley. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica
The Design Hippo Special Offer!

When making designs for water bottles, the Carley font, with its smooth and bold script letters, is an ideal choice. Whether you are personalizing bottles with names or favorite quotes, the handwritten font adds a stylish appeal to your crafts.

Camila Ashton

Best Font for T-Shirts

display of Camila Ashton, the best font for t-shirt designs
Camila Ashton. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica
The Design Hippo Special Offer!

The Camila Ashton font combination features a fun sans-serif and a pretty script font. Its modern lettering style makes it a popular choice for making shirts for moms, teachers, kids, and anyone who appreciates a fusion of casual and chic design elements. Whether you're creating t-shirts with motivational quotes, funny sayings, or personalized messages, the font duo will help make your designs stand out.


Best Font for Labels

display of five glass storage jars with pantry labels made using Shiplap font
Shiplap. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica
The Design Hippo Special Offer!

Shiplap is a popular choice for making Cricut label designs due to its clean look and excellent readability, even in smaller sizes. The tall, skinny all-caps letters of the font mean it can fit a lot of text in a small area and match virtually any label design or aesthetic.


Best Font for Cake Toppers

display of Meghan
Meghan. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica
The Design Hippo Special Offer!

Meghan is a modern calligraphy font featuring connected letters perfect for creating unique cake topper designs. The multiple swash options and lowercase alternates offer a range of stylistic possibilities, enabling you to customize your creations effortlessly for occasions such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and baby showers.

I Love Glitter

Best Font with Tails

display of I Love Glitter
I Love Glitter. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica
The Design Hippo Special Offer!

I Love Glitter is one of the most popular fonts with tails, perfect for customizing various crafts. Known for its connected letters, decorative hearts, and charming tails, it’s suitable for multiple projects, from t-shirts and signs to tumblers and cutting boards.

Best Free Cricut Fonts

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned crafter, free fonts for Cricut are a great way to explore different styles and choose the ones that best suit your design needs.

Cream Candy

Best Free Cursive Font

display of Cream Candy
Cream Candy. Image Credit: Dafont

Cream Candy is a free cursive font for Cricut for personal use. Its smooth, flowing letters give projects an elegant yet playful look. The easy-to-cut font will add charm to your crafts, whether you are making designs for t-shirts, tumblers, or signs.

Stylish Calligraphy

Best Free Font with Tails

display of Stylish Calligraphy
Stylish Calligraphy. Image Credit: Dafont

The Stylish Calligraphy font is popular among crafters for its unique, hand-drawn heart tails to add a personal touch to Cricut projects.

Household Harmony

Best Free Font for Commercial Use

display of Household Harmony
Household Harmony. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica

The Household Harmony font is a cute and quirky serif Cricut font ideal for small and large vinyl-cutting projects. It's clean lines and rounded edges lend a modern, playful vibe to any design. Small businesses, in particular, will find this font valuable. It comes with a free commercial license, which means it can be used worry-free in various commercial projects.

Best Cricut Design Space & Access Fonts

If you are looking for fonts already in Cricut Design Space or are part of the Cricut Access subscription, the fonts below are some of the most popular and versatile options.


Best Cursive Font on Cricut Design Space

The Babette font is a favorite among Cricut users for projects that involve quotes, phrases, or names, as its cursive style lends itself well to such designs. The font is perfect for crafting invitations, cards, labels, and signage.

Cricut Sans

Best Bold Font

The Cricut Sans font is a modern, clean typeface that works well for various DIY projects. Whether crafting labels, designing signs, or personalizing items, the Cricut Sans font guarantees that your text is visually appealing and easily legible.

Alyssa Stencil

Best Font for Writing

The Alyssa Stencil is a script-style font best suited for pen, foil, and engraving projects. Whether you are creating personalized cards, invitations, or labels, the font will add a touch of elegance and charm.


Best Calligraphy Font

The Merlot font, featuring elegant calligraphic strokes, is ideal for various creative projects. The font is suitable for designing wedding invitations that leave a lasting impression or Christmas cards that capture the joy and spirit of the holiday season.

Explore More Cricut Font Articles

For more personalized font recommendations, check out the following pages:

Cricut Fonts FAQs

How do I upload fonts to Cricut?

First, download the desired font. After unzipping the folder, you can install the font by double-clicking on the file with the .otf extension. Once installed, restart Cricut Design Space. The new font should be available for use.

How to add fonts to Cricut on iPad?

Install a font management app like iFont on your iPad. Also, download the desired font. Browse to the downloaded font file from within the app. Import and install the font. Now, go to the Settings App on your iPad and click Profile Downloaded to install the font. Open Cricut Design Space or restart if it is already open. You can now use the new font for designing.

How do I get free fonts for Cricut?

Several websites offer free fonts for Cricut. Here are the best and most popular websites to download free fonts for craft projects:

What are the best Writing fonts for Cricut?

Single-line fonts, also known as sketch pen or single-stroke fonts, are the best for Cricut writing projects due to their unique design and functionality. The font's letters are drawn as single continuous lines without any outlines, making them ideal for applications such as engraving, foil quilling, embossing, and etching.

What are the best Cursive Cricut fonts?

The best Cursive Cricut font for your project depends on several factors, including the theme of the project, the text size, and the availability of features such as connecting letters and tails. It’s helpful to try multiple fonts, perform test cuts with the material you're using, and see how it looks in the context of your overall design.

What are the best Cricut fonts for weddings?

For weddings, crafters prefer cursive and calligraphy fonts with unique features such as tails and extra glyphs to add a touch of elegance and personalization to their projects. Whether you are making invitations or signs, it’s essential to choose a font that aligns with the overall aesthetic of the wedding.

FURTHER READING: Best Wedding Fonts For Cricut Projects

What are the different font types for Cricut?

Key factors such as the type of project, project size, theme, materials, and tools used determine the font type that best suits your project.

Cursive Script

Choose script or cursive fonts when working on a project that requires an elegant touch, like wedding invitations or personalized gifts.

Sans Serif

Sans Serif fonts feature clean lines and a modern look, making them popular for projects such as signs and labels.


Serif fonts add a traditional look and feel to your projects. Use them to create designs for wood signs, business cards, and tumblers.


Handwritten fonts are perfect for DIY projects that require a personal, artistic feel—for example, greeting cards, invitations, gift tags, and wall art.

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