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Are you looking for the best Cricut projects to sell? Here’s my list of the most profitable Cricut projects to sell that will help you make money crafting.

If you want to start your own Cricut business but don’t know what to sell, you are at the right place!

Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, grandmom, teacher, student, or anyone looking to make money with your Cricut projects, then this blog post is for you.

By identifying popular Cricut crafts to sell and promoting them effectively, you can turn your creativity into a money-making opportunity.

I have also included essential tips at the end of this blog post that will help you grow your Cricut craft business on Etsy or on your website.

To make it super easy for you to sell Cricut crafts, I made a mega bundle of my SVG designs. Over 100 crafters have made best-selling crafts and earned thousands of dollars from these very same SVGs.

You can make all the best Cricut projects to sell with this bundle. Get $1500 worth of SVGs for $9 only to kick start your Cricut business today!

Best Cricut Projects To Sell

  • Farmhouse Coffee Wooden Signs
  • Funny Mom Life Shirts
  • Fall Doormats
  • Teacher Appreciation Tumblers
  • Kitchen Cutting Boards
  • Mardi Gras Decor
  • Christmas Family Shirts
  • Mother’s Day Wood Signs
  • Holiday Gift Bags
  • Patriotic Apparel
  • Teacher Pillows
  • Rustic Farmhouse Decor
  • Farmhouse Christmas Wooden Signs
  • Teacher Appreciation Wood Signs
  • Wine Glasses for Summer

Ready to create best-selling Cricut projects to sell? Kick start your Cricut business with our Ultimate SVG Bundle of 594 designs.

  • Funny Kitchen Storage Jars
  • Christmas Ornaments
  • Shirts for Thanksgiving
  • Cheer Mom Tumblers
  • Cute Baby Bodysuits
  • Can Coolers and Coasters
  • Coffee Mugs for Halloween
  • Farmhouse Christmas Pillows
  • Fall Themed Plates
  • Shirts for Halloween
  • Mommy and Me Shirts
  • Summer Tote Bags
  • Mugs for Teachers
  • Funny Coffee Quotes Shirts
  • Inspirational Wood Signs
  • Mother’s Day Pillows
  • Kitchen Towels
  • Cute Fall Mugs
  • Autumn Travel Mugs
  • Baseball Shirts
  • Dad Life Whiskey Glasses
  • Funny Wine Glasses for Mom
  • Pencil Pouch for Kids and Teachers
  • Football Mom Shirts
  • Mother’s Day Mugs
  • First Day of School Shirts
  • Pot Holders for Teachers
  • Pillows for Mom
  • Mommy and Me Tumblers
  • Makeup Bags
  • Teacher Appreciation Tote Bags
  • Christmas Coffee Mugs
  • Farmhouse Style Fall Decor
  • Baseball Tumblers

Ready to create best-selling Cricut projects to sell? Kick start your Cricut business with our Ultimate SVG Bundle of 594 designs.

Can you make money with Cricut?

It is 100% possible to make money working from home and doing what you love.

You can start selling crafts made from Cricut as a side hustle or as a full-time money-making opportunity from home.

Imagine how the extra cash can help you – paying off debt, putting aside money for college, or being able to quit your job to pursue your dreams.

For five years, I worked in a demanding corporate job. Every single day I worked on the job, I knew it wasn’t for me.

My friends and family always loved my handmade crafts, so I decided to try my hand selling them. To say that it changed my life would be an understatement.

Within a year, I was making more than my corporate job.

By the second year, I realized that I could reach even more people by sharing my SVG designs with crafters who wanted to start their own business.

I am so happy that hundreds of businesses have made money by selling crafts made from my designs in the past three years.

I was able to turn my passion for crafting and design into a full-time income. And I want to tell you that you can do it too!

The key to creating the best Cricut Projects to sell

For generating sales every month, year-round, you need to have two types of crafts in your store – seasonal and evergreen.

Doing this will minimize the risk of having wildly varying sales numbers and ensuring a certain amount of revenue every month.

Here are a few popular occasions and themes you can make crafts for :

  • Back to School
  • Teacher
  • Mom Life & Mother’s Day
  • Dad Life & Father’s Day
  • Summer
  • 4th of July
  • Fall
  • Halloween
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas
  • Baseball 
  • Football

Deciding your craft niche is one of the most important decisions you will make for your business. Your niche shouldn’t be too narrow or too broad.

It would help if you started with something you specialize in and have enough room to expand in the future.

Choose a blank product and provide several options for colors and designs.

For example, say you are planning to sell shirts using your Cricut for back to school. Then it would help if you aimed to provide several design options and shirt color options to address the needs of teachers and students.

To increase the order value, you can sell shirts in sets. Create matching shirts, and you end up selling more than one shirt in a single purchase. A fantastic example of this is making mommy and me shirts.

Another excellent way to stand out is to offer personalization. By just adding a name, you can charge more than others.

What designs should I use to create best selling Cricut Projects?

You need SVG designs that are proven to sell well on crafts. The designs must be professionally made so that your Cricut cuts the design quickly and smoothly.

For Cricut projects to sell well, your customers expect neatly cut designs that look great on crafts.

To help small business owners kickstart their own dream Cricut craft business, I created The Creative Crafter’s Ultimate SVG Bundle.

With over 590 designs to choose from that feature my best-sellers, you can make and sell crafts on Etsy, Facebook, art and craft fairs, and other marketplaces.

The huge design bundle features tons of ideas for you to create Cricut projects to sell.

Where to sell crafts made with your Cricut?

While there are several options to sell your crafts, you can start with Etsy. You can also promote your crafts on your Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Having your own website through which you can sell is another excellent option. Set up your website and link it with Shopify or WooCommerce to sell directly to customers.

Putting all your eggs in one basket is not a good idea, so please consider selling on at least two different platforms.

Essential Tips for creating BEST Cricut Projects to Sell :

To create best-selling crafts, you need to get the following things right :

High-Quality Raw Materials

Buy High-Quality blanks in bulk. Doing so will save you a lot of money in the long run. 

Best SVG Designs

Buy professionally made SVG files that cut smoothly. I created a bundle of 594 SVG designs that are tried and tested and are proven to sell. Have a look at all the amazing crafts you can make from the bundle here.

Excellent Craftmanship

Practice makes perfect. Set up a process you can follow and hone in on each step to produce great crafts your customers won’t forget.

Stellar Product Presentation

Presentation makes all the difference. Beautifully made crafts presented artfully will skyrocket your sales. Use mock-ups or take pictures of your crafts with props.

Effective Marketing

Use social media to generate interest in your crafts. Make product pins on Pinterest and share your crafts in Facebook groups. Posting a video on Instagram that goes through the process of you making crafts is a fantastic idea. Offer discounts, deals, and giveaways.

Competitive Pricing

Never undercharge for the work and effort you are putting in. But your prices still have to be competitive. Do your research on the existing crafts that sell and how you can add more value to them.

5-Star Customer Service

One of the best ways to increase the visibility of your business is by having 5-star reviews. With proof that customers love your crafts, you will attract more sales. But to get 5-star reviews, you need to offer A+ customer service.

Ready to create best-selling Cricut projects to sell? Kick start your Cricut business with our Ultimate SVG Bundle of 594 designs.

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Best Cricut Projects to Sell
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