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19 Best Stencil Fonts for Cricut


Are you looking for the best stencil fonts for Cricut? You'll become a pro at stenciling using these stunning stencil fonts.

stencil fonts for cricut
Best Stencil Fonts for Cricut | The Design Hippo

For the longest time, I was intimidated by stencil projects. But now, I create stencils effortlessly using my go-to list of favorite stencil fonts for Cricut.

You'll love how easy it is to give any space in your home a makeover with stencils. Painting wood signs, walls, furniture, or gift boxes with names and quotes will become your expertise with these failproof fonts.  

Say no to tedious vinyl weeding or extra work in Cricut Design Space; use these stencil fonts to get flawless results every single time.

Best Stencil Fonts For Cricut

1. The Tingler

Best Overall Stencil Font for Cricut

display of the the tingler font, the best stencil font to use with Cricut
The Tingler. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica

Make the most exquisite designs with The Tingler font duo. This gorgeous font combination is a stencil lover's dream come true.

Use cursive fonts to create home decorations like wood signs and wall art. Or use them to make personalized crafts for friends and family.

2. Stencil Army

Best Army Stencil Font for Cricut

display of the Stencil Army font by WAP Studio
Stencil Army. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica

You'll love the Stencil Army font if you want to make military-inspired stencils. The font is pretty much perfect for creating signs for all sports and outdoor activities.

3. Bigdey

Best Script Stencil Font for Cricut

display of "Bidgey" font, a beautiful script stencil font
Bigdey. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica

Bigdey is a beautiful stencil font that will steal your heart. You'll love using this font for personalization and creating stunning quotes. Make lovely decor and gifts for birthdays, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas, and other special occasions.

4. Off War

Best Military Stencil Font for Cricut

display of the Off War, an army stencil font for Cricut
Off War. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica

Another favorite military-style stencil font for Cricut is Off War. This font will help you create rugged designs for signs, walls, boxes, and more.

5. Beprity

Best Handwritten Stencil Font

display of the Beprity font
Beprity. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica

Add a whimsical touch to your stencil projects with the Beprity font. This pretty font features stunning script letters to create the most awe-inspiring crafts for home decor, weddings, and the festive season.

6. Wargate

Best Stencil Font for Sports

display of the Wargate font
Wargate. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica

You'll love using the Wargate stencil font family to create versatile designs. Perfect for making wall art with inspirational quotes for your office or gym room. With this font, all sports, adventure, and games-themed crafts also turn out amazing.

7. Sukima

Best Sans Stencil Font for Cricut

display of the Sukima stencil font
Sukima. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica

Create stunning modern designs using the Sukima font. The Sukima font's minimal look makes it a fantastic choice for creating word stencils that are super easy to read. This font is perfect for making stencils with instructions or any long form of text.

8. Sthencyl

Best Stylish Stencil Font for Cricut

display of the Sthencyl font
Sthencyl. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica

Sthencyl is a beautiful stencil font with curly swashes. You'll be able to easily add a unique touch to all your stencil projects, like signs, walls, furniture, and doormats, with this font.

Download the basic version of Sthencyl for personal use from You can easily make stencils for wood projects with the free font.

9. Yosemite

Best Rustic Stencil Font

display of the Yosemite font, a rustic stencil font to use with Cricut
Yosemite. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica

Yosemite is my favorite rustic stencil font to use with your Cricut. You'll love creating farmhouse-style signs for your home with this font. Also great for Christmas, camping, and adventure crafts.

10. Sykenga

Best Handwritten Stencil Font for Cricut

display of the Sykenga stencil font
Sykenga. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica

Sykenga is a handwritten stencil font that helps you create quirky designs. Make unique doormats and signs with funny quotes that everyone will obsess over.

11. Pegro

Best Serif Stencil Font

display of the Pegro stencil font
Pegro. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica

You'll love using the Pegro font to create bold and stylish designs. I am obsessed with the elegant look this font adds to my crafts. The farmhouse-style decor turns out amazing with the font.

12. Balton Stencil

Best Cricut Stencil Font for Personalization

display of the Balton Stencil font
Balton Stencil. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica

Make jaw-dropping designs with the Balton Stencil font. You'll love personalizing your kids' names with this font to make door signs, toy boxes, doormats, wall art, and more.

13. Rhode

Best Retro Stencil Font

display of the Rhode font duo
Rhode. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica

The Rhode font is my go-to stencil font for Cricut for making weddings, birthdays, and Christmas crafts. This retro-modern font adds elegance to every project I use it in. Create awe-inspiring wall art and wood signs with the font.

14. Lerum

Best Elegant Stencil Font for Cricut

display of Lerum font by Larin Type Co.
Lerum. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica

The Lerum stencil font mixes elegance and playfulness effortlessly. I guarantee that, with this font, your Cricut stencil projects will turn into timeless art pieces. Perfect for adding charm to your home decor or making gifts.

15. Northash

Best Vintage Stencil Font

display of the Northash font by Artefak Project
Northash. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica

Do you want to create a vintage-style stencil? The Northash font has got you covered. The font is perfect for all your sports, camping, and adventure-themed stencils.

16. Leatherhand

Best Modern Stencil Font for Cricut

display of the Leatherhand font
Leatherhand. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica

You'll easily make stunning stencils with the Leatherhand font. Because this modern vintage font is perfect for creating unique typography, use the quotes created from the font to make inspirational signs and wall art.

17. Indulgence

Best Stencil Font for Signs

display of the Indulgence font, a script stencil font to use with Cricut Design Space
Indulgence. Image Credit: Font Bundles

You'll love using the Indulgence font to create adorable designs. The best thing about this font is that it comes in two versions to work seamlessly in larger projects like signs and smaller projects like cards.

18. Princess

Best Swirly Stencil Font for Cricut

display of the Princess font, a swirly stencil font for Cricut
Princess. Image Credit: Font Bundles

This feminine font with swirly letters is jaw-dropping! Use the Princess font to add tons of charm to all your Cricut stencil projects. It is the perfect font to make decor for kids' rooms or invitations and gifts for parties; they'll all turn out mind-blowing.

19. Cozy Caps

Best Stencil Font for Back To School

display of the Cozy Caps stencil font
Cozy Caps. Image Credit: Font Bundles

Cozy Caps is a perfect stencil font for Cricut to create fun and bold designs. With this font, you can make super cute door signs for teachers' and kids' rooms.

Explore More Cricut Fonts

Whether your favorite font style is script or calligraphy, they are the best way to make personalized crafts. I love creating unique typography in my Cricut designs, using fonts with tails and hearts. If you are using stencils to sell projects, monogram fonts are another great way to customize crafts.

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