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Free 20 oz Skinny Tumbler Wrap Template SVG for Cricut


Are you looking for a 20 oz tumbler template SVG? You need to download these free 20 oz skinny tumbler template SVG files for Cricut. The templates are perfect for making full wraps for straight and tapered skinny tumblers.

display of straight and tapered free 20 oz tumbler template svg images for Cricut and silhouette cutting machines

Free 20 oz Skinny Tumbler Template SVG

If you've wanted to make a full wrap that fits a tumbler seamlessly, you're in the right place! Using the free 20 oz skinny tumbler template SVG files in this post, you can easily create jaw-dropping tumblers like a pro.

Having wrap templates with the correct dimensions is key to creating full wraps for straight and tapered 20 oz skinny tumblers. Whether planning to make a DIY vinyl or sublimation wrap, these Tumbler template SVG files will be super handy.

Using 20-ounce tumbler wrap templates with your Cricut Maker or Explore machine? I got you covered! I included a tutorial on using these SVG Tumbler templates in Cricut Design Space to get the best results.

Ready to make professional-looking tumblers easily? Download these free 20 oz skinny tumbler template files for Cricut and make stunning tumblers everyone wants.

FREE 20 oz Tumbler Wrap Template

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Display of 20 oz and 30 oz skinny tumbler templates

What is the template size for a 20 oz skinny tumbler?

I made tumbler SVG templates that should work for the most popular 20 oz skinny tumbler blanks. I will go over the tumbler dimensions I used so you can make adjustments if necessary.

display of straight and tapered 20 oz skinny tumbler templates dimensions

For the 20 oz skinny tapered template, the tumbler dimensions I used to make the SVG are –

  • Top circumference: 9.3 inches
  • Bottom circumference: 8.5 inches
  • Height: 8.2 inches

For the 20 oz skinny straight tumbler template, the dimensions of the tumbler on top and bottom are the same, so the full wrap SVG is a rectangle –

  • Top & bottom circumference: 9.3 inches
  • Height: 8.2 inches

If the dimensions of the tumbler you are using vary slightly, you can resize the SVG or make your template by getting the exact measurements of your skinny tumbler.

The following section will cover the simple method I use to create wrap SVG templates for skinny tumblers. If the template dimensions I mentioned work for you, you can skip this section.

Display of 20 oz and 30 oz skinny tumbler templates
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How do I make my own 20 oz skinny tumbler template?

To make your own 20 oz skinny tumbler templates, here's what you'll need to do –

Step 1 – Measure the Skinny Tumblers

Measure the top and bottom circumference and height of your skinny tumbler blanks. You can do this using a string or thread. Note down the three measurements.

Step 2 – Making a 20 oz Skinny Straight Tumbler Template

If you are using a 20 oz skinny straight tumbler, you have to make a rectangle template whose height and width are the height and circumference of the tumbler, respectively.

Skinny Straight Tumbler SVG Template: Height (Same as tumbler height), Width (Circumference of the tumbler)

Step 3 – How to make a 20 oz Skinny Tapered Tumbler Template?

Silhouette users can make their own 20 oz skinny tapered templates if they have the Silhouette Studio Business Edition. Go to warp, then use the conical warp option to input the tumbler dimensions. It's that simple.

Making a 20-oz skinny tumbler template SVG can be tricky for Cricut machine users or those who have the Silhouette Basic edition.

You'll have to use Adobe Illustrator or a free Tumbler template maker to create full wraps.

The first step is to use this Cone Calculator. Input the cone measurements, i.e., the skinny tumbler tapered dimensions, to find the radius of concentric circles and arc angle.

Once you have these measurements, you'll have to create the circles in Adobe Illustrator and use the arc angle to make the Tumbler template SVG files.

20 oz skinny tumbler template SVG styles – straight and tapered

I made tumbler templates for both 20 oz skinny straight and tapered tumblers.

display of free 20 oz skinny tumbler template styles available for download

If the Tumbler dimensions I mentioned before are the same or close to what you have, downloading these free SVG wrap templates will save you tons of time and crafting supplies.

Load the template to your design software and clip it with your favorite pattern or background to create custom tumblers.

How to use these free tumbler wrap templates in Cricut Design Space?

Whether crafting with a Cricut Maker or Explore Air machine, these free 20 oz skinny tumbler template SVG files are super easy to customize in Cricut Design Space.

Follow these three easy steps to make DIY tumbler wraps from the free templates –

1. Import

Import the SVG file included in the free download to Cricut Design Space. Also, import the vinyl pattern or sublimation background you want to use on your skinny tumbler.

2. Align

Align the 20 oz skinny tumbler template and pattern so they overlap.

3. Slice

Select the template and pattern together and use the Slice tool in Cricut Design Space. You'll end up with a bunch of sliced designs. Keep the pattern you need and delete the rest.

I used these cute digital papers and leopard print SVG files to customize DIY tumblers.

demonstration of using free template wrap files in Cricut Design Space

Where to find patterns and backgrounds for 20 oz skinny tumblers?

If you've been wondering where you can find tons of trendy vinyl and sublimation backgrounds for tumblers, I got you covered!

set of three skinny tumblers with different leopard patterns made with Cricut cutting machine

For making sublimation tumblers, I LOVE this shop – Digital Curio. They have so many patterns and backgrounds I am currently obsessing over. From modern chic to vintage, they have the best digital papers.

If you are making full vinyl wraps for tumblers, some popular patterns include hearts and animal prints like cow, leopard, mermaid, etc. You can search for print pattern SVG files on Etsy or other marketplaces.

Supplies needed for making skinny tumblers

Here are the supplies I recommend for making custom 20 oz skinny tumblers, depending on if you're making sublimation or vinyl tumblers:

Download free 20 oz skinny tumbler wrap templates

You can download the 20 oz skinny tumbler template files for straight and tapered versions in SVG, DXF, and PNG formats.

For Cricut Maker and Explore machine users, you can upload the SVG file to Cricut Design Space and create custom patterns for the tumblers. The DXF file will work best if you use a Silhouette cutting machine.

Download 20 Oz Skinny Tumbler templates here.

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tumblers sublimation tutorial

More Cricut Tumbler Ideas

I hope these templates help you make cute wraps for skinny tumblers!

Are you looking for more crafting inspiration? Head over to my round-up of popular Cricut tumbler ideas, including vinyl, glitter, infusible ink, and sublimation tumblers.

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I also love customizing Beer Can Glasses! You can download my Libbey Glass SVG files to create your own trendy tumblers.

Do you want more ideas for making full wraps? My free Cricut Tumbler wraps blog post has got you covered.

Pin these skinny tumbler templates!

pinnable graphic of free 20 oz skinny tumbler wrap templates
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