10+ Trendy Cursive Fonts for Cricut Every Crafter Needs To Know

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Are you looking for a cute cursive font for Cricut to make stunning crafts? Here are the absolute best cursive fonts for Cricut that you are going to want ASAP!

Using cursive fonts for DIY crafts is the best. Who doesn’t love a good cursive font that looks stunning AND works like a charm with your Cricut? The only issue is that you don’t want to search for that perfect cursive font before every project.

Lucky for you, I found over 10 cursive fonts for Cricut that are versatile! Each font on this list is perfect for just about any project you dream up and cuts vinyl smoothly. Whether you are making rustic farmhouse-style wood signs or personalized t-shirts, I got you covered.

This blog post is all about cursive fonts for Cricut.

Cursive Fonts for Cricut

1. Stay Wonderful – A good cursive font for Cricut

Stay Wonderful is a beautiful and good cursive font for Cricut with a handwritten feel. The playful and well-rounded letters of the font make it super easy to create fun crafts. Create t-shirts with funny quotes, personalized tumblers, home decor signs, and many more.

2. Beachwood – My go-to and the best cursive font for Cricut

Beachwood is one of my most favorite and the best cursive fonts for Cricut! I recommend it for every Cricut crafter because it is such a versatile font.

With Beachwood, you get two expertly crafted fonts that go together beautifully. The Beachwood script version has helped me create cute shirts for family reunions, back to school, Summer, and Christmas.

3. Miss Neally – A monoline cursive font for Cricut

Miss Neally is a monoline cursive font for Cricut that is smooth and charming. This font is fantastic for making typographic designs. I have used it on wood signs, t-shirts, and mugs, and my designs turned out amazing. The font comes with cute tails, another reason why this font is a must-have.

4. Aprilio Super – A cute sans & cursive font duo

Aprilio Super is a Cricut font pairing that comes in cute cursive and playful sans versions. The cursive font is quirky and perfect for making kids and sports-themed designs. The amazing thing about this font is that you get a perfectly matched sans version that works great by itself or as a combination.

5. Lettering Delight – A stylish cursive font for Cricut

Your search for a stylish cursive font for Cricut ends here! Lettering Delight is a flirty font with breathtaking characters. The bonus flourishes and swashes included in the font make it super easy to create unforgettable designs. The elegant handwriting feel of the font makes it a perfect choice for Cricut wedding projects, holiday and home decor projects.

6. Hey Girl – A modern cursive font for Cricut

Hey Girl is a modern cursive font with a playful baseline. This brush font with smooth lines is a delight to make designs with. I have created Cricut designs for a wide range of occasions with this font, and the results have been stunning every time. Hey Girl will be your favorite font for any project needing a fun touch.

7. I Love Glitter – A cute cursive font

I Love Glitter is a cute handwriting font with connecting hearts. Chances are you have come across this popular cursive font for Cricut in action before! The knockout lettering designs you see everywhere were made using this font. It’s perfect for personalizing designs with names for Mother’s Day, home decor projects, and many more.

8. Sunshine Olivia – A classy cursive font

Sunshine Olivia is a classy cursive font with thick rounded letters. The font’s elegant yet rustic feel makes it a perfect choice for creating home decor crafts like porch signs, pillows, planters, wall decals, and more. The font includes tons of bonus doodles that will help you create unique crafts.

9. Madina – A beautiful cursive font

Madina is a beautiful font that will help you create designs featuring handmade typography easily! This elegant yet playful font features a bouncy baseline with irresistible looks. This super popular font is a must-have for creating modern, feminine designs. Use Madina to create memorable Christmas crafts, wedding invitations, baby shower gifts, and more.

10. Berson Dream – A rustic cursive font for Cricut

Berson Dream is a rustic cursive font for Cricut that will make all your farmhouse-style projects a huge hit with your friends and family! The font includes swirly endings, swashy loops, and tons of cute ornaments. This Cricut cursive font with tails is fantastic for making wood signs, fall doormats, and Christmas ornaments.

11. Smart Choices – A thick and modern cursive font duo

Smart Choices is a font duo featuring a thick and modern cursive font for Cricut. The bouncy cursive version of the font is perfect for making tumblers, teacher appreciation gifts, birthday invitations, football shirts, and many more.

12. Angel Heart – An elegant cursive font for Cricut

Angel Heart is one of my favorite elegant cursive fonts for Cricut. The font has a dancing baseline with cute tails that add a touch of uniqueness to crafts. I loved making funny shirts for mom and farmhouse-style wood signs with this font. The font adds a playful feminine touch to my Cricut projects.

13. Arrowlicious – A boho style cursive font for Cricut

A Cricut cursive font with arrow tails? Yes, please! Arrowlicious is a boho font that will make it super easy for you to add arrowhead and tail endings to text. There are so many arrow styles to play with that you will never run out of ideas to make unique crafts. Add a touch of bohemian charm to your Cricut projects with this font.

This blog post was all about cursive fonts for Cricut. Happy designing and crafting!

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