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16 Best Fonts for Signs and Banners (+Top Free Picks)


Signs play a crucial role in conveying information and leaving a lasting impression. This is true whether it's a business trying to attract customers or a wedding aiming to set the right mood. The secret to a well-crafted sign or banner lies in choosing the right font—readable, suitable for the material, and aligned with the design's theme.

This guide will help you pick the best sign font. From tips for choosing a sign font to the most popular picks, we'll explore everything here.

Assorted 'best fonts for signs' collection suitable for different types of signages.
Best Fonts for Signs | The Design Hippo

How to Choose the Best Sign Lettering Font

Before we dive into our top recommendations, let's review the top three things to consider when choosing a font for your sign.

1. Think about size and distance

Imagine how big your sign is and how far away people will be from it. For example, a font that looks great on a storefront sign may look completely different on a giant billboard. Therefore, readability is a key consideration.

2. Consider the type of sign material

How are you making your sign, and what material is it made out of? Is it a fabric banner? A wooden or metal sign? Or will it be printed on paper?

Signage material plays a huge role in font selection. A font suited for neon signs may not be suitable for metal signs.

3. Evaluate project theme and purpose

You should also consider your design's theme and purpose. If you're designing a sign for a rustic wedding reception, you would probably use a different font than you would if you were designing a business sign for a dentist.

So, make sure to pick a font that matches the overall theme of your project.

Our Top Picks

Best Fonts for Signs

Based on our experience as graphic designers and crafters, we have curated the fonts below. These fonts are also favorites for professional signmakers and hobbyists alike.

Each font is categorized according to the project's purpose and theme. Whether you're a professional sign maker or simply enjoy creating, we're confident you'll love these fonts, too.

1. Hello Honey

Best Font for Wedding Signs

Hello Honey best font for wedding signs
Elegant wedding welcome sign featuring the ‘Hello Honey' font.

The Hello Honey font is a perfect choice for wedding signs. It’s a romantic script that is easy to read and fits a wide range of wedding sign designs.

We especially love the elegant beginning and ending swashes. We also adore the looping heart character.

You can use it to connect words, names, and initials. The heart adds a sweet and personal touch. Moreover, it’s the most popular choice for making welcome signs with Cricut.

2. Sofia Pro

Best Font for Business Signs and Banners

Dental office exterior sign with 'Smile Dental' in a clean, contemporary font and a logo forming a heart-shaped tooth.
Modern dental clinic signage featuring a stylized tooth logo with the Sofia Pro sans-serif font.

Sofia Pro, a geometric sans-serif font, is an excellent choice for business signs and banners. The rounded curves and elegant look make it a top choice among design professionals.

Additionally, the font family comes in a variety of weights ranging from ultra-light to black. The bold variations are best for eye-catching yet readable outdoor signs and banners for stores.

3. Neon Light

Best Font for Neon Signs

Neon Light monoline script font
Neon Light. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica

For neon signs, we recommend the font Neon Light. This playful monoline script font comes with cute and bouncy letters.

The Neon Light font is perfect for neon signs because the lowercase letters are connected, smooth, and readable. It is ideal for everything from bedroom name signs to custom wedding signs.

4. Camila Ashton

Best Cricut Font for Signs

Camila Ashton sign font for Cricut
Camila Ashton. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica

Camilla Ashton is a handwritten font duo with a script font and sans-serif font. The script font is perfect to add an elegant touch to your projects. Meanwhile, the casual sans-serif font is ideal for lending a playful vibe.

Both fonts will work for many types of Cricut projects, especially decor. It’s a top choice for making wood signs for weddings and home decor.

5. Country Kitchen

Best Font for Wood Signs

Custom wooden sign displaying 'The Smiths EST 2022' in the 'Country Kitchen' font, blending rustic charm with modern elegance.
Personalize your space with the ‘Country Kitchen' font, perfect for custom wood signs.

Country Kitchen is another popular font duo sign makers love. The handwritten combination includes a script with tails and a sans-serif font.

This is the best font for wood signs because it effortlessly captures the rustic charm and cozy feel, making your wooden signs warm and inviting.

6. Proxima Nova

Best Font for Yard Signs

Proxima Nova popular sans serif font for signs
Proxima Nova. Image Credit: You Work For Them

If you're designing yard signs, Proxima Nova is the perfect font to use. This sans-serif font is a popular choice because it's bold, modern, and easy to read from far-away distances.

Whether you're making an outdoor sign for a business or creating a political yard sign, this font will ensure your message is sharp and clear.

7. Nexa

Most Readable Font for Signs

Nexa most readable font for signs
Nexa. Image Credit: You Work For Them

Nexa is a top choice for making sign designs that are highly readable. The letters have a clean, strong, and elegant look. This makes the text easy to read and impactful on signs.

It is a geometric sans-serif typeface that comes in 36 variations. These include different weights and italic styles.

8. Rustic Pantry

Best Font for Farmhouse Signs

Rustic Pantry handwriting font duo for signs
Rustic Pantry. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica

Rustic Pantry is one of our favorite fonts for farmhouse design projects. It's perfect for things like farmhouse-style wedding decorations and farmhouse-themed home décor.

This handwritten font duo comes with a beautiful cursive font and an equally elegant sans-serif font. It also includes letters with beginning and ending swashes. Use these to add extra design elements to your text.

9. Chesna Grotesk

Best Font for Large Signs

Chesna Grotesk sans serif font for large signs
Chesna Grotesk. Image Credit: You Work For Them

If you need a good font for signage on a large scale, we recommend using Chesna Grotesk. The simple geometric shape of the text makes the font easy to read on everything from posters to billboard signs.

This sans-serif typeface comes with both lowercase and uppercase characters, numbers, and standard punctuation. It's also available in a total of 20 different weights (including ten italics).

10. Aura

Best Font for House Signs

Aura sans serif font for house numbers
Aura. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica

Aura is a modern sans-serif font that will bring a touch of sophistication to your designs. We think Aura's decorative look makes it an ideal choice for house signs. It's great for home decorations and home address numbers.

If you like a simple and minimalistic look, use the regular characters. If you want a more stylish design, incorporate the beautiful ligatures that are included in the uppercase letters.

11. Beardsons

Best Vintage Sign Font

Beardsons vintage style font for signs
Beardsons. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica

Beardsons is our top font for signs with a vintage design. This stunning Blackletter font is also layered. You can use the inline, shadow, and normal layers to create an authentic, old-fashioned look for your text.

As a bonus, Beardsons comes with free frames, badges, and other graphic elements. These can help you frame and arrange your text in a visually appealing way.

12. Chalk and Friend

Best Font for Chalkboard Signs

Chalk and Friend chalkborad style sign font
Chalk and Friend. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica

Chalk and Friend is a perfect choice if you need a chalkboard sign font. This font pack comes in four different styles. Each style has a unique look. Whether you want a chunky display font or a thin, handwritten font, you'll find a style that fits the look you're going for.

Additionally, each font variation includes standard uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuation. Use them to create everything from classroom posters to coffee shop menus.

13. Thigles

Best Hand-Painted Font

Thigles sign font
Thigles. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica

If you're creating a sign that has a hand-painted look, we recommend Thigles. Thigles is a brush lettering font that has a vintage style. It will give your design a nostalgic touch.

Along with the regular letters, it also comes with a set of special characters. These include both uppercase and lowercase alternates and ligatures. Use them to give your design an extra retro look.

14. Country Wedding

Best Free Script Font for Signs

Country Wedding script sign font
Country Wedding. Image Credit: Graphix Line Studio; Dafont

Country Wedding is an elegant handwritten script with a modern style. It will add a beautiful and organic handwritten touch to all of your personal projects.

This font is great for wedding signs. But it will also look stunning on other signs and banners too. Use it on home décor items, baby shower banners, and more.

15. Neonsign

Best Free Retro Font for Signs

Neonsign free retro sign font
Neonsign. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica

For a high-quality (free!) retro font, we recommend Neonsign. The simple monoline letters in this font make it perfect for neon signage, as it gives off a fun 90's vibe. It is ideal for making cute signs for a home, office, or business.

16. Garden Hidaleya

Best Free for Commercial Use

Garden Hidaleya free calligraphy sign font
Garden Hidaleya. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica

Our top pick for free commercial use is Garden Hidaleya. Each letter has a swirling shape, making it ideal for any commercial project that needs a fancy font.

This is another popular font to use on wedding signs. You can also use it to make an elegant sign for your home or business.

Final Thoughts

Signs are powerful tools in visual communication, and the key to a great sign is choosing the right font.

When evaluating a font, consider key factors such as readability, sign material, and project theme. This will help you navigate the sea of font options to uncover the perfect one.

The result? A sign that not only communicates effectively but also captures the essence of the project, leaving an indelible mark on viewers.

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