15 Best Cricut Font Pairings For DIY Craft Projects

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Are you searching for Cricut fonts that go together? Download the best Cricut font pairings to combine cursive and script fonts with serif and sans fonts. Great for all your personalized projects made with Cricut Maker, Joy, or Explore machine.

cricut font pairings

When you find the perfect font combination, it feels like hitting the jackpot! That’s why you will love the Cricut font pairings in this post to create unique DIY crafts.

If you’ve been searching a lot for fonts to use together that will take your project to the next level, you should definitely try the font combos on this list.

I’ve included everything from shadow and calligraphy fonts to cute sans and elegant serif fonts. These fonts are easy to download to Cricut Design Space and cut vinyl easily.

Add your personalized touch to any project with these best Cricut font pairings.

Best Cricut Font Pairings

1. Beachwood Script & Sans – Best Cricut font pairing

cricut font pairings - beachwood script and sans duo

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned crafter, if there is a must-have Cricut font pairing I recommend, go for Beachwood!

Beachwood is a beautiful font combination featuring a cute script font with an adorable sans font. Yes, you get two perfectly paired fonts in a single purchase!

I made so many crafts using this versatile font for every occasion imaginable. I lost count of how many times I have been asked the name of this font!

Beachwood is the perfect Cricut font to make shirts, tumblers, wood signs, and many more. Every time the designs stand out! Plus, the font cuts vinyl smoothly and quickly.

2. Way To The Heart & Market – Best Cricut fonts to use together

best cricut font pairings - way to the heart and market with play your leaves

Want to make rustic farmhouse-style designs with your Cricut? Then this stellar Cricut font combination is for you!

Way to the heart is an elegant Cricut script font with tails. Complement the font with Market, a playful display font with a free-spirit vibe.

I guarantee that your home decor crafts with this Cricut font pairing will turn out beautiful!

The floral element featured in the design is from a beautiful dingbat font called Play Your Leaves.

The dingbat font comes with tons of nature doodles that will help you create unique designs.

3. Boogie Down & Eucalyptus Spearmint – Cricut font combination

cricut fonts that go together - boogie down & eucalyptus spearmint

Boogie Down is hands down one of the cutest Cricut fonts! This pretty and playful sans font is my go-to for creating fun designs. The i’s are dotted with hearts, making this font so unique!

Boogie Down pairs with the equally fun and playful Eucalyptus Spearmint font.

The great thing about Eucalyptus Spearmint is that it features bouncy all caps sans letters and lowercase script letters.

These two Cricut fonts go well together and are perfect for creating funny t-shirts, tumblers, mugs, and more.

4. Better Caramel & Gabelisa – Cricut font combo

cricut font pairing - better caramel + gabelisa

You can never go wrong by pairing a good serif font with an elegant script font. The Better Caramel and Gabelisa Cricut font combination is the perfect example!

Better Caramel features sans and serif fonts that come in hollow and bold versions. This tall serif font compliments the thick handwriting font, Gabelisa, to create cute designs that are easy to cut.

5. Miss Neally & Myfrida Shadow – Cricut fonts that go together

best cricut font pairings - miss neally + myfrida shadow

Get ready to create the most fun SVG designs ever with this stellar Cricut font pairing! 

Miss Neally is a smooth monoline Cricut script font. I love the authentic handwriting feel of this font.

Use the Myfrida Shadow font with Miss Neally to create one-of-a-kind designs for t-shirts, mugs, tumblers, tote bags, and more. 

6. Hello Wedding + Sugar & Lime – Fonts that pair well

cricut fonts that go together - hello wedding + sugar & lime

A Cricut font pairing that is sure to work for any occasion is the Hello Wedding + Sugar & Lime font combination.

The Hello Wedding is a thick Cricut cursive font, and Sugar & Lime is a quirky handwritten font.

This Cricut font combination is one of my favorites for creating designs for DIY crafts. The fonts are smooth and thick enough to cut vinyl easily.

7. Good Selection & Catalina – Cricut fonts that go well together

best cricut font pairing - good selection + catalina

How cute does this back-to-school t-shirt look? My customers LOVE this design and ask me what fonts I use all the time.  

The sans version of the Good Selection font works perfectly with the thick and bouncy Catalina Cricut script font.

The Good Selection font comes with tons of cute doodles that are sure to add a unique touch to your crafts. 

8. Breakfast Pastry + Quotable + Good Feeling – Farmhouse Cricut font combo

cricut fonts that go together

This Cricut Kitchen Conversion Chart is a massive hit with my blog readers! No wonder because of the awesome fonts used in this design.

The Breakfast Pastry and Quotable Cricut font pairing is a life-saver! DIY wood signs turn out AMAZING with these fonts.

The Breakfast Pastry font is the gold standard when it comes to Cricut Sign Fonts.

The script font used in this home decor sign is Good Feeling – a smooth Cricut calligraphy font.

Love all the doodles I used in the sign? Get over 400 ornaments like arrows, frames, and swashes from the Avaline Extras bundle.

9. Blandy & Staubach

cricut font combination - blandy + staubach

Want a perfect Cricut font pairing that will work for any sport-themed crafts? The Blandy and Staubach font combination is the answer.

I used this Cricut font combination to create baseball and football shirts, mugs, tumblers, caps, and more. They all turn out AMAZING, and I always get so many compliments.

Blandy is a vintage sports typography font with bold swashes. This font pairs amazingly well with Staubach, which is a jersey numerals-inspired font.

10. Vanilla Cream & Cinnamon Peaches

best cricut font pairing - vanilla cream + cinnamon peaches

I am a farmhouse-style obsessed crafter, so how could I not include the most awesome Cricut font pairing for making home decor?

Vanilla Cream and Cinnamon Peaches is a yummy Cricut font pairing that will make all your farmhouse dreams come true.

The script font with a dancing baseline compliments the rustic serif font to create striking typographic designs.

11. Puckery Tart & Hey Girl

cricut font combination

Making modern and fun Cricut crafts just got easier with the Puckery Tart and Hey Girl font pairing!

Add a feminine touch to your projects by using Puckery Tart, a tall and bouncy all-caps font.

The Hey Girl script font complements Puckery Tart by evoking authentic handwriting feel in your designs.

12. Reynolds Square & Sweet September

font pairing - reynolds square + sweet september

Another rustic Cricut font pairing that will blow your mind is the Reynolds Square and Sweet September font combination. The Reynolds Square Cricut script font comes with beautiful tails. 

I use this whimsical font pairing for kitchen towels, wooden signs, and tote bags. The storybook feel of this font combination is perfect for creating kid’s wear.

13. Monstterday Script & Caps

cricut font combination - monstterday + good selection extras

The Monstterday font duo is the best Cricut font pairing when it comes to value for money. Two perfectly paired fonts in a single purchase!

The handwritten script font comes with a rustic caps font and tons of cute doodles – everything you need to create a design from scratch.

Love the boho arrow I used in the matching mommy and me t-shirts? Get them from the Good Selection font family.

14. Beachwood & Sweet Mia

cricut font combination - beachwood + sweet mia

Beachwood is such a versatile font; no wonder it appears on this list twice!

The adorable fall-themed pillow in the picture is a sweet Cricut font pairing of Beachwood and Sweet Mia.

The sans version of the Beachwood font pairs beautifully with Sweet Mia – a modern calligraphy script font with a dancing baseline.

15. Steelheart & The Chiladepia

cricut fonts that go well together

How cute is this Christmas baby bodysuit? 

I made the candy cane cutie design using two amazing Cricut fonts I can’t live without.

The swirly calligraphy font – Steelheart, combined with the elegant Chiladepia sans serif font, makes for the cutest holiday and Christmas-themed designs.

I hope you have a lot of fun creating amazing designs and crafts from these font pairings!

More Best Fonts for Cricut

I hope this list helped you pick your favorite font combination!

Another creative way to personalize Cricut crafts is using monogram fonts. You will love using the script alphabet and split letter monograms to craft unique gifts.

If you are making vinyl and paper crafts like invitations, wood signs, and place cards, wedding fonts will help you add that elegant charm.

Also, download free fonts for vinyl that are super popular with our readers. These fonts are so good you won’t believe they are free!

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  1. Thanks for this wonderful info. But how do I get these fonts? I subscribe to Cricut Access and these fonts are not listed. I have an Explore 2 machine. I struggle creating projects because I can never decide which fonts to use. I haven’t seen these listed. Thanks, Pam

    • Hi Pam, Cricut Access has some great fonts, but I also purchase fonts from other platforms like Creative Fabrica and Creative Market that offer tons of beautiful fonts. You can click on the links in this blog post to check them out 🙂


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