15 Beautiful Free Fonts for Cricut You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

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If you are looking for the best free fonts for Cricut, you came to the right place. Here are the 15 beautiful free fonts for Cricut that are perfect for vinyl projects!

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced crafter, using the right Cricut fonts is the key to creating stunning crafts. And yes, it is possible to make unique crafts from free fonts for Cricut!

From Cricut cursive fonts to font pairings, I have covered everything possible to help you create crafts for home decor, weddings, holidays, and many more.

What’s amazing about this list of fonts is that they are free for personal and commercial use. I cover the very best free fonts for Cricut; you won’t believe they are 100% free!

This blog post is all about free fonts for Cricut.

Free Fonts For Cricut

1. Nouradilla – A fancy script font for Cricut

Nouradilla is a curly script font that is perfect for so many Cricut crafts! This beautiful free font for Cricut is a fantastic choice for making farmhouse-style wood signs, wedding decor, and Christmas crafts.

Making seasonal decor like fall-themed doormats is so much fun with this font. It’s also easy to personalize any craft with this stunning font.

2. Shelly – A stylish cursive font for Cricut

Shelly is a modern cursive font that will be your new best friend for creating fun crafts! No matter the occasion, this thick and stylish cursive font is perfect for making t-shirts, mugs, tumblers, and tote bags.

3. The Winter – An elegant calligraphy font for Cricut

The Winter is a calligraphy font for Cricut with tails. This elegant font adds a beautiful handwritten touch to your projects. Use the font to create wood signs, invitations, wine glasses, matching shirts for weddings, and many more.

4. Cloudy Night – A playful handwriting font for Cricut

Cloudy Night is a free casual script font for Cricut that will add a playful touch to your designs. This versatile font is perfect for just about every Cricut project for kids and adults. 

5. Amellis Path – A beautiful Cricut wedding font

Making wedding decor and gifts with your Cricut just got easier with the Amellis Path font! This modern brush font is thick and easily cuts vinyl. From personalized tumblers to wood signs for weddings, make stunning designs that are truly worth remembering.

6. Mama – Cricut font with Tails

This list wouldn’t be complete without a free Cricut font with tails, and the Mama font is perfect for that! Adding tails to text is a proven way to make crafts extra special.

Designs made from this font look great on wood signs, shirts, tumblers, tote bags, and many more. This font will be your go-to when it comes to personalization.

7. Eva – A farmhouse Cricut font

Eva is a free font for Cricut that will add a rustic charm to your crafts. This stencil-style font is a farmhouse lover’s dream come true. It’s a charming and cozy font that will make your seasonal crafts stand out.

8. Short Message – Free Cricut font pairing

Short Message is one of the cutest free fonts for Cricut! This playful font combination and the bonus doodles are everything you need to create fun crafts easily. The casual and quirky look of the font makes it a perfect choice for making kids’ crafts.

9. Lollipop Melody – A rustic font for Cricut

Lollipop Melody is the perfect companion font for many of the cursive fonts listed in this article. This free sans serif font for Cricut with cute letters is also ideal for making single-word designs for wood signs, gift tags, or personalization.

10. Bright Dreams – A boho font for Cricut

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Bright Dreams is a playful free font for Cricut with a hand-lettered feel. This stylish display font is perfect for writing funny quotes. The casual handwriting letters of the font make it easy to create quirky designs with a personality.

11. The Most Beautiful Gift – Kids Cricut font

The Most Beautiful Gift is a bold handwritten font that is perfect for making kids’ crafts. The thick letters of the font make it super easy to create designs and cut vinyl easily. The rounded letters add a fun feel to childrens’ themed designs.

12. Starry Cakes – Storybook font for Cricut

Your search for the perfect free storybook font for Cricut ends here! Starry Cakes is a whimsical font with tall letters and a handwriting feel. The varying thickness of the letter lends to the rustic vibe of the font. Perfect for kids’ crafts or any childrens’ themed designs for home and school.

13. Soria – A modern serif font for Cricut

Soria is an art nouveau-inspired font that will add an elegant touch to your crafts. This classy font will take your designs to the next level! Make awe-inspiring wood signs, wedding decor, and gifts with this font.

14. Vervella – Thick Cricut Font

Vervelle is a vintage-inspired font with breathtaking alternates that will help you create truly unique designs. This versatile font is perfect for many Cricut projects – sports-themed apparel, business signs, mugs, tumblers, and many more.

15. Open Heart – Playful Cricut Font

Open Heart is a charming and elegant free font for Cricut. Don’t let the thin script font deceive you because this cute font cuts vinyl easily. Perfect for adding a feminine touch to your Cricut crafts for weddings, birthdays, baby showers, and the holidays.

This post was all about the best free fonts for Cricut.

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2 thoughts on “15 Beautiful Free Fonts for Cricut You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner”

  1. I am a beginner and love these free fonts. I can’t seem to find them in design space. When I search for text the winter it says nothing found – can you help? Thanks.

    • Hi Kelly, you need to download the free fonts from the links in the blog post. Just click on the underlined name of the font and you will be directed to the download page. Install the font and start designing 🙂


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