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16 Best Fonts with Tails and Swashes (+ Free Cricut Picks!)


Are you looking for the best Cricut fonts with tails? You'll love these stunning fonts with tails that will take your Cricut crafts to the next level!

cricut fonts with tails
Best Fonts with Tails | The Design Hippo

Using a font with tails for making crafts has, time and again, proven to make my crafts unique. But finding the perfect font for your project can be challenging.

Since I am obsessed with fonts with tails, I have a list of fonts at hand that I always go back to. And today, I am so excited to share this list with you!

From cursive Cricut fonts with tails to fonts with hearts, I've got you covered.

Whether you are an experienced DIY designer or a beginner crafter, I am sure you will be obsessing over more than one font by the end of this list!

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Our Top Picks

Best Cricut Fonts With Tails

1. Hello Honey

Best Cricut Font With Tails Overall

display of the "Hello Honey" font, the best cricut script font with tails
Hello Honey. Credit: Creative Fabrica

The Hello Honey is a sweet font with tails that will make your crafts stunning. Easily add connecting hearts and elegant tails to your designs with this gorgeous font.

This font is perfect for making home decor crafts like farmhouse-style wood signs. You can also create one-of-a-kind wedding and holiday gifts with the font.

2. Dahlia

Most Popular Font with Tails

display of the Dahlia font, the most popular font with tails among crafters
Dahlia. Credit: Creative Fabrica

Dahlia is a versatile font that’ll add a beautiful handwritten touch to your projects. Its playful letters and gorgeous swashes make it the most popular choice among crafters and creators.

Additionally, with the bonus flower clipart featuring frames and banners, Dahlia lets you personalize your designs perfectly. Whether it's for stylish Cricut shirts, elegant wedding invitations, or eye-catching signs, Dahlia is your perfect pick!

3. Whole Story

Best Font with Long Tails

display of the Wholestory font, an elegant font with long tails
Whole Story. Credit: Creative Fabrica

Whole Story, a bouncy calligraphy font with long tails, is your go-to for infusing designs with charm and elegance. Picture smooth letters dancing on a playful baseline, ready to transform with the font's array of glyphs and alternates.

Its front and back swashes lend a fancy flair, making any project stand out. Be it welcome signs, dreamy wedding invitations, or anything else you imagine, Whole Story is here to elevate it.

4. Samantha Calligraphy

Best Cricut Font with Tails

display of the Samantha Calligraphy font
Samantha Calligraphy. Credit: Creative Fabrica

Samantha Calligraphy, a modern script font, is a Cricut crafter’s dream due to its incredible customization ability. This font comes alive with tails, swirls, hearts, and swashes, offering endless possibilities for crafting one-of-a-kind designs.

What's more, its letters are clean and smooth, a breeze for weeding. Ideal for Cricut enthusiasts, use Samantha Calligraphy to bring a touch of elegance to tumblers, cups, shirts, signs, and beyond.

5. Boston

Best Baseball Font with Tails

display of the Boston Baseball Script font with tails
Boston. Credit: Envato Elements

Boston is your go-to for crafting standout baseball designs with a bold, vintage flair. Available in regular and several extruded styles, this font allows you to layer and create eye-catching sports designs with ease.

Ideal for team jerseys radiating team spirit or customizing tumblers with a player's name, Boston is versatile and ready for action. It's the perfect partner for all your sporty, personalized projects!

6. Madelyn Heart

Best Font with Heart Tails

display of the Madelyn Heart font, a calligraphy font with heart tails and connecting hearts
Madelyn Heart. Credit: Creative Fabrica

Madelyn Heart font, with its curly script and delightful heart swashes, is a dream for adding a romantic flair to your designs. This charming font is not only beautiful but also user-friendly, boasting glyphs that seamlessly integrate with favorite design programs like Cricut Design Space, Adobe Illustrator, and Procreate.

It's a hit among designers and crafters for crafting stunning logos, branding, and wedding-related projects. Moreover, Madelyn Heart effortlessly brings a touch of love and elegance to every creation.

7. Welcome Script

Best Font for Weddings

display of the Welcome Script font, a beautiful wedding font with tails
Welcome Script. Credit: Creative Fabrica

Welcome Script is the ultimate font for all things wedding. This enchanting handwritten font showcases smooth, bold letters that gracefully dance along the baseline, adding a personal touch to your designs.

Its elegant swashes are ideal for crafting sophisticated wedding signs, enchanting invitations, and memorable gifts. And there's more – the bonus flower clipart is just what you need to give your designs a distinctive, customized flourish. Make every detail of your wedding special with the Welcome Script font!

8. Ever After

Best Calligraphy Font with Long Tails

display of Ever After font, a modern calligraphy script font with long tails
Ever After. Credit: Creative Fabrica

Ever After is a gorgeous calligraphy script font with long tails. If you have ever wanted to make a design where the tails run off to the end of the project area, this is the one!

What's more, you can make “infinity” signs between words using the “infinity” swashes. The font is perfect for personalizing names for DIY projects.

9. I Love Glitter

Best Font with Curly Tails

display of I Love Glitter font, perfect for Cricut wedding projects
I Love Glitter. Credit: Creative Fabrica

Chances are you have come across this font on crafts on Etsy or Pinterest. This popular font with curly swashes is perfect for creating knockout lettering.

Also, I Love Glitter is a versatile font to personalize your Cricut crafts. Whether you want to connect hearts between the words or heart tails, this font has it all and will help you easily create unique designs.

10. Bohema Spirit

Best Cricut Font With Arrow Tails

display of Bohema Spirit, the best Cricut font with arrow tails
Bohema Spirit. Credit: Creative Fabrica

Get ready to sprinkle boho charm on your designs with the Bohema Spirit font! This font has so many options for adding arrow tails to your designs that you'll never run out of ideas to make unique crafts.

And not just arrows; you can also add dreamcatchers with feathers, flowers, and celestial elements as tails. Therefore, the customization options will help you transform any text into a piece of art.

11. Juliette

Best Font With Heart Swashes

display of Juliette font, a beautiful font with heart tails
Juliette. Credit: Creative Fabrica

Want a beautiful font with heart tails? Yes, please! Juliette is a gorgeous font with heart-tails that will blow your mind. Personalizing a design with this font is so much fun.

The font is perfect for weddings, anniversaries, Valentine's Day, and for making cute kids' crafts.

12. Sophia

Best Thick Cursive Font With Swirly Tails

display of the Sophia
Sophia. Credit: Creative Fabrica

Want to add a whimsical touch to your crafts? The Sophia font is a thick Cricut font with tails that will be your go-to for creating spectacular designs.

This hand-lettered brush font has a rustic feel that makes it a perfect choice for home decor, wedding, and holiday DIY projects.

13. Madina

Best Handwritten Font With Tails

display of the Madina
Madina. Credit: Creative Market

Madina is a handwriting font with tails that will add a playful touch to your Cricut crafts. The thick and bouncy letters combined with the elegant tails make it a perfect choice for cutting vinyl.

The font is fantastic for just about every craft project – from invitations to wood signs. T-shirts and mugs also turn out amazing with the unique tails included in this font.

14. Ayshana Script

Free Font for Commercial Use

display of the Ayshana Script
Ayshana Script. Credit: Creative Fabrica

Ayshana Script is a calligraphy font that’s free for commercial use on Creative Fabrica. This font is adorned with exquisite tails and swashes, each accented with hearts, offering a world of customization.

Whether you're designing logos, t-shirts, greeting cards, or wedding invitations, Ayshana Script adds a touch of elegance and personal flair to every project.

15. Rumble Brave

Best Vintage Serif Font With Swashes

display of Rumbel Brave collection with amazing glyphs, ligatures, and extras
Rumble Brave. Credit: Envato Elements

If you are obsessed with vintage-style designs like me, then you will love the Rumble Brave font collection! This vintage font family has a classic Victorian feel that will transport you back in time.

The tails included in the font add an elegant touch to your crafts. Additionally, this font collection comes with classy ornaments that will complement your typographic designs.

16. Octavia

Best Fancy Calligraphy Font With Swashes

display of the Octavia
Octavia. Credit: Envato Elements

Octavia is a modern calligraphy script font with elegant tails. Many alternates are available for tails, making Octavia a super fun font to work with.

You can add a feminine touch to any DIY project with Octavia font. This font works like a charm for making unique gifts ranging from weddings to holidays.

Pick your favorite font to add a unique touch to your designs or crafts!

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