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24 Best Cricut Wedding Fonts for Invitations, Signs & More


Are you planning to create stunning wedding crafts? Here are the best wedding fonts for Cricut that will make you fall head over heels!

wedding fonts for cricut
Best Wedding Fonts for Cricut | The Design Hippo

Whether you are a bride planning for your big day or looking to make gifts for a loved one's wedding, using wedding fonts for Cricut is such a lifesaver.

Handmade crafts make for the best wedding decor and gifts. From wedding signs to bridesmaids' shirts, you can personalize pretty much every aspect of a wedding to your liking.

These breathtaking wedding fonts for Cricut will help bring your creative craft ideas to life no matter your wedding style.

Our Top Picks

Best Wedding Fonts for Cricut

A wedding is a special occasion, and we know how crucial it is to choose the perfect font. This curated list comes from our experience as crafters and SVG designers. We've tested over 600 fonts for Cricut projects, including wedding-related items like invitations, t-shirts, signs, and mugs.

1. Randy Sofia

Best Overall Wedding Font for Cricut

Randy Sofia best cricut wedding font
Randy Sofia. Credit: Creative Fabrica

Randy Sofia is the perfect Cricut font for wedding elegance. Its script style has a romantic charm, ideal for invitations, place cards, and signage.

The elegant swashes and hearts add a touch of whimsy. Moreover, Randy Sofia's smooth letters ensure flawless cuts in Cricut projects, ensuring every wedding detail is crafted with precision and beauty.

This font is not just a choice; it's a statement for your special day.

2. Hello Honey

Most Popular Wedding Font for Cricut

best cricut font for wedding signs
Hello Honey. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica

Hello Honey is a beautiful handwriting font with heart swashes and tails. This stunning font will add a luxurious yet playful touch to your wedding crafts.

Easily personalize wedding gifts with the couples' names in this font. This versatile font is perfect for all your wedding decor needs, like welcome signs and table number signs.

3. Always Loving

Best Font for Cricut Wedding Invitations

Always Loving wedding font for Cricut
Always Loving. Credit: Creative Fabrica

Picking the right font for your wedding invite is a big deal for any bride. You want a font that's Cricut-friendly and delivers stunning results.

Here's a tip: go for a single-line or writing font. These are compatible with Cricut pens and foil quill projects, so they work like a charm.

If you're looking for a sure winner, check out Always Loving. It's a cursive calligraphy font that’s a go-to choice for making wedding invites special.

4. Madelyn Heart

Best Font for Cricut Wedding Signs

Madelyn Heart wedding sign font for Cricut
Madelyn Heart. Credit: Creative Fabrica

Madelyn Heart is all about bringing that extra bit of magic to your big day. Its elegant swirls and adorable heart accents make every sign look like a piece of art.

The script font comes loaded with a variety of glyphs and swashes, offering endless customization options. It shines especially when crafting welcome signs for weddings.

Imagine seamlessly connecting the names of the bride and groom with hearts, infusing every sign with a romantic charm.

5. Dear Agatha

Best Cricut Writing Font for Weddings

Dear Agatha writing font for weddings
Dear Agatha. Credit: Creative Fabrica

If you're looking for the perfect font for your wedding invites and envelopes, you've got to check out Dear Agatha.

It's a combination of a connecting script and a super readable all-caps sans-serif font. Use the fancy script for names to add some flair and the clean sans serif for addresses.

The best part? It's a single-line font that works like a charm with engraving, foil quill, and sketch pen projects. Plus, it comes with some awesome extras to help you add your own personal touch.

6. Little Love

Best Wedding Font for Seating Charts

modern cricut wedding font with tails
Little Love. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica

Little Love is a modern calligraphy font for Cricut that will add a graceful touch to your wedding crafts. This ethereal font with gorgeous letters and elegant tails will make all your modern wedding dreams come true!

It's a thin but smooth and clean font with breathtaking flourishes and swashes.

Combine the bride's and groom's initials to create a unique monogram. Make bridesmaids' shirts, seating charts, tote bags, and wedding signs with this font.

7. Le Mores Signature

Best Font Pairing for Table Numbers & Place Cards

Le Mores Signature cricut wedding font
Le Mores Signature. Credit: Creative Fabrica

Le Mores' combination of elegance and readability makes it the go-to for creating an unforgettable, stylish ambiance at your wedding. It features a chic script and a classy serif font that will add vintage charm to your designs.

The serif font is ideal for writing numbers, and the script is perfect for headings and names. Use it for table numbers and place cards on materials such as acrylic and wood, adding a timeless sophistication to every detail.

8. Hey Magnolia

Best Font for Cricut Cake Toppers

Hey Magnolia cricut wedding font
Hey Magnolia. Credit: Creative Fabrica

Hey Magnolia is the ideal Cricut font for cake toppers due to its playful script, lovely swashes, and connecting hearts.

The font’s smooth lines make for effortless cutting and assembly, turning your cake-topper ideas into eye-catching, memorable pieces.

9. Babette

Best Writing Font on Cricut Access

Choose Babette if you want a writing font that’s best for wedding designs on Cricut Access.

Its elegant script style adds sophistication and readability, making it a top choice for wedding invitations, signage, and decor.

Fonts by Wedding Theme

10. Betterfly

Best Font for Modern Weddings

cricut font for wedding welcome sign
Betterfly. Credit: Creative Fabrica

Dreaming of the perfect wedding welcome sign for your special day? Look no further because the Betterfly font with romantic letters and elegant long tails will steal your heart!

The Betterfly font is perfect for pretty much every sign you need to make for a wedding. Wedding welcome signs, hashtag signs, cards, and gift signs look stunning with this font.

11. Flamingo

Best Font for Classic Weddings

calligraphy wedding font for cricut
Flamingo. Credit: Creative Fabrica

If you have your heart set on using a calligraphy font, then the Flamingo font has everything you need! This formal script font features handcrafted letters with tons of ligatures and alternates that will help you create unique wedding crafts.

Flamingo is perfect for wedding signage, favor tags, and acrylic wedding invitations. Wedding wood signs with quotes turn out fantastic in this font.

12. Creative Vintage

Best Font for Vintage Weddings

bold wedding font for cricut
Creative Vintage. Credit: Creative Fabrica

Creative Vintage is a stylish serif font that will make your wedding crafts stand out. You can easily add flourishes to the letters and personalize names to create truly unique crafts.

This bold font with elegant letters comes in two versions – grunge and clean. The clean version has super smooth letters that cut vinyl quickly. For a more rustic look, use the grunge version.

13. Sweety Craft

Best Font for Romantic Weddings

best wedding font bundle for cricut
Sweety Craft. Credit: Creative Fabrica

Sweety Craft is what you need if you could get just one font bundle to make all wedding crafts! It is a huge wedding font bundle that includes script, sans, and monogram fonts.

The bundle features floral and split monograms that will make personalization a breeze. Besides, the font comes with tails and lovely doodles.

14. Ashadiya

Best Font for Rustic Weddings

display of a rustic font, Ashadiya
Ashadiya. Credit: Creative Fabrica

Add rustic charm to your Cricut wedding projects with the Ashadiya font. This modern script calligraphy font is perfect for making Mr. and Mrs. wedding signs.

The tails included in the font add an elegant touch to your design. Personalize mugs, tumblers, wine glasses, and more with this font.

15. Glory Sunset

Best Font for Minimalist Weddings

cursive wedding font for cricut
Glory Sunset. Credit: Creative Fabrica

Glory Sunset is a font pairing featuring an elegant sans and a beautiful script font. Are you planning for a minimal and modern style wedding? Then, the Glory Sunset font will help you design the minimal wedding of your dreams.

Play with the stylish swashes and flourishes included in the font to create timeless designs. Make wedding signs, shirts, cards, and thank you tags with this stunning font.

16. Vanilla Cream

Best Font for Whimsical Weddings

stylish wedding font
Vanilla Cream. Credit: Creative Fabrica

Vanilla Cream is a stylish font and is perfect for creating playful script typography. Whether you plan to make wedding signs or funny shirts for the bridal party, this font will add a stylish touch to wedding crafts.

Free Wedding Fonts for Cricut

In addition to premium fonts, there are many excellent free fonts to bring your wedding ideas to life. Here are the top free fonts to consider.

17. Feasibly

Best Free Single Line Font

Feasibly single line cricut wedding font
Feasibly. Credit: Single Line Studio; Fontspace

Feasibly is a beautiful and 100% free cursive font with a single-line style. It’s perfect for crafting wedding invitations, labels, and envelopes.

18. Better Together

Best on Dafont

Better Together free cricut wedding font
Better Together. Credit: Dafonts

Better Together is a bouncy writing font that’ll add a touch of whimsy to your wedding projects. Its compatibility with Cricut pens ensures beautiful results.

19. Joseph Sophia

Best Free Font with Hearts & Tails

Joseph Sophia cricut wedding font with tails
Joseph Sophia. Credit: Dafonts

Joseph Sophia is a charming script font with cute hearts and tails. It’s a popular font among crafters due to its unique style and smooth letters.

20. My Love

Best Free Font for Commercial Use

My Love free cricut wedding font
My Love. Credit: Creative Fabrica

For commercial use, My Love is the best free font to download. The elegant and flowing script font is ideal for infusing romantic charm into wedding crafts.

21. Madina

Best Script Wedding Font for Cricut

display of the Madina font
Madina. Credit: Design Cuts

Madina is an elegant yet playful script font that is perfect for creating wedding crafts. This feminine wedding font for Cricut with a bouncy baseline comes in a brush and clean version covering both your print and cutting needs.

Use the ornaments included in the font for creating one-of-a-kind wedding signs, acrylic wedding invitations, and woodblock table numbers. Madina is also perfect for making bridal shower and bachelorette party favors.

22. Breakfast Pastry

Best Serif Wedding Font for Cricut

display of the Breakfast Pastry font sample glyphs
Breakfast Pastry. Credit: Creative Fabrica

Breakfast Pastry is an elegant serif font that's perfect for making stunning wedding signs. The fonts' rounded letters with exquisite swirls and curls will lend a classy touch to wedding crafts.

The font includes bonus laurels, frames, and monograms that will cover all your wedding crafting needs. With this font, you can make wedding welcome, reception, and seating chart signs.

23. Octavia

Best Fancy Wedding Font

display of the Octavia font
Octavia. Credit: Envato Elements

Octavia is a fancy wedding font for Cricut, and it is a combination of classic and modern styles. It has decorative tails that will take your wedding crafts to the next level.

Use this font to create wedding guestbook signs, bridesmaids' t-shirts, and bachelorette party decorations. Chalkboard signs also look amazing with this font.

24. Couples Monograms

Best Elegant Wedding Font

romantic font with hearts
Couples Monogram. Credit: Font Bundles

Using your Cricut to personalize wedding gifts and decor just got easier with the Couples Monogram font! This flirty font with connecting hearts is perfect for creating monograms featuring the couples' initials.

Personalize toasting glasses and wedding favor tags with this font. It is also perfect for making cute acrylic wedding invitations and mirror wedding signs.

best wedding fonts for cricut

1. Madina | 2. Creative Vintage | 3. Couples Monogram | 4. Betterfly | 5. Hello Honey | 6. Little Love | 7. Breakfast Pastry | 8. Flamingo | 9. Octavia | 10. Ashadiya | 11. Sweety Craft | 12. Glory Sunset | 13. Monogram Heart | 14. Vanilla Cream

Pick your favorite wedding font to create awe-inspiring crafts!

Frequently Asked Questions

Script fonts are the most popular type of font for Cricut wedding projects. Randy Sofia, Hello Honey, and Little Love are among the top choices, known for their elegant and romantic style.

What type of font is best for Cricut wedding invitations?

The best fonts for Cricut wedding invitations are typically single-line or writing fonts such as Always Loving and Dear Agatha. These fonts work with a Cricut pen, foil quill, and engraving tools to draw letters as single lines instead of outlines.

How can I pair multiple fonts for different Cricut wedding projects?

Choosing complementary styles is the best way to create a Cricut wedding font pairing. Le Mores, a serif and script font duo, and Dear Agatha, a sans serif and cursive pairing, are great examples of combining style with readability.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right wedding font is an important decision for your special day. We've been there, tested hundreds of fonts, and found the ones that truly shine.

From adding elegance to your invitations to infusing magic into your signs, these fonts have got you covered. And if you're on a budget, don't worry; there are fantastic free options, too.

Unleash your creativity and craft a wedding day to remember. All with the magic of choosing the right font.

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