53 Best Cricut Ideas to Sell That Actually Make Good Money in 2022

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Are you looking for the best Cricut ideas to sell? Here are the most profitable Cricut ideas to sell that your customers will obsess over.

Selling Cricut crafts to make money is a fantastic business idea. But with so many project ideas to sell, it can get really confusing. Not anymore because I have been in the craft business for years and know all about the best Cricut ideas to sell that’ll make you life-changing money!

You will not find generic information like sell shirts or signs in this article. Instead, I give you the exact craft niches and design styles you need to focus on to create best-selling crafts. You can sell these Cricut projects in craft fairs, Etsy, social media, or your website.

What you’ll love about this blog post is that no matter your experience level – beginner, pro, and everything in between, you’ll find the best Cricut ideas to sell by the end of this list.   

This blog post is all about Cricut Ideas to Sell.

Best Cricut Ideas to Sell

1. Personalized Signs – The most profitable Cricut idea to sell on Etsy

If you are looking for a Cricut idea to sell on Etsy with excellent profit margins, you should make personalized signs. It’s a super popular craft to sell year-round. Customers buy personalized signs to celebrate weddings, house warming, anniversaries, Christmas, and many more special occasions. Use this super popular font with tails to personalize the signs.

2. Monogrammed Shirts – Most popular Cricut project idea to sell

Monogrammed shirts are a popular choice for many occasions like family reunions, weddings, and the festive season. Also, they are an excellent gift for her for birthdays, Mother’s Day, or just because. Get the super popular interlocking monogram font to make shirts.

3. Custom Tumblers – Most trending Cricut idea to sell

Custom tumblers are so trendy right now! Their popularity has only been growing over the years. Customers love buying personalized tumblers for everyday use and special occasions. Plus, they make for excellent gifts. I used this bohemian font to design the tumbler.

4. Paper Flower Decor

Paper flower decor takes crafting to a whole another level. They have become a popular choice for nursery wall decor and party decorations. Without worrying about the complicated design involved, lucky for you, you can make beautiful decor using this 3D paper flower template (it comes with a tutorial for assembly).

5. Family Name Signs – Another popular Cricut idea to sell

Another popular craft with excellent money-making opportunities is these family name signs. Weddings, Christmas, or just because, these signs make for timeless gifts your customers will adore. Use the best-selling monogram wreath design to create the signs.

6. Zip Code Pillows

Zip code pillows make for beautiful decor and extraordinary gifts. Whether it be weddings, anniversaries, housewarming, or the holidays, you can easily sell pillows created from this farmhouse-style pillow design.

7. Phone Cases

Trendy phone cases are irresistible; no wonder they sell so well, especially if they are unique. Make jaw-dropping phone cases with this bundle of case designs.

8. Mommy and Me Shirts

Help new moms put together the perfect mommy and me matching outfits by making adorable shirts. Pick your favorites from this mommy and me design bundle and get crafting!

9. State Gifts

Whether your customers are celebrating weddings, housewarmings, or just want to show off their state pride, these lovely state-themed gifts are perfect. Get all the beautifully designed states from this fantastic SVG bundle.

10. Funny Bathroom Decor

This funny bathroom sign will have its occupants chuckling and hopefully encourage them to be the change they want to see. Get the bathroom sign design here to make this Cricut idea to sell.

11. Vertical Porch Signs – Another popular Cricut idea to sell

Sell vertical porch signs made from trendy designs like this awe-inspiring “hey there sunshine” cut file. Since they are so popular with customers, you will be selling them like hotcakes.

12. Inspirational Stickers – An easy Cricut idea to sell

Do you love making stickers? Why not sell them! Buyers love decorating their laptops, phones, and tumblers with trendy stickers as a way to express themselves. Get inspirational sticker designs, print, and then cut; you are ready to sell your first sticker pack.

13. Laundry Signs

These adorable laundry signs are a fantastic Cricut idea to sell for home decor lovers. The farmhouse-style laundry designs make it super easy for you to create wood signs your customers will obsess over.

14. Wedding Invitations

This floral wedding invitation design is all you need to make and sell stunning laser-cut style invitations using Cricut!

15. Funny Wine Glasses

Funny wine glasses make for the best gifts ever, so your customers will keep coming back for more. These wine quote designs will help you make wine glasses that are funny and cute.

16. Pot Holders

Potholders can do more than just handle hot pots and pans in the kitchen. They can make for such cute kitchen decor. The perfect gift for almost any occasion for your customers, make cute potholders using this hilarious bundle of funny designs.

17. Christian Signs

Christian signs are a great way for your customers to share their love for God. Make signs that also double up as beautiful decor using this scripture design.

18. Birth Announcement Elephant – Trendy Cricut idea to sell

Personalized stuffed animals are super trendy right now! Use this adorable birth announcement elephant design to sell baby gifts your customers will obsess over.

19. Round Christmas Signs – Cricut Christmas idea to sell

Christmas round signs make for fantastic front door decor during the festive season. This big bundle of round sign designs is all you need to create stunning crafts.

20. Spice Labels

These pantry label designs are perfect for making spice labels that are cute and amazing for getting the kitchen organized. Organization lovers will love buying labels from you.

21. Kitchen Signs – Popular Cricut craft idea to sell

If you want a Cricut craft idea that sells year-round and on special occasions, you should make farmhouse-style signs using these rustic kitchen designs.

22. Best Friends Shirts

Help your customers dress stylishly with their BFFs using these best friend designs.

23. Motivational Gifts

To inspire someone is the greatest gift anyone can give. That’s why customers will love buying signs made from these popular motivational designs.

24. Tooth Fairy Bags – Unique Cricut idea to sell

I promise, kids and parents will love these tooth fairy bags! Insert a cute little container inside and use this huge tooth fairy bundle to offer your customer unique options to choose from.

25. Funny Signs

Can we all agree that funny signs make for the best home decor ever? No wonder they are so popular among customers. Plus, they make for fantastic gifts to pretty much everyone. This huge bundle of funny designs will help you get started.

26. Personalized Santa Sack – Cricut Christmas craft idea to sell

Kids will love the personalized touch to their Santa sacks! Use this Santa design template and give your customers different personalization options (like font styles).

27. Birthday Greeting Cards

Sell birthday cards that are truly special with this cute greeting card template.

28. Faux Leather Earrings – Trendy Cricut idea to sell

Faux leather earrings are so trendy right now. Make and sell unique earrings with this jaw-dropping earring design.

29. Funny Christmas Mugs

Who doesn’t love some holiday humor? Make adorable Christmas mugs from these funny quote designs.

30. Christmas Blankets

All your customers will want this holiday season is a warm blanket with this funny Christmas movie quote.

31. Coffee Mugs with Sassy Sayings

Who doesn’t love their coffee in a mug that shows a bit of sass? Sell cheeky mugs everyone wants from this funny quote design.

32. Valentine’s Day Decor – Best Cricut Valentine idea to sell

Seasonal decor is some of the best-selling Cricut crafts on Etsy. Make super trendy valentine’s decor your customers will obsess over with this huge bundle of gorgeous Valentine’s Day designs.

33. Winter Decorations

Another Cricut idea to sell for seasonal decor is winter signs for the home. Make trendy round signs with this farmhouse-style Christmas bundle.

34. Christmas Home Decor – Popular Cricut Christmas idea to sell

Another popular Cricut idea to sell is festive decor signs. This huge bundle has so many awe-inspiring Christmas sign ideas for you to create.

35. Fall Decor

Is it even Fall if you haven’t decorated your home with everything pumpkin-themed? That’s exactly why your customer will love signs made from this stunning Fall sign bundle.

36. Halloween Shirts – Halloween Cricut idea to sell

This Halloween shirt design is so trendy! I am sure your customers will love taking pictures in it. Get the t-shirt design along with more scary cute designs from this Halloween bundle.

37. Christian Shirts

Whether your customers buy these Christian shirts for themselves or their friends and family, they are guaranteed to love them. Using these beautiful Christian designs, you can easily make these shirts and sell them individually and as a matching shirt set.

38. Sarcastic Home Decor

Sassy quote designs that make you laugh and make for beautiful room decor, check! Your customers are guaranteed to come back for more.

39. Santa Tray – Popular Cricut Christmas craft idea to sell

The Santa tray design is excellent for making personalized cutting boards that kids will love leaving treats for Santa and reindeer.

40. Farmhouse Dish Towels

Sell farmhouse-style dish towels from these charming animal-themed designs.

41. Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Teacher Appreciation gifts sell exceptionally well during Teacher Appreciation week and for Christmas. Make sure to capitalize on this trend by making crafts like tote bags from this cute teacher apple design.

42. Kitchen Towels with Recipe – An unique Cricut craft idea to sell

Kitchen towels with a recipe? Sign me up, please! These towels are easy to make and unique. So no matter you are a beginner or a pro at making Cricut crafts, you can easily make towels using this recipe bundle.

43. Easter Baskets – Best Cricut Easter idea to sell

Do you know which craft is among the top best-selling Cricut projects for Easter? Easter Baskets! Use this Easter design bundle and make the most adorable easter baskets. You can also offer personalization for an extra fee.

44. Mother’s Day Gifts

Make and sell stunning Mother’s Day gifts like pillows using this heart-touching mom quote design.

45. Rustic Christmas Ornaments – Best Cricut Christmas idea to sell

Make Christmas ornaments that sell really well using this adorable ornament design bundle.

46. Wedding Gifts

Choosing the perfect wedding gift is not easy. Help your customers by making adorable Mr. and Mrs. themed gifts from this wedding design.

47. Welcome Signs

Welcome signs are an excellent way to make someone feel welcome even before they ring the bell. Plus, they make for the most stunning porch decor. Grab my free welcome vertical porch sign SVG designs to start selling.

48. Cutting Boards

Cutting boards are the perfect gifts for pretty much every occasion, especially if they come with cute quotes! You will love creating best-selling cutting boards from these family, love, God, and barbecue-themed designs.

49. Funny Doormats

Your customers will love these hilarious doormat designs because they are sure to make friends and family chuckle.

50. Summer Decor

Nothing spruces up a space more than colorful summer decor. Get my free hello summer design to make signs that bring sunshine to your customers.

51. Kitchen Conversion Chart

I love kitchen conversion charts because they are super handy for cooking AND make for beautiful kitchen decor. Get my free kitchen conversion chart SVG to create signs or cutting boards and sell them.

52. Funny Mom Shirts – Popular and easy Cricut idea to sell

Funny shirts celebrating mom life are not just popular but easy to make Cricut idea to sell. Perfect for all experience levels of crafting, make sure to procure blank shirts and vinyl in bulk to minimize costs. Choose trendy designs that customers will love, like this free mom SVG from my blog.

53. Acrylic Keychains – Easy Cricut craft idea to sell

Acrylic keychains are budget-friendly and CUTE, so it’s a win-win! These keychain designs are super trendy, and you have the option to personalize them for your customers for an extra fee. I know they’ll sell like hotcakes year-round.

This blog post is all about Cricut Ideas to Sell.

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