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25 Best Cricut Cursive Fonts (+ Popular Free Picks)


Cursive fonts add a personalized handwritten charm to Cricut crafts. However, selecting the right cursive font is essential. It should be suitable for the type of project and enhance its overall appeal.

Selecting the wrong font can result in unprofessional outcomes and wasted materials, which no crafter wants to experience.

This guide will help you choose the best cursive font for Cricut. From different types of script fonts to the most popular picks, including free options, we'll cover it all here!

collage of the best Cricut cursive and script fonts.
Best Cricut Cursive Fonts.

Should you use a writing or cutting font?

The right type of font for your Cricut project depends on the materials, tools, and the look you want to achieve.

Cutting Fonts

If you plan to create vinyl or cardstock projects that involve cutting out letters, it is vital to choose a cutting font.

Cutting fonts are designed to ensure that the letters are cut out precisely, making them ideal for such crafts. Randy Sofia, Hello Honey, and Samantha Calligraphy are a few examples of cutting fonts for Cricut.

Writing Fonts

Writing fonts, also known as single-line fonts, are tailored for projects where you want to use the Cricut pen, engraving tool, or foil quill to create handwritten text.

They are popular for addressing envelopes and cards for weddings and Christmas. Examples of writing fonts include Hello October, Dear Agatha, and Hey Beauty.

The 25 best Cricut cursive fonts for creative designs

As SVG designers and crafters, we have experience creating everything from wedding invitations to vinyl shirts. Over the years, we have tested more than 600 Cricut fonts, including script and cursive fonts. Here are our top picks.

Cricut cursive fonts for cutting

Let’s dive into cursive fonts for cutting that crafters love!

1. Randy Sofia

Randy Sofia cursive font for Cricut
Image Credit: ‘Randy Sofia' by Jozoor, sourced from Creative Fabrica.

Randy Sofia is a top choice for Cricut projects due to its adorable lettering style and versatility. It’s a popular choice among crafters for making vinyl projects, both small and big.

This font features stunning swashes and hearts that can be used to personalize your designs further. It's perfect for creating a wide range of items, including tumblers, t-shirts, and wedding projects.

2. Samantha Calligraphy

Samantha Calligraphy cursive font for Cricut
Image Credit: ‘Samantha Calligraphy' by HansCo Studio, sourced from Creative Fabrica.

Samantha Calligraphy is a modern cursive font featuring elegant tails. With over 400 alternate characters, this font provides endless customization options.

The heart and swirl features of Samantha Calligraphy are perfect for adding a unique handwritten touch to your designs. It is an ideal choice for various projects, such as signs, cups, and wedding decorations.

3. Hello Honey

Hello Honey script font for Cricut
Image Credit: ‘Hello Honey' by Ef Studio, sourced from Creative Fabrica.

Hello Honey is a popular script font, and it is often used for Cricut crafts. This font, designed by Ef Studio, has connecting hearts and tails that give your designs a romantic charm.

It is best suited for medium and large vinyl projects and is perfect for creating personalized welcome wedding signs with the names of the bride and groom.

4. Mighty Sunday

Mighty Sunday thick cursive font for Cricut
Image Credit: ‘Mighty Sunday' by Hayletter Creative, sourced from Creative Fabrica.

Bold and modern, Might Sunday is the go-to font for creating eye-catching designs. The font's thick letters make it especially suitable for cutting small letters.

The font features impressive glyphs and swashes, which make it ideal for designing everything from fun t-shirts to Christmas ornaments.

5. Thick

Thick cursive font for Cricut
Image Credit: ‘Thick' by AndikaStudio, sourced from Creative Fabrica.

Thick is a stylish cursive font with playful letters and heart doodles. Its calligraphy style features thick lettering, ensuring easy weeding.

From custom t-shirts to keychains and coffee mugs, Thick is the perfect choice for your DIY projects.

Script fonts for Cricut writing

These writing fonts are the go-to choices for Cricut pen projects.

6. Hello October

Hello October cursive writing font for Cricut
Image Credit: ‘Hello October' by Subectype Studio, sourced from Creative Fabrica.

Hello October is a beautiful handwritten font designed by Subectype. The font's single-line version is perfect for all your sketch pen and foil quill crafts.

Whether you're addressing envelopes or creating wedding invitations, Hello October makes it easy to bring your creative ideas to life. It's an elegant and charming font that will add a unique touch to your projects.

7. Dear Agatha

Dear Agatha cursive writing font for Cricut
Image Credit: ‘Dear Agatha' by Missy Meyer, sourced from Creative Fabrica.

Dear Agatha is the complete package for all your Cricut writing and engraving projects. The font duo, designed by Missy Meyer, includes a cute cursive and an easy-to-read sans-serif font.

From stickers to gift tags and cute greeting cards, the versatile font combination will elevate your designs.

8. Always Loving

Always Loving cursive font for Cricut
Image Credit: ‘Always Loving' by Subectype Studio, sourced from Creative Fabrica.

Always Loving is a connected calligraphy font adorned with beautiful hearts and elegant tails. It’s perfect for making everything wedding-related, including invitations, save-the-date cards, and envelope addressing.

9. Hey Beauty

Hey Beauty cursive calligraphy font for Cricut
Image Credit: ‘Hey Beauty' by Subectype Studio, sourced from Creative Fabrica.

Chic and feminine, Hey Beauty is the ideal font for creating stunning typography. The flowing and bouncy letters lend a classy look to crafts, whether they be invitations, labels, or ornaments.

Easy to weed Cursive fonts for Cricut

10. Nolan Claire

Nolan Claire cursive font for Cricut
Image Credit: ‘Nolan Claire' by Jozoor, sourced from Creative Fabrica.

Nolan Claire, a modern script font, is easy to weed thanks to its bold style and ample space within the letters.

The thick lettering style works well for projects of all sizes. So, if you’re on the hunt for a font to cut out small vinyl lettering, Nolan Claire is the perfect option.

11. Child

Child cursive font for Cricut
Image Credit: ‘Child' by BitongType, sourced from Creative Fabrica.

Child is another great choice for an easy font to weed. Designed by BitongType, this cute handwritten font is suitable for a wide range of crafts, including labels, stickers, and t-shirts.

Here are the best free script fonts to download for your projects.

12. Joseph Sophia

Joseph Sophia free cursive font for Cricut
Image Credit: ‘Joseph Sophia' by Fargun Studio, sourced from Dafont.

Joseph Sophia is a free font for personal use that you can download from Dafont. Designed by Fargun Studio, the font features cute hearts and tails, perfect for adding a personalized touch to your crafts.

13. Feasibly

Feasibly free cricut cursive font
Image Credit: ‘Feasibly' by Single Line Studio, sourced from Fontspace.

Feasibly is a 100% free font that you can use for personal and commercial projects. Single Line Studio, the creator of this font, specializes in typeface design for writing, foiling, and engraving.

Feasibly is an excellent option for projects such as addressing envelopes and making wedding invitations.

14. Country Wedding

Country Wedding script font for Cricut
Image Credit: ‘Country Wedding' by Graphix Line Studio, sourced from Dafont.

Another free script font for personal use on Dafont is Country Wedding. Designed by Graphix Line Studio, the handwritten font is ideal for all your Cricut wedding project needs.

15. Cream Cake

Cream Cake free script font for Cricut
Image Credit: ‘Cream Cake' by Ef Studio, sourced from Dafont.

Cream Cake is a bold free script font designed by Ef Studio. It’s a fantastic option for creating fun designs, whether it be t-shirts, coasters, or tumblers.

Cursive fonts by Style

Cursive fonts come in various styles, each with its unique characteristics. Common types include handwriting, calligraphy, elegant, and retro.

Let’s explore the most popular fonts categorized by their style.

cursive fonts for cricut
Best cursive fonts for Cricut by style.

16. Best Signature – Stay Wonderful

display of the best overall cursive font for Cricut, Stay Wonderful
Stay Wonderful. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica

Stay Wonderful is a beautiful and good cursive font with a handwritten feel. The playful and well-rounded letters of the font make it super easy to create fun crafts. This font is perfect for creating t-shirts with funny quotes, personalized tumblers, home decor signs, and many more with your Cricut.

17. Best with Long Tails – I Love Glitter

display of "I Love Glitter" cursive font for Cricut
I Love Glitter. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica

I Love Glitter is a cute handwriting cursive font with connecting hearts and long tails. Chances are you have come across this popular cursive font in action before!

The knockout lettering designs you see everywhere were made using this font. It's perfect for personalizing designs with names for Mother's Day, home decor projects, and many more.

18. Best Thick – Sunshine Olivia

display of "Sunshine Olivia" font, a thick cursive font for Cricut
Sunshine Olivia. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica

Sunshine Olivia is a classy cursive font with thick, rounded letters. The font's elegant yet rustic feel makes it a perfect choice for creating home decor crafts like porch signs, pillows, planters, wall decals, and more. Also, the font includes tons of bonus doodles that will help you create unique crafts.

19. Best Rustic – Berson Dream

display of "Berson Dream" font, a rustic cursive font with tons of cute ornaments
Berson Dream. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica

Berson Dream is a rustic cursive font that will make all your farmhouse-style projects a huge hit with your friends and family! The font includes swirly endings, swashy loops, and tons of cute ornaments. This Cricut cursive font with tails is fantastic for making wood signs, fall doormats, and Christmas ornaments.

20. Best Sans & Script Duo – Beachwood

display of "Beachwood" font duo, the best sans and script cursive font duo for Cricut projects.
Beachwood. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica

Beachwood is one of my favorite and the best cursive fonts for Cricut! I recommend it for every Cricut crafter because it is such a versatile font.

With Beachwood, you get two expertly crafted fonts that go together beautifully. The Beachwood script version has helped me create cute shirts for family reunions, back-to-school, Summer, and Christmas.

21. Best Handwritten – Miss Neally

monoline cursive font for cricut
Miss Neally. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica

Miss Neally is a monoline cursive font that is smooth and charming. This font is fantastic for making typographic designs.

I have used it on wood signs, t-shirts, and mugs, and my designs turned out amazing. The font comes with cute tails, another reason why this font is a must-have.

22. Best Cute Font Pairing – The Aprilio Super

perfect cursive font for cricut joy & cricut maker
The Aprilio Super. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica

The Aprilio Super is a Cricut font pairing that comes in cute cursive and playful sans versions. The cursive font is quirky and perfect for making kids' and sports-themed designs.

The amazing thing about this font is that you get a perfectly matched sans version that works great by itself or as a combination.

23. Best Modern – Smart Choices

display of "Smart Choices", a thick and modern font duo
Smart Choices. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica

Smart Choices is a font duo featuring a thick and modern cursive font. The bouncy cursive version of the font is perfect for making tumblers, teacher appreciation gifts, birthday invitations, football shirts, and many more.

24. Best Elegant – Angel Heart

display of "Angel Heart" font, an elegant cursive font
Angel Heart. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica

Angel Heart is one of my favorite elegant cursive fonts. The font has a dancing baseline with cute tails that add a touch of uniqueness to crafts.

I loved making funny shirts for Mom and farmhouse-style wood signs with this font. The font adds a playful feminine touch to my Cricut projects.

25. Best Boho – Arrowlicious

display of "Arrowlicious" font, a boho style font with arrow tails
Arrowlicious. Image Credit: Creative Fabrica

A Cricut cursive font with arrow tails? Yes, please! Arrowlicious is a boho font that will make it super easy for you to add arrowhead and tail endings to text.

There are so many arrow styles to play with that you will never run out of ideas to make unique crafts. Add a touch of bohemian charm to your Cricut projects with this font.

Final Thoughts

Cursive and script fonts are the most popular fonts used in Cricut projects.

By exploring different cursive fonts, we’ve uncovered a treasure trove of options suited for various projects, from wedding invitations to t-shirts.

We also learned about cutting and writing fonts, particularly where and how to use them. This is important for crafters to know, as they can help you get flawless results and avoid wasting material.

Be sure to check out our other font articles for more inspiration.

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