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15 Best Vintage Fonts for Stunning Retro Designs


There's something sweet and nostalgic about retro designs. From cool 50s-style scripts to fun 80s bubble letters, vintage fonts have a timeless charm we all love.

When you dive into the world of retro fonts, you'll find so many choices. Now, the big question: which one fits your project perfectly? Your ideal choice should match your project's theme. It should also go well with other fonts in your design.

This guide is your key to unlocking the best vintage fonts. Get ready to explore a list loved by designers and discover some super helpful tips along the way!

display of the best vintage fonts on a retro background
Best Vintage Fonts | The Design Hippo

Best Vintage Fonts

We know finding the perfect font can be a daunting task. But with years of design experience behind us, we've become a trusted resource for graphic designers like you. We hand-pick beautiful, high-quality fonts that elevate your projects and make them truly shine.

Below is a list of some of the most popular retro fonts designers love. We included fonts that cover a variety of styles and work for many different types of projects.

Browse through the vintage typefaces to find one that will bring your retro design to life.

The Groovy Script

Best Vintage Font Overall

display of the Groovy Script retro font
Groovy Script. Credit: Creative Fabrica

The Groovy Script is a chunky retro font inspired by the style of old 60s and 70s ads. It includes a script font and an extruded font. You can layer them to make a realistic shadow effect.

Moreover, the font's swashes, ligatures, and stylistic alternates are perfect for custom typography. It will give a nostalgic look to your retro graphic designs!

Milkstore Font Collection

Most Popular Vintage Fonts

display of the Milkstore, a vintage font collection
Milkstore Font Collection. Credit: Heritage Type

Add a unique handcrafted look to your designs with the Milkstore Font Collection. It's a popular choice for making everything from signs to logos and packaging.

Unleash your creativity with 15 stunning font styles! The script style comes packed with special characters and end swashes. Furthermore, the serif and sans serif styles include rough and clean variations.

The collection includes editable logo templates, textured backgrounds, and hand-drawn icons. This makes it easy to create one-of-a-kind designs.

Real Wavy

Best Retro Font for Cricut

display of the Real Wavy retro font
Real Wavy. Credit: Creative Fabrica

Want a cool wavy text effect? Real Wavy is the perfect choice. It's a bold retro font with quirky bubble letters.

Real Wavy is ideal for Cricut users because it's made especially to work with Cricut Design Space. You can access the glyphs without the need for any other software.

Create custom typography for everything from retro shirts to signs and tumblers with the font.


Best Font for Vintage Signs

display of the Blackriver font by Heritage Type
Blackriver. Credit: Heritage Type

Blackriver is a beautiful all-caps vintage font with a Victorian style. It's a popular choice for adding an old-fashioned appeal to your designs.

The smooth, bold letters of the font make it perfect for use on signs and large-scale prints. Moreover, you can use the stylistic alternates to embellish text in your own way. The floral vector illustrations and ornamental swashes provide even more customization ability.

The Bayland

Best Font for Retro Posters

display of the best retro font, The Bayland
The Bayland. Credit: Creative Fabrica

Headings and key details on posters should be eye-catching while still being easy to read.

The Bayland is a playful vintage display font that's perfect for retro-style print projects. The clean and bold script is easy to read on posters and will give your project a nostalgic feel. Additionally, you can create a shadow text effect by using the extruded version of the font.

Sacred Bridge

Best Vintage Font for Logos

collage of logos designed using the Sacred Bridge font family
Logos made using the Sacred Bridge. Credit: Creative Fabrica

The Sacred Bridge typeface is a fantastic choice for making vintage-themed logos.

The font family includes inline, outline, shadow, and letterpress versions. This gives you the ability to design logos with depth and dimension with ease. Moreover, you can layer the font variations on top of each other to create unique letter styles.

Also, the ornaments and frames are a great way to add a touch of sophistication to your branding projects.

Creative Vintage

Best Vintage Serif Font

display of the Creative Vintage, a vintage serif font
Creative Vintage. Credit: Creative Fabrica

Creative Vintage is a versatile font duo featuring a bold serif font and a script font. It's one of the most popular serif fonts among crafters and designers.

The font's stylistic alternates and ligatures make it easy to create unique designs. Perfect for everything from wedding invitations to signs and t-shirts. Creative Vintage font will surely take your designs to the next level, available in both a solid style and a textured rustic style.

The Foregen

Best Vintage Sans Serif Font

display of the best sans serif font, The Foregen
The Foregen. Credit: Creative Fabrica

The Foregen is our top choice for a vintage sans-serif font because it's ideal for a wide range of projects.

The font has five different styles, including vintage, outline, and stamp versions. You can mix and match different styles to make unique artwork. Additionally, it's perfect for projects such as t-shirt designs, packaging designs, and logos.

Forever Young

Best 70s Vintage Font

display of the Forever Young font
Forever Young. Credit: Creative Fabrica

Forever Young is a vibrant and bold display font inspired by the disco era of the 70s. It's our favorite font for retro designs that need a groovy vibe.

The fun curves and dramatic serifs are reminiscent of the trippy 1970s era. Use the ligatures, alternates, and extruded font to create trendy designs. Great for clothing, branding, and packaging projects.


Best 80s Vintage Font

display of the Bayshore
Bayshore. Credit: Design Cuts

Bayshore is a monoline script font that will bring your 80s design projects to life. It's the top choice for making retro designs, whether it be logos, apparel, or packaging designs.

The lowercase letters come with end swashes, which you can add to your text to give it an extra retro feel. Moreover, the font comes with neon glow Photoshop actions. This makes it easy to customize text with glow effects in a few clicks.


Best Font for Numbers

display of the Mogan's number characters
Mogan. Credit: Heritage Type

Mogan is a gorgeous serif font with beautiful curves. It comes with a full set of uppercase and lowercase letters and numerals.

The font features old-fashioned letters with a modern touch. Also, the clean and smooth appearance of Mogan makes it a perfect choice for number designs. Use it on postcards, wedding invitations, house numbers, car stickers, and more.

Rumble Brave

Best Free Vintage Font

display of the Rumble Brave
Rumble Brave. Credit: By Alit Design on Dafont

Rumble Brave is an all-caps serif font that has a traditional vintage aesthetic. It's the perfect choice if you're looking for a free font for personal use in your designs.


Best Vintage Font on Canva

display of a design made using the Genty font on Canva
Design made using the Genty font on Canva

Genty is the best retro font available on Canva. The font features chunky round letters and decorative swashes. It's fantastic for projects such as social media posts, posters, and merchandise.

P22 Typewriter

Best Adobe Font

display of the P22 Typewriter
P22 Typewriter. Credit: Adobe Fonts

P22 Typewriter is our top recommendation for creators working in Adobe. The stamp style of the text gives it an old-school feel, making it perfect for simple vintage designs. Use it to create labels, wall art, shirt designs, and more.


Best Vintage Google Font

display of the Playball
Playball. Credit: 1001fonts

Playball is an old-school font inspired by vintage sports jerseys. Use it to make DIY t-shirts, banners, posters, and other projects that need a sporty vintage script.

Old English Text MT

Best Font on Microsoft Word

display of the Old English Text MT
Old English Text MT. Credit: Microsoft

Old English Text MT is a blackletter font available on Microsoft Word. Because this font is decorative, it's best suited for titles, single words, and short phrases. Use it on any design that has a medieval or gothic aesthetic.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best old-fashioned font?

The best old-fashioned font for your project depends on the project's theme. It also depends on where you'll be using the font.

Script fonts like Groovy Script and The Bayland bring a bold retro look. Whereas a bubble font like Real Wavy lends a trippy vibe. To evoke a sense of tradition, opt for vintage fonts such as Milkstore and Blackriver.

What types of fonts look vintage?

There are many types of fonts that can evoke a vintage feel. Here are some popular styles:

  • Groovy Bold Scripts
  • Old Fashioned Cursive Fonts
  • Retro Bubble Fonts
  • Traditional Serif Fonts
  • Typewriter Fonts
  • Cool Wavy Fonts

What fonts go well with vintage fonts?

Since vintage fonts have a distinct style, you want to pair them with fonts that will visually balance your design.

If you're using a bold vintage font, try pairing it with a simpler font. A smooth and clean serif or sans serif font works best. This will make your design look cohesive.

Tip: When determining which font to pair with your vintage typeface, place them together for a side-by-side comparison. When placed together, the fonts should look “opposite” from each other in appearance.

What makes a font retro?

Retro fonts evoke a nostalgic feel by drawing inspiration from past decades. Think:

  • Groovy fonts with big wavy bubble letters
  • Script fonts accented with thick swashes
  • Splattered hand-painted graffiti brush fonts

Some retro fonts clearly represent the decade in which they were popular. At the same time, others can blend inspiration from various eras.

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