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Best Cricut Fonts for Vinyl Projects


Looking for the best Cricut fonts for vinyl? Here are the best fonts for large and small vinyl-cutting projects.

collage of best cricut fonts for vinyl cutting

As an SVG designer, I get messages from crafters asking me about the fonts I use in my designs. Most of my customers use vinyl cutting machines like Cricut and Silhouette. They look for cut-friendly fonts to use in DIY projects to implement new ideas or personalize an existing design.

I am always excited to share details about the fonts I use because super-talented font designers make our designing and crafting dreams come true. Font designers put in a LOT of hard work making these fonts for us, and the more people know, the better!

I have MANY fonts that are my absolute favorites! But I am starting with a list of 10 fonts for Cricut & Silhouette crafters. For more crafter-friendly fonts, make sure to check out CreativeFabrica.

Whether you plan to design SVGs for personal DIY projects or to sell them, I highly recommend checking out the fonts in this post. Crafters need fonts that are smooth and don’t take forever to cut, and these fonts meet those requirements, hands down.

Not only are all these fonts cute, but I selected these fonts based on the designs crafters love in my Etsy shop. Each font in this list has its own unique personality and can be used for a wide range of ideas and projects. I included a few examples that I hope will give you a better idea.

If you are looking for free fonts for personal and commercial use, look at the free fonts on CreativeFabrica.

Best Cricut Fonts for Vinyl

Without further ado, let’s dive into these fonts –

1. No Prob Llama

Best Overall Cricut Font for Vinyl

display of "No Prob Llama" Cricut font used in a pillow design made with heat transfer Vinyl
The Design Hippo Special Offer!

Looking for a fun font for Cricut? No prob llama! This cute font has playful nesting letters and is perfect for making designs for birthdays, pets, school, teachers, or any project that requires a lot of cuteness.

2. Beachwood

Best Cursive Font for Cricut Vinyl

set of two black t-shirts displaying designs made with the Beachwood font, a cursive font for Cricut vinyl
The Design Hippo Special Offer!

This is the most requested font name from my customers! The Beachwood font is doubly cute because it is a font combination. It comes in a sans and script version, so it’s easy to mix and match.

It works great for school projects, making matching shirts for the family, teacher team shirts, writing quotes, and many more.

3. Miss Neally

Best Script Font for Vinyl Cutting

display of a coffee design on a black mug made with Miss Neally font, a script font for Cricut vinyl
The Design Hippo Special Offer!

Miss Neally is a cute monoline script font perfect for making designs for Valentine’s Day, coffee quotes, and funny sayings.

It has a fun handwritten cursive feel, making it ideal for personable designs. You can use the font on its own or pair it with one of the cute sans fonts included in this post.

4. Boogie Down

Best Cricut Font for Small Vinyl Cutting

display of a cute design made with Boogie Down font shown on a kids t-shirt
The Design Hippo Special Offer!

Boogie Down is a cute hand-lettered font that’s perfect for whimsical designs. Dotting your i’s is so much fun because the font provides an adorable heart instead of the usual dot! Ideal for making sassy designs for toddlers, kids, and grown-ups alike.

5. Garlic Butter

Best Cricut Font for T-Shirts

display of a back to school design made with Garlic Butter font, the best Cricut font for t-shirts
The Design Hippo Special Offer!

Garlic Butter font is so tasty that I wish I could eat it, haha. As the name suggests, this font cuts like butter.

Featuring cute nesting letters, this font is perfect for so many projects! Especially great for making designs for kids and toddlers.

This font makes personalizing the design with a name so much fun. What makes this font even tastier is that it comes with many adorable swashes, swirls, and decorative elements.

6. Hey Elsie

Best Cute Cricut Font for Vinyl

display of a valentine t-shirt design made with Hey Elsie font, a cute font for Cricut vinyl projects
The Design Hippo Special Offer!

Hey Elsie font includes two variations – a plain version and a version with hearts! The font has a children’s book-style feel, and it is perfect for making cute and playful designs for toddlers and kids.

Perfect for personalizing the design with a name for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and Mother’s Day.

7. Smart Choices

Best Font Combination for Cricut Vinyl Projects

display of design made with Smart Choices font shown on a yellow pillow.
The Design Hippo Special Offer!

Smart Choices is another cute font combination on this list! The sans version is thin but smooth to cut and works wonderfully with the elegant script version. Great for making designs for quotes on t-shirts, tumblers, pillows, posters, and invitations.

8. Blandy

Best Sports Font for Cricut

display sports themed design on black t-shirt made with Blandy font, a sports font for Cricut
The Design Hippo Special Offer!

Blandy is the perfect font for sports-themed designs! It has a vintage feel to it and comes with a bunch of swashes.

Works really well for football sayings, baseball quotes, sports-themed birthday shirts, and invitations. Great for personalizing a t-shirt by writing a name and adding a swash to it!

9. Succulent

Best Smooth Font for Vinyl Cutting

display of a design made with Succulent font on a coffee mug
The Design Hippo Special Offer!

This juicy and smooth font is a crafter’s dream come true! It’s cuteness and fun in one package and works beautifully for so many projects and ideas – quotes that go on t-shirts, tote bags, mugs, gift tags, and tumblers.

10. Hey Girl

Best Modern Font for Cricut Vinyl

design made with Hey Girl font, a modern font, displayed on a wooden frame

Hey Girl is a modern and girly script font that works beautifully for making designs for funny, inspirational, and food quotes. I also think it works great for making posters and Instagram posts when combined with pastel colors.

All the fonts mentioned in this article are available for commercial use. You can use these fonts for Cricut in your designs and sell them as digital downloads(like cut files and printables) or make physical crafts and sell them at craft fairs and/or online.

Please note that the fonts themselves cannot be resold or converted to other formats and distributed for profit or free. Make sure to read the license terms on the respective websites while purchasing these fonts.

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