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19 Best Writing Fonts for Cricut I’m Obsessing Over

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Are you looking for writing fonts for Cricut? You will love this list of the best single-line fonts, including cursive, script, and calligraphy. Download the Cricut writing fonts to make pen and foil quill projects with a Maker, Joy, or Explore machine.

I love using Cricut writing fonts to add a handwritten touch to my crafts. There are so many ways to use writing fonts, from addressing envelopes to making gift tags, invitations, and greeting cards.

I am kind of obsessed with them and spent days looking for the BEST writing fonts for Cricut!

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I’m not even kidding when I tell you that I downloaded so many fonts, only to realize they don’t look the way I want.

I wanted “actual” writing fonts, not the ones that look like outlines or need a lot of work only to end up looking messy.

The best thing about the writing fonts in this blog post is that they are super easy to use. You can write cute cursive or classic calligraphy letters with these fonts.

These single-line fonts for Cricut are designed explicitly for pen and foil quill projects. You just have to load them to Design Space and start creating.

I have done all the research for you so that you can design with Writing fonts for Cricut like a pro. No additional steps or confusion are involved. Yay!

This blog post is all about Writing fonts for Cricut.

Writing fonts for Cricut

1. Dear Agatha – Best Writing Font for Cricut

Dear Agatha is hands down the best writing font for Cricut! What’s fantastic is that it is a font combination.

So you get two matching fonts (cursive handwriting and sans) that work seamlessly with each other.

The bonus doodles in the font make it a breeze to create stunning crafts.

2. Pinsetter Line – Best Single Line Font for Cricut

The Pinsetter font has a legendary following among crafters. So thanks to Designer Missy Meyer for creating a single-line version – Pinsetter Line.

This fun font with a dancing baseline is perfect for creating cute greeting cards and invitations.

3. Boisterous Sketch – Cursive Writing Font for Cricut

Boisterous Sketch is the only cursive writing font for Cricut you will ever need!

This modern wedding font will add a touch of hand-lettered magic for addressing envelopes and making invitations.

The font looks equally cute on home organization labels and gift tags.

4. Muggsy Sketch – Quirky Cricut Writing Font

A quirky font that’s perfect for all kids’ party crafts is the amazing Muggsy Sketch font.

This bouncy font has got you covered; from birthday party invitations to gift tags for special occasions, your crafts are guaranteed to stand out.

5. Succuline – Skinny Writing Font for Cricut

The best tall and skinny writing font for Cricut is the Succuline font.

The bouncy and playful letters in the font add a lovely touch to your Cricut sketch pen projects. Make stickers, labels, and foil quill invitations everyone will obsess over.

6. That Girl – Script Writing Font for Cricut

Another irresistible writing font combination is the That Girl font duo. The pairing features a handwritten script font with a stylish sans serif font.

Perfect for adding a touch of elegance to greeting cards and invitations for Birthdays, Graduation, Christmas, and many more.

7. Oh Wonder – Stylish Cricut Writing Font

Are you looking for the perfect font that looks like casual handwriting? The Oh Wonder writing font for Cricut has got you covered.

Add a stylish touch to your labels, tags, and cards with this single-line font for Cricut.

8. Rainy Winter – Cute Writing Font for Cricut

A writing font for Cricut that will instantly up the wow factor of your crafts is Rainy Winter—featuring cute letters that put a smile on anyone who receives your creations.

Make fun stickers, labels, greetings cards, and many more.

9. Barn Acre – Farmhouse Writing Font for Cricut

If you love all things farmhouse, then the Barn Acre writing font for Cricut is a must-have.

This beautiful farmhouse font is perfect for giving your gift tags, stickers, and pantry labels a rustic feel.

10. Cottage Sketch – Feminine Writing Font for Cricut

Add a personalized handwritten touch to your papercrafts with the Cottage Sketch font.

This fun script font will be your go-to for creating farmhouse-style invitations, letters, Christmas ornaments, and tags.

11. Garruline – Tall Writing Font for Cricut

Want a trendy font that’s perfect for pretty much every Cricut sketch pen project? You are going to love the Garruline writing font.

You can mix and match the upper and lower case letters in this serif font to create unique designs.

12. Honeymoon Sketch – Writing Font for Cricut Weddings

Whether planning your own wedding or a loved ones’ special day, you will need to get the Honeymoon Sketch font ASAP!

Perfect for pretty much every Cricut wedding craft – invitations, envelope stickers, table numbers, save the date, and menu cards.

13. Shiplap Sketch – Tall & Thin Cricut Writing Font

Shiplap Sketch is a tall and skinny writing font that will add a quirky touch to your Cricut drawing projects.

The playful letters will turn your crafts into unforgettable gifts that your recipients will keep forever.

14. Happy Holidays – Christmas Writing Font for Cricut

Add holiday cheer to your Christmas crafts with the adorable Happy Holidays font. The letters feature cute doodles like gifts, Christmas trees, snowflakes, wreaths, and more.

Send season greetings to your loved ones by making unique cards, ornaments, and gift tags.

15. Christmas Cards – An Elegant Writing Font

Make greeting cards and invitations everyone will obsess over with the cute Christmas Cards font. You can easily add an elegant hand-lettered touch to seasonal crafts with this font.

16. Holiday Sparkle – Holiday Writing Font

Holiday Sparkle is a bouncy script font perfect for all your holiday Cricut writing projects.

Whether you are making Christmas gift tags or cards wishing your loved ones Happy Holidays, this font is sure to come in handy.

17. Black Widow – Halloween Writing Font

Make scary cute designs with the Black Widow writing font for Cricut.

The font features spider-webbed letters on a dancing baseline – perfect for all your Halloween party needs like invitations, cards, and tags.

18. Flannel Shirt – Fun Writing Font

Flannel Shirt is a single-line font for Cricut that is guaranteed to look like actual handwriting!

I don’t have the best handwriting, so this flowy script font comes in really handy for all my Cricut writing needs.

19. Sahara Sketch

Another single-line font for Cricut that is perfect for your writing projects is the Sahara Sketch font.

This lovely script font is a must-have whether you make papercrafts for kids or adults.

This blog post is all about Writing fonts for Cricut.

More Cricut Fonts to Download

Now that you have the best writing fonts, there are many more font styles you can use in Cricut projects.

For vinyl crafts, use calligraphy fonts to add an elegant touch to any wood sign, tumbler, or shirt.

Are you looking to personalize a gift? You can’t go wrong with writing a name with cute tail fonts.

Before you leave, download my free popular Cricut fonts to add to your Cricut Design Space library!

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