10 Funny & Free Teacher SVG Files To Make Unique Gifts

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Are you a teacher looking to make something special for yourself? Or are you looking to create beautiful gifts to show appreciation for the amazing teachers in your life? I got you covered with these cute free teacher SVG designs!

With ten free teacher SVG quotes to choose from, these designs are perfect for making shirts, mugs, tumblers, tote bags, ornaments, and more for Back to School, Teacher Appreciation, Thanksgiving, First Day of School, End of School Year, Christmas, or just because.


Teacher designs that are included in the download –

  • Chaos coordinator
  • Teach love inspire
  • Livin’ that teacher life
  • Blessed Teacher
  • #teacherlife
  • Teacher squad
  • Difference maker #teacherlife
  • Educator of tiny humans
  • It takes a big heart to help shape little minds
  • The influence of a good teacher can never be erased
The Ultimate SVG Bundle
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Download the SVG or DXF files included to use with your Cricut or Silhouette cutting machines.

So many ways to use these designs! You can make mugs, shirts, tumblers, tote bags, wine bags, and pencil pouches.

teacher svg free
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teacher svg files
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Teachers are superheroes who don’t wear capes! My interest in so many things in life has resulted from the encouragement of my amazing teachers. They encouraged me to try without fear of failure. I am grateful to my teachers for teaching this invaluable quality that helps and guides me to this day.

The way my teachers have impacted my life, even after all these years after school, makes my eyes wet with gratitude. By no means is it an exaggeration when I say that the gift to be creative is something that I owe to my teachers.

Project Ideas

teacher svg images
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Teachers work hard to take care of and nurture students in their classes. They are the pillars of our communities.

For all that teachers do for us, gifts that we give them with all our hearts are small tokens of appreciation.

teacher svg designs
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When I started my Etsy shop in 2018, I quickly realized that making designs for teachers is one of my favorite things to do. The love I received from teachers and parents who used my designs to make something special is, hands down, the best thing that happened to me on Etsy.

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I am grateful that I am able to give away so many designs through my blog. I hope these designs will help you make something amazing and creative and that they will make our teachers smile!

teacher svg cup
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The designs are perfect for making shirts for your teacher team!

teacher svg shirts
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teacher svg files free
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The designs are also great to use for making Christmas gifts like ornaments and potholders.

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To download these designs for free – Just enter 0 under “$” and click on the “I want this” button.

The Ultimate SVG Bundle
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I love supporting small businesses! The designs are free for personal and small commercial use to make physical products. You or your small business can make up to 200 physical, non-digital products in-house to sell from these designs. The digital files cannot be – distributed, sold, converted to other formats, or uploaded to POD sites. You can read the full license terms here.

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