9 Best Farmhouse Fonts for Cricut That You’ll Absolutely Love

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Are you looking for farmhouse fonts for Cricut? You will love this list of the best farmhouse fonts, including script, modern, and rustic styles. Download the Cricut farmhouse style fonts to signs with a Maker or Explore machine.

display of best farmhouse fonts for Cricut used in farmhouse style SVG designs

If you love everything farmhouse-style like me, you are in the right place. Learn all about the best and most popular styles of Cricut farmhouse fonts to download in this post.

Vinyl and stencil wood signs can transform any space and add charm. Whether you want to make a welcome sign for your porch or a family name sign, these fonts come in handy.

You can easily upload and use the fonts in Cricut Design Space, from cursive fonts to script and modern.

Create rustic lettering for a DIY project with these farmhouse fonts for Cricut.

The fonts in this post are perfect for making farmhouse-style wood signs for your porch, kitchen, living room, or bedroom.

Making signs for special occasions and holidays like Mother’s Day, Fall, Thanksgiving, Winter, and Christmas using these fonts is so much fun.

You can also use these fonts to add a touch of farmhouse goodness to items like shirts, tote bags, mugs, doormats, and tumblers.

Best Farmhouse Fonts For Cricut

1. Amastery

Amastery is a rustic font combination of script and sans farmhouse font styles. The cursive version of the font comes with tons of elegant swashes and tails that will add a special touch to your designs.

display of best farmhouse font for Cricut, Amastery font design on a beautiful wedding sign

The font is fantastic for making farmhouse-style signs, clothing, and home decor items.

set of two mugs displaying farmhouse style designs made using Amastery farmhouse font

The bonus elements include banners, arrows, hearts, and nature doodles. These elements combine beautifully with the font to create one-of-a-kind designs.

2. Love at First Sight

Love at first sight is an adorable farmhouse font duo. The modern boho look of the font makes it a perfect choice for creating cute farmhouse-style designs.

Playful Cute Smooth Farmhouse Font for Cricut DIY Ideas

It’s a super smooth and clean font combination that will work great in your Cricut DIY craft projects. What’s more, the font also comes with a set of cute tails.

Thick Chunky Farmhouse Font Duo for Cricut

The calligraphy font is bouncy and thick, making it the perfect choice for making playful farmhouse-style signs, shirts, and mugs.

The adorable nature doodles of leaves, flowers, and hearts make a fantastic bonus to the already irresistible font.

3. Biosha

Biosha is a rustic farmhouse-style font combination. The script version of the font is elegant and bold.

Farmhouse Cricut Font with Tails Swashes

The sans version has slightly textured edges that add to the country cottage farmhouse look of the font.

The cursive font includes tons of cute swashes, swirly drops, and tails. You can make unique farmhouse-style signs with the font.

Cricut Farmhouse Font for Sign Making

The bonus elements in the font will elevate your designs to the next level. Banners, birds, rainbow, flowers, unicorns, and many more whimsical nature-inspired doodles are included.

4. Eucalyptus Spearmint

Eucalyptus spearmint is one of my favorite fonts on this list. It’s a cute and modern farmhouse-style font that will add a playful touch to your designs.

Cute Farmhouse Script Sans Font for Cricut

My favorite thing about this font is that it is a font duo – a bouncy script version and a playful sans version.

The font has been beautifully crafted and is perfectly smooth to work with Cricut.

I have used this font for a wide range of projects – baby apparel, funny shirts for moms, mugs, and tote bags. This is my go-to font for making anything cute.

5. Sorinka

Sorinka is a thick and bouncy, playful farmhouse-style font. With swirls, swashes, catchwords, and loops, the font can transform simple text into something bold and magical.

Swirly Bold Farmhouse Font for Cricut Cutting Machine

The bonus doodles are amazing, making this a must-have font. Flowers, rainbow, banners, snowflakes, feathers, and arrows included in this generous font pack work seamlessly to create cheerful farmhouse designs.

6. Easy Breezy

Easy breezy is a tall and skinny, farmhouse-style Cricut font. Its modern look makes for the perfect choice for creating playful designs.

Tall and Skinny Farmhouse Font for Cricut

Available in a serif and sans version with tons of cute nature and summer doodles to elevate your crafts projects to the next level.

Funny quotes look unbelievably cute in this font. Its light and airy look make it an awesome font to use in your Cricut summer crafts like shirts, tote bags, drinkware, and signs.

7. Berson Dream

Berson Dream is a crafter’s dream come true! It is a font trio that adds a whimsical touch to farmhouse-style designs.

Vintage Rustic Farmhouse Cricut Font for Wood Sign

With swirly swashes and elegant alternates, the script font with tails transforms simple text into unique designs. 

Also included are tons of beautiful and rustic bonus illustrations and ornaments; this is a must-have font in a farmhouse-lover font library.

Farmhouse Sign Font for Cricut

The font’s earthy and organic feel is perfect for making rustic farmhouse-style designs.

8. Autumn Love Duo

Autumn Love is a warm and cozy farmhouse-style font duo. The script and sans versions mix effortlessly to create the cutest designs for Cricut.

Farmhouse Font for Cricut Shirt Mug Signs

The script font comes with swirly and heart swashes. You can also connect two words with a cute heart. This makes it the perfect font to use for personalizing a design with a name.

The font’s smooth edges ensure a smooth cut on the vinyl with your Cricut. Shirts, mugs, and signs are just a few items to use this font in to make adorable creations.

9. Cinnamon Sugar Script

Cinnamon sugar is a playful farmhouse-style font for Cricut. The all-caps version matches beautifully with the script version to create cute designs for your DIY craft projects.

Cricut Farmhouse Font Combination Cute Script

The handwritten script font is bouncy and thick, with super smooth edges. Perfect for making farmhouse-style signs, tote bags, mugs, and shirts. The font is an excellent choice for making fall-themed pumpkin quote designs.

More Fonts for Wood Signs

In addition to farmhouse-style fonts, I love using stencil fonts for making painted wood signs.

Another rustic sign idea is for occasions like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Family name signs made with monogram fonts are a great option.

Don’t forget to get free fonts for Cricut before you leave! I rounded up the very best ones to inspire your next crafting session.

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